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Guys in TAT and PPDT you are definitely shown a picture of some soldiers on mission or soldiers climbing on mountain with arm and can write on such TAT pictures like this-- 




Suggested Layout Tat

            The border is tensed and an operation is to be launched. Vikram is given the daunting task by the Commanding Officer, to take a detachment of troops and capture a light machine gun post at peak 2025.he starts climbing alone with the troops with arms and ammunition, maps, binoculars, etc. the going is very tough due to steep climb, mountain gradients, slippery way, extreme weather conditions, low visibility and high wind velocity. There is lot of causality and firing to taking palace on both side and enemy position. Captain Vikram did not deter and keep on motivating his troops and reached the peak. The captured the point 2050 after having a head to head battle with the enemy over powered and gain victory over the enemy.  He send the victory signals to Commanding Officer and he alone with his detachment is applauded for their good job. Capt. Vikram is always volunteered to take part in such operations and achieved success in various mission. He is a proud officer of the Regiment and liked by the colleagues and superiors.


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Lecturette and GD topics ~ Politics in India

This is a season of Politics and if you are going for your SSB Interview then, you should prepare this
Criminilization in Indian Politics : GD & Lecturette topics
Politics in India
topic in deapth. I am providing a basic view of Criminilization in Indian Politics.

a) Public Awareness
b) Strict Rules or Regulations
c) Party should ban tickets to candidates having a criminal background

India is the largest democracy of the world and our public is politically aware of its rights. Election time always generates hectic activity in the society initiated by the political leaders to businessmen to film stars all trying to win votes. As G.B Shaw had said " Democracy is a social order aiming at the greatest available welfare for the population and not for a class". But it is also said that Politics is the last refuge of Scoundrels.

Public Awareness

India is the largest, working democracy in the world, which in its constitution has incorporated from every best constitution, of the world. The thing, which goes against India, is Population, Illiteracy and Poverty, which is being easily, exploited by the mafia as they find safe refuge. So Election Commission has to play an important role. The general public should be very well aware of the Candidate's past record, his and the party's agenda. People should have good knowledge about how to use the ballot paper and should be aware of the symbols of all political parties. The election commission should make adequate steps to make authenticated Voter's I-Card and put the names of eligible people in the Voter's list. They should ensure that all members of the family must give their valuable votes.

Seniors must ensure the names of all members who have attained 18 years of age in the electron polls. In rural areas where the electronic machine is not accessible to the villagers, it must be ensured that whosoever gives their vote.  The blue erasable mark should be properly be put on their finger. They should also explain the people how to fold the ballet paper and to put it properly in the Ballet Box, so that the ballet paper is not crushed. The Ballot Paper, Electron Roll should be properly scrutinized. Voter Card should be issued to stop bogus voting. Clear demonstration of voting machines should be held in every nook and comer to the country. Voting Rights to the candidates has to be explained to them. The Agenda of the party has to be aired on TV and Radio so that the people are aware of the developmental action to be undertaken.

Strict Rules & Regulation

Strict Vigilance of the election should be there. Commission should be set up. Presidential Rule should be involved when they are going disarray. Political parties should be stopped from dictating terms and interference. Election Commission should have trained staff, and from time to time should train the new staff also for smooth conduct of elections. Along with effective training Security of these officials has to be undertaken so that they don't get insecurity feeling. Bills should be passed for funds and donations of political parties. So they, the mafia can't pressurize the parties for their cheap politics. Results declaration has to be made electronically speedy. Supporters should be kept out of voting area, so that they cannot influence the results. The head of the political party should lay certain strict guidelines especially for the elections so that they may keep an eye on how the funds are sanctioned and in what ways the money is used.

Ban on the tickets

Election Commission has to make it a point that people having a criminal background or people against whom there are court cases should be debarred from filling nomination papers for tickets. Tickets have to be given to only those candidates who possess a good character with clean and good educational background. Young People should also be given a chance to show their potential that can act as "Fresh Blood" in the veins of Indian Politics. (For eg Omar Abdullah and Jyotiraditiya Scindia). The aim of the political party should be to provide good clean government to the Country/State and not to 'come to power only to serve their own personal interests.

