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What is Situation Reaction Test in SSB: Introduction & General Tips

Guys this is a really important post you should go threw to perform well in Situation Reaction Test What is Situation Reaction Test in SSB: Introduction and tipsSituation Reaction Test in SSB(SRT) in SSB interview. you will come to know the basic idea of SRT and how to answer different situations in Situation Reaction Test.I will be uploading 200+ SRT examples in my next post so please stay tuned.
Situation Reaction Test (SRT) includes 60 live timesituations enclosed in a booklet which are required to be answered in the sheetand space indicated. The booklet on situation Reaction test is exposed tostudents for thirty minutes, and the are asked to give complete andcomprehensive answers. Practice session is conducted, and the rules andregulations are explained comprehensively by the psychologist. The instructionsenclosed are self-explanatory, but the psychologist elucidates and explains thesubject analysis completely. Live term situations are framed and the studentsare required to complete all the situations in the stipulated time, however, incase you fail to answer all the situations, ensure your answers are generallycorrect and complete.Reading and answering of situations should be automatic.Ensure, mind and body co-ordination is very essential to undertake the test.The stimulus is quite clear and comprehensive, unlike Thematic AppreciationTest and word Association Test. The students are subjected and exposed tosituations in which they are required to read and commit themselves fully tothe environment. In TAT, the story writing can be given any direction from oneinstance to another, and in WAT, the word can be used both in any form, whereasthe situation reaction is required to be attempted and adhered responses. Thesituation should not be taken in isolation, but related to live timeexperiences and responses given with maturity and lot of mental application.Two sets of situations with answers and two sets without answers have beengiven for correct answers and individual practice.

Some examples of Situational Reaction Test:

Q.1. His sister’s marriage is fixed. His relative refused togive loan/money. He…Ans. Raises money through the bank, performs the marriage,helps his parents and returns the loan              through Equated MonthlyInstallments.
Q.2. Marriage of your sister is fixed. He is not grantedleave due to Administrative Inspection. He… Ans. Enquires welfare telephonically, assist by raisingsufficient funds and send money through online transfer, request brothers,sisters and relatives to ensure that marriage ceremony is performed to the bestof the ability. He will visit his sister on getting leave.
Q.3. Bharat Bandh is likely to be declared while you are onleave. Your leave is to be finished after two days of commencement of Bandh.He…Ans. Get In touch with the unit telephonically, in view ofBharat Bandh, leaves his house in sufficient time so that he is not late for duty.
Q.4. In a train journey, at mid-night certain sounddisturbed your sleep. On being woken up, you found someone trying to stealthrough the window. He…Ans. Immediately get up. Raise alarm, catch the intruder byhand, pull the chain apprehend the culprit and handing over the police.
Q.5. He is going to attend an important meeting and he isalready getting late. Suddenly the road is blocked due to traffic jam. He…Ans. Gets down from the vehicle, runs the distance, clearsthe traffic jam, take alternative means of communication and attend theimportant meeting in time.
Q.6. You have to go for patrolling duty in field. Yourdriver is having high fever. He…Ans. Give medication to the driver suffering from highfever, take to wheels and drive the vehicle personally and conduct thepatrolling.
Q.7. You as a player of football team required to play thematch. Suddenly, on the day of match you have high fever. But your team captaindoes not allow you to leave the game. He…Ans. Take medication, lot of fluids, contribute his best tothe team and maintains high moral sprits.
Q.8. You are required to go for patrolling at higher in highaltitude area. You do not have coat parka. He…Ans. Borrow from your friend, or use to jerseys underneath,make yourself comfortable and proceed for patrolling as per the laid downschedule.
Q.9. While returning to home after watching cinema atmid-night, you found two persons quarrelling on the way. He…Ans. Intervene, try to find the reason of quarrel, settlethe issue amicably and proceed to your destination.
Q.10. You are required to dig trenches, but your colleaguesare not co-operating with you. He…Ans. Motivate your colleagues, ensure they realize theessentials of digging trenches, and contribute effectively.
Q.11. While working in the kitchen garden, rain starts. He…Ans. Enjoy the rain, complete the entire task because rainis essential for development of plants and flowers.
Q.12. He is assigned a difficult task which he has not doneearlier. He…Ans. Learns the task through his friends develops interest,complete the task to the best of his ability irrespective o f the results.
Q.13. As a secretary of Student Union of his college. Hewill do the following…Ans. Ensure high standard of discipline, regular attendanceby the students, respects the teachers and the colleagues, and help the staffin imparting best of education to the students in the college.

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