Check Your IQ: Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning: Part1

Many SSB Aspirants asked me to put meterial or book for IQ Test Preparation for SSB Interview, this book consist of lots of Questions for IQ Test preparation. This book is uploaded to help all aspirants who are preparing for their SSB interview keeping time factor in mind. Give a deep study to get good marks in IQ Test. This book will be helpful for
  • Increasing  your IQ(Intelligence Quotient ) Level
  • Enhancing  your Verbal  Reasoning  Ability
  •  Enhancing  your Non-Verbal  reasoning  Solving  Skills

Guys who are preparing for General Competition Exams can also download this book it will help you a lot.

Download book here-

Part 2 will be uploaded soon

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  1. Hi
    Would you please let me know when can you upload part 2 of verbal and non verbal test

  2. naver

    1. Naver? It's never, not to put you down but just to help you.