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Preparation Tips for PI (Personal Interview) In Services Selection Board (SSB)

How to Prepare yourself for PI in SSB
Personal Interview Preparation Tips
Personal Interview a big aspect of SSB selection Procedure, if you are thinking of just trying your luck in SSB interview then it might work for you. Recommendation in SSB interview depends upon your Interview, If you really had a good interview then your chances are really high. So today i am writing my experience how i prepared my SSB Interview 15 days before my SSB.

Questions Tips for SSB Interview Preparation || What Questions may be asked in SSB

  • First and foremost, you will enter into the room the Interviewing Officer will be having your performance report and a PIQ form in his hand. He will ask you to sit and have some water or tea. After that he will start asking you questions, now questions may be like this Chest no i can see a pen in you pocket which pen is this and like tell something about yourself!
  • As you Start Telling he will start catching your weak point like if you said i was captain of my cricket team, he may ask you there are 5 teams and you have to conduct a tournament how many matches will be played in series, as asked by me.
  • Like if you tell him that your father is farmer he may ask you about rabi or kharif crops. Also if you play cricket he may ask you weight of ball. I was asked 100 meter race record because i have written running as a hobby in my PIQ.
  • Also if you are an engineer sahab, some technical details he may ask you like what is working principle of plane.
  • It also matters for which entry you are going for like if you are going for air force then please take a general idea of fighter planes used in Indian Air force and Missiles etc
  • If you are going for Army then know about rank and sign of officers.
  • Especially for AFCAT, just study about planes and working principles.
  • If you are a computer engineer then you should know about the basics of computer like i was asked what is difference between internet and intranet which one will u use in military operations. 
Dressing and other Tips:
  • like most of you have heard that please read your ticket carefully they may ask you journey distance and ticket fare, yes it is true, not only this is sufficient if you have a day journey they may ask you the no of stations that fall during your journey and what you eat in between and how it was.
  • Plus know about you wear there some of you prefer to wear blackberry or Peter-England, do read about these brands in details. you might be thinking that how long i am writing this post and home many things i have told you to do but its true, they want a officer not a ordinary person.
  • Also wear good dress, use good pen say Parker pen it lays a good effect, analyse things around you and lastly prepare PIQ with efforts.

Advice : When you are at home some days before your SSB fill your PIQ form, know every point included in it and make a research on it, know about your father occupation and your family well and everything you think can be asked.

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Special Guidance for Screening Test in SSB-Essentials to Successfully Clear the Screening Test

Screening Test comprises of three major activities, namely, OIR(Officers' Intelligence Rating) Test, PPDT(Picture Perception & Description Test) and the PPDT Group Discussion. The OIR Test entails verbal and non-verbal reasoning ability questions. The more you practice OIR Tests the better you will become. So long as you can procure more than 60% in this test you will be safe.
Be formally dressed and reach the PPDT Testing Hall well in advance to relax your nerves and be mentally prepared to think positive.
Performance in the PPDT assumes a great importance in clearing the Screening Test. I shall give some tips that you must keep in mind while going through this test.

Tips for screening test in SSB: Essentials for clearing screening test in SSB
Essentials for clearing screening test in SSB

PPDT Story Writing

  • Fill up details about the characters that you have perceived in the box as directed by the Psych during his briefing.
  • Look at the background of the hazy picture projected. The same would decide the setting of your story, i.e. rural, urban, market place, stadium, etc.
  • Now look at the foreground and see how many characters do you see in the picture.
  • Identify the main character and give him/her a name, you would invariably identify the main character closest to your own age group.
  • Write the Center Heading of you story, which will represent the action that you have perceived in the picture.
  • The story that you write must give out the following: What led to the scene that you have perceived, What is presently going on in the scene and what would be a logical outcome of the scene that you have perceived.
  • Remember the characteristics portrayed by the main character are a refection of your personality attributes. Also, the theme of the story will represent your mental make up, i.e. constructive/destructive, optimist/pessimist, etc.
  • Hence, write a positive, constructive, realistic and a story that depicts a mature mind who is very well informed. You could make a story on some current themes, e.g. Crime against women, ragging, infrastructure development, water conservation, communal harmony, etc.
  • You could show your awareness level by giving more of the actions done by the main character to achieve the goals that he set for himself.
  • Since, you only get 4 mins to write your story it must be concise and to the point.

PPDT Group Discussion

  • Most important part of this phase, is the individual narration of your story. Make sure that you are able to give out your story confidently, clearly and within one minute. Do rehearse it many times before you are called in for the discussion.
  • Listen to everyone's story very intently and identify the common thread emerging in their stories.
  • Do not promote your own story, but, go on to support the common theme of the story.
  • Do not contribute with low level inputs like, how many characters, what were their ages, etc, but give quality contribution that shows your general awareness.
  • Act as a moderator in the discussion by assisting the group to come to a common theme.
  • Encourage everyone to participate and be sensitive to other people's views. You should be seen as a very polite, decent and pleasant person.
  • Once a common theme has been selected by the group, participate with quality points that shows your high caliber and knowledge.
  • Do not loose your composure, do not get aggressive, and tactfully deal with some candidates who are group disruptive and rude.
  • Do not speak too long at one time, but, at the same time make sure that you are positively visible through out the discussion.
Finally, what matters the most in the PPDT, and for the final selection during the Screening Test, is the contents of your story, which should be closely connected to the present day socio-economic and geo-political environment, confident narration of your story and smart participation during the discussion. Remember you are in a show window and you are trying to sell yourself, so do everything that would impress the Group and the assessors.

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SSB Interview Story of Kapil Salimath: Recommended from AEC entry

Hello Everyone! I am Kapil Salimath from Pune, Maharashtra recommended by 24SSB Bangalore through AEC entry in my 2nd attempt. Before venturing into the field of defence, I was preparing for competitive exams like Civil Services, SSC- CGL, SBI PO, etc. I spent some 3 years in total preparing for these exams and cleared a few as well but then I got to know about Defence entries as one of my friend (Thanks Rutuja!) told me about the AFCAT 1 2015 form (Seriously! At the age of 24 I got to know how to get into the armed forces and what it really means!). 
SSB Success Story of recommended candidate
SSB Success Story of recommended candidate
So I cleared AFCAT and started preparing for the SSB which was in Gandhi nagar on 15/06/2015 (I chose this date as 6 is my luck number, luck was not on my side though!).The SSB testing procedure was completely new to me, hence, I took advice from a friend who has been to the SSB before (Thank you Ganesh!) and joined Col. Sinha’s Gurudeva’s Academy in Pune.
Coaching was extremely helpful as the knowledge that I had gained in my competitive exams’ preparation was not much relevant in this type of testing process. I got to learn a lot and was quite confident to compete in an arena which was much different than what I am used to. Unfortunately, I was conference out in the AFSB but it was surely a great learning experience and it also created a desire in me that now I have to clear the SSB interviews.
I was searching for opportunities to appear for SSB again as I was running out of attempts because of my late self-actualization. And thus I learnt about AEC entry in army and got a chance to appear for the SSB on 21st Sept 2015. This time I was a calmer and composed than before as I had learnt from my previous mistake that over enthusiasm ruins your performance. I was taking every test one at a time and was not thinking at all about what had happened or what will happen ahead.
Also, one huge mistake which I previously did was to write pre-conceived stories in TAT. This time I wrote whatever came to my mind first after seeing the picture and made sure that I stick to the theme which is clearly seen in the image.
In GTO, I just made sure that I enjoy all the activities. I was quite lucky to get a fantastic group where no one created any chaos and everyone was giving the other person a good opportunity to speak. I always kept a smiling face, welcomed everyone’s ideas in the GD, GPE and PGT, and focused more on building common opinion that forcing people to implement my ideas.
At no point I was thinking about getting recommended, I was only trying to give my best in whatever I was doing there then.
SSB Success Story of recommended candidate
SSB Success Story of recommended candidate
Then on 26th Sept 2015 came the conference! As the popular myth goes, if there is gap before or after your conference or if your conference lasts for longer than usual, it is only then you have a chance of getting recommended. But in my case, there was no gap before the conference, it lasted for only 30seconds and there was no gap after it as well. So for I while I thought to myself, Better luck next time!
But when the results were declared and I heard, “Chest Number 17, Salimath Kapil Sharnayya” it was a feeling which was completely out of this world! I thought I would cry but instead I was smiling a lot because of that Euphoria.
I spent more 6 Days in the selection center for the medicals. Thankfully, I was medically fit so had no problems at all there.
Made it through the merit list and now eagerly waiting to join the academy and explore my true potential.

Best of luck to all the Defence aspirants and I wish you success in all your endeavours

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What should you prepare before going to SSB Interview? 

How to Prepare and Where To Prepare?

SSB interview preparation first chapter.
Beginning Guide/ First step for SSB Aspirants
Guys Today only i was chatting with one of my facebook friend and I just realised that SSB Aspirants Don't Even know What to Prepare before going for SSB, What are the major points need to prepare and they even don't understand the importance of PIQ form,  no doubt she was totally new to this field. So i decided to write this post for you all, If you are just a new commer for SSB Preparation. If it is your first step for Preparation of SSB then you are at right place. Go threw this post carefully it will provide you a clear idea of how to prepare.

For all who even Dont know the routine at SSB, First please read my post HERE. If you know the schedule then work on step by step development make each section good.

Important Preparation Before Going For SSB Intervew-

  1. Guys Firstly i will recommend you to prepare for PPDT( Picture Perception and Description Test) with great efforts because if you will not be screened in then there is no use for other preparations.
  2. Your IQ Section should be good but my personal experience says that they don't check Test copies on Screening Day as crowd is too much and they have less time. So prepare for it but PPDT is most important.
  3. Your GD preparation for GD done after PPDT should be good and for that you should be able to speak good english.
  4. Once you screened in PIQ form will be filled, this plays a real role in building you as they take all your info and check you, that you are doing/performing according to filled PIQ or not. Read TIPS for This.
  5. If you Have Practiced PPDT then you will not feel problem in facing TAT both are similar and need practice.
  6. In GTO section i will recommend you to maintain some physical stamina. Some takes it lite but my personal experience says that tasks are easy but they are in continuous fashion that they will check your stamina and can feel you tired. 
  7. For Group Planning Exercise and Progressive Group Tasks( GPE and PGT), do some prior practice form material i have provided.
  8. For Personal Interview, i will advice to prepare well and prepration is must for it.

How to Prepare:

For PPDT: Guys i have provided step by step posts for PPDT preparation with lots of examples and practice sets. First Read basics the examples and then practice yourself keeping the time duration in mind.

Golden Tip* Stuents if you are really serious for SSB then please do this practice with me, Do write your PPDT  and TAT story below every PPDT and TAT post in Comment, This will expose you to real environment. Here i will spot your errors and will guide towards improvement.
Try writing a story HERE NOW.....Write your story in Comment box.

For TAT: Apply the same procedure as told above for TAT practice

For WAT: If you can write some factual sentence it is good else Do learn some sentence given in my post for quick sentence formation. It may not be a legal advice but you can prefer it if you want. Also i have covered Every thing form intro to end in my WAT posts.

For Self  Description: I have written some sample self description examples read all examples and then prepare yours some days before going for SSB interview.

For Situation Reaction Test SRT :  I have provided lots of SRTs for practice do read them and prepare well. Tips are also given in various posts separately.

For Group Discussion: Dear all i have focused on GD more in my blog a lots of topics are there with lots of tips providing articles go and read them.

For GPE and PGT: Be spontaneous and daring feel like a warrior and do it like a lion. Read my posts for practice.

For PI: Again m saying to focus you on your PIQ form, personal interviewer will put you in a dark corner if you will not answer him according to your PIQ or if you are unable to answer him. Analyse and make a research on every point you are writing on PIQ form, i have provided mine as a sample read it + Make a good command on present happening in world start listening English news and reading The Hindu newspaper.

Where to prepare:

There are several other portals for SSB Interview Preparation like mine but i have provided a good and far better interface for you. Everthing here i have tried to maintain in order navigation is perfect. And articles is genuine not copied. Go threw my complete blog and i can say surely that you will finally say " I Can Make it ".

Mention in comments if you still feel any doubt. Changes and improvement are suggested by you only if you have any then tell in comment. If you have some share worthy for others mail me i will publish it by your name on my website and i will pay a special thanks.

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Guys i have uploaded 60 WAT words in my previous post for practice, today i am uploading more WAT
Word association test Practice sets
Word Association Test Practice Set
for practice in today's post i have uploaded more than one positive sentence to each word so that you can easily understand the logic and concept of WAT formation. Read the word and its related sentence formed, more words you will practice the idea for WAT formation will be more cleared.


  • Indian Politician should think collectively as a unit before signing the Indo-US Nuclear Deal.
  • Think before you speak.
  • Indian think tanks of scientist have done a commendable job in launching of the foreign satellites.

  • Indian women are shy by nature.
  • Indian should not feel shy in dealing with china on Brahmaputra issue.
  • Government should not be shy to beat back corruption.

  • The white tiger by Arvind Adiga won the bookers prize award.
  • Indian legendary stories are fascinating.
  • Stories by war heroes are very inspiring.

  • India has the largest rail network in Asia.
  • Best form of commuting.
  • Train takes people to destination.

  • Short holidays lead to relaxation.
  • Short and brisk reactions by players lead to win matches in basket ball.
  • Short spells of rain are fascinating during monsoons.

  • Test to check knowledge.
  • India and Pakistan are in competition to test fire nuclear weapon.
  • Test for validation of people.

  • Respect time; follow a strict time schedule to succeed.
  • US assault by drones is a novel method to penetrate enemy defenses.
  • Time and Tide waits for none.

  • Inflation gives worry to RBI; measures are required to beat back inflation due to drop in rupee value in terms of dollar.
  • IAEA safeguard gave India many agreements from France and Russia.
  • Give and take is an old policy, share knowledge amongst your friends.

  • Lehman brothers cannot beat back recessionary trends in USA.
  • Mortgage of loans by the companies drive the worlds in economic financial crisis.
  • Drive and determination leads to success.

  • Polio-drop camp is often initiated to give polio-vaccine to the children and fight back the disease.
  • Awareness on sexual contact can often prevent AIDS.
  • People often commit common sense mistakes.

  •  Pick and choose the best electronics items from the world market, lot of options are available today.
  • World is picking India for trade partner.
  • US choose Barack Hussain Obama as 44th President.

  • India and Pakistan should genuinely strive for peace in South Asia.
  • India genuinely needs up-liftment in standard of living and fighting out corruption.
  • Depletion of ozone layer is a genuine problem fight back global warming.

  • India should prepare to fight back social issues at the grassroot level.
  • India is in a state of preparedness to fight back illiteracy.
  • India is a definite need to fight back inflation due slump in world market.

  • There is a definite need to fight back corruption at high places in our nation. Find ways and means to punish defaulters.
  • Traces of water have been identified on the surface of the moon.
  • NASA finds water deposits on mars soil is a new revelation.

  • Natural beauty is very alluring, the Himalayan ranges is a true example.
  • Global warming is causing threat to natural environment.
  • It is natural to find people rise to glory, who work hard in life.

  • PM Manmohan Singh is keen to settle Lokpal Bill and hoarding of Black Money.
  • Meeting between foreign ministers and confidence building measures between India and Pakistan is encouraging.
  • SAARC meet will bring dynamic changes in South Asia.

  • India and China has to take each other confidence; else it may lead to a war like situation in the Eastern Sector.
  • Strict action is desired to be taken at International Level to beat back terrorism.
  • Government should take action to beat back poverty in our nation.

  • India always mistook Pakistan to be our will wisher.
  • It is a great mistake to delay punishment to the traitors involved in parliament attack.
  • Learn from your mistakes and perform better after due introspection.

  • Indo-US nuclear deal is a good idea to beat back energy crisis.
  • Good innovative ideas are required to resolve Kashmir issue problem.
  • Great minds always exhibit great ideas, learn from the teachings of Swami Vivekanand.

  • Russia and France are keen to improve trade relation with India.
  • India is keen to cut its carbon emission by 10 per cent and ensure the safe guards as committed in Cancun summit on global warming.
  • South Asian nations should show keenness towards cooperation and mutual respect of territorial disputes.

  • Illiteracy is like a disease to our society, government is talking definite measures to beat back illiteracy.
  • Poverty is a disease to our economic development.
  • H1N1 is a new disease and has to be dealt through invention of new vaccine.

  • India’s progress in space science is admirable by initiating New Chandrayan mission in near future.
  • Moon emits soothing light, which is very romantic on full moon days.
  • It is a sight to view monument Taj Mahal during full moon days.

  • Barack Hussain Obama is the first black American to be elected as president of United State of America.
  • Lt. Arun Kheterpal, PVC is a proud son of India who brought victory to the nation during 1971 operation.
  • Bhagat singh is a true son of our nation to beat back the Britishers Colonial rule.

Frequently Asked Words In Word Association Test: Practice set 2

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Guys this is a type on negative picture shown in TAT of Psychology Test. Here i am putting how to write a better TAT story on A car and Tonga accident. In SSB interview they want to see your mentality how you react on negative pictures.




Suggested layout TAT STORY

        As Ravi is coming back to home from his college in the evening, suddenly he sees a speeding car collided with a Tonga, while the Tonga driver is trying to cross the road. Lot of people gathered at spot immediately. The Tonga driver and Passengers were seriously injured and car driver also sustained minor injuries. The Tonga driver and the occupants of carriage were crying in pain and lot of blood is flowing profusely, everybody wanted to help them, Ravi used his presence of mind and without any delay arranged for first aid and medication and evacuation of the injured person’s along with the help of the people around. He also informed the relatives of the injured and insured medication and regular visits to the Hospital. After few days he introspect the course of accident and revealed to himself that it is due to lack of speed breakers and poor lighting signals. He put up the plea to the regional transport Authority and his request is accepted and within a period of 5-6 months he is happy that suitable speed breakers and lighting signals have been erected and it is no more and accident prone area. He is happy and satisfied with his action.


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Android app (App cum Guide) for the preparation of SSB interview by

Hello guys this is really a very nice day when I have created an Android app (SSB Interview Guide Cum Ebook) for my website. There was lots of request and demands made by SSB aspirants that “we need an Android application for SSB interview Preparation”. You can Download this android app cum ebook for Free From play Store below-

Screen Shots of App Interface

Android App for SSB Interview preparation :1
Side Menu Screenshot: SSB Interview Guide

SSB INterview Guide: Android app Screenshot
Side Menu Screenshot2: SSB Interview Guide

SSB Interview app for Tips suggestions and guidance
PPDT Navigation : SSB Interview Guide

Google play - android app for ssb preparation
Sample PPDT Post in android app: SSB Interview Guide

Application for ssb interview download
Sample Self Description Post : SSB interview guide

best ssb interview preparation book cum guide download
Srt Test: Android App

This application Provides best material for preparation of SSB Interview, We have included practice sets, PPDT images with explanation, WAT Practice sets, SD practice sets and tips to write TAT, WAT, SRT , SD and Personal Interview. This app will work as a ebook for the preparation of ssb interview as navigation is very easy like a book and Chapter wise approach is given in each and every section of preparation.
I am not writing much about my android app i just wanted to say download it and use it and don't forget to rate 5 stars for betterment of app.

Download SSB Interview Guide Cum e-book Here Fore free:

Get SSB Interview Guide cum ebook on Playstore
Get SSB Interview Guide cum ebook on Playstore

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The test starts with exposure of 12 pictures with the help of over head projector/video with 30 sec exposure and practically four minutes for extensive writing .The stimulus is shown, and the instructions are given exhaustive manner by the psychologist. The guidelines are comprehensive and cover all facets of Thematic Appreciation Test. The showing of pictures and the time schedule is manually regulated, so that there is no error involved in testing.
            Before proceeding for the live test, a demonstrative performance is exhibited and general modalities of conduct of test are discussed and explained to the students comprehensively. The candidates are required to take the instructions and comply as per the laid down norms. The stimulus is shown for one minute, and thereafter four minutes are the give for written portion of the story.

Instructions for writing a TAT story

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Hello aspirants i am back with a new post about WAT Test in SSB, In this post i will be explaining some tips related to handling negative words in WAT (explained in some books), In WAT test of ssb you will be asked many negative words to check you psychology level and you have to answer them smartly and positively again before starting this post i will say practice more and more words to increase your speed and psychology level.
When your reaction to a negative word is positive, it will be easy for you to make a sentence from the word. The tip is to form a positive idea from a negative word shown in the slide.
For example- Defeat: - Now when we hear defeat, an image of failure comes to our mind. It is natural but a little practice will help you to change the image out of your mind.


(1)   Denial method
TPSN + Denial words (is not, does not, has not, never) + OW + Other words.
For example
(1)   Hate
(1)   A good friend never hates his own friend.
           TPSN          DW           OW        OTW
(2)   A good army officer never hates his own soldiers.
(3)   A good captain does not hates his own players.
(4)   A leader never hates his followers.
(5)   A good father never hates his own children.
(6)   A good scientist never hates good invention of life.
(2)   Reject
(1)   A scientist never rejects new inventions of life.
(2)   A good officer never reject his duties and responsibility.
(3)   A good manager does not reject valuable suggestions from his colleagues.
(4)   A brave never rejects challenges of life.
(3)   Punish
(1)   A good army officer never punishes an innocent soldiers.
(2)   A good teacher never punishes an honest student.
(3)   A true judge never punishes a person for his guiltless offence.
(4)   Selfish
(1)   A good leader is never selfish of promoting his own interest.
(2)   A sincere friend is never selfish with his own friends.
(3)   A good captain is never selfish of personal achievement.
(4)   He is not selfish of his own publicity.

Examples of Negative words in SSB for Practice:

  1. Weak- A brave man defeats his weakness.
  2. Danger- Indian defence is always ready for dangerous 
  3. Weapon- weapon is used for protection.
  4. Hijack- commandos are trained for 
  5. Difficult-difficulties are solved by patience.
  6. Fear- winners bravely face his fear.
  7. Aggressive- A leader patiently deals with his team.
More on Negative Words-
  1. Kill: A good caption wins the match through killers instinct.
  2. Death: a brave is never afraid of death.
  3. suicide: man of courage never thinks of suicide.
  4. knife: Knife is useful instrument for surgeon.
  5. snake: snake poison is useful for medical purposes.
  6. rope: a good leader knows how to weave his rope to success.
  7. Map: a good leader creates his own map to the goal of success.
  8. Time: time management helps in completing the task.
  9. Harmony: Harmony among people reflects unity of strength.
  10. war: peaceful method overcome war.
  11. Dismiss: a good leader never dismisses a good idea.
  12. Enemy: he has no enemies in life.
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