Guys This is one of most Important section of Psychology Test in SSB Interview. I have been continuously asked how to write TAT story on a  blank picture. This is one of most effective way to write a Blank slide i founded.

NOTE*:- The students should write upon his aims and objectives laid down in life and measures taken to achieve them by putting sustained efforts


Suggested layout TAT

        Akshay is a hard working boy. He had cleared his written UPSC examination. From ht childhood, he was keen to join Indian Armed Forces and serve the nation. He received his call letter and right now he was preparing for his SSB interview. He slogs and worked hard and got selected in the SSB. He then cleared his radical, and carried on with his few formalities and joined Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. He studied hard, completed his training and was one of the popular cadets. He was commissioned in June and joined in Poona Horse Regiment. He is now very proud officer, who is excelling in each of the field he is taking part.


The stimulus depicts a young mind keen to achieve success in life by putting in sustained efforts from his childhood. The student reflects good grooming and education and thereby achieving his cherished dream by joining the Indian armed forces in the officer category. Not only this, he dreams to join Poona Horse the unit in which Lt. Arun Kheterpal achieved the outstanding decoration of Param Veer Chakra during 1971 Operation. The mission is successful.

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  1. can i write the story as my aim as starting and tell fully about me in present tense and future tense

  2. Mohit joined Gopi Academy,Gurdaspur For interview preparation.One day Morning while he was going towards academy he was shot on his shoulder by 3 terrorist.
    One of his friends Monu saw Mohit lying on road unconscious and bleeding profusely.He immediately took Mohit to hospital and on the way to hospital he called academy Director.Due to his Immediate response Doctors were able to save Mohit.
    Afterwards,Mohit is rawarded by Mayor of gurdaspur and academy.

    Please reply ...

    1. you can write a better story ...never write that he got a reward shows that you want reward for you do anything

  3. frnds write about your self something related to your life some thing you worked on,some social work you did like this dont like story like a small child, show ur maturity and focus more on social issues

  4. sumeet a young boy from pune always liked to live his life freely without any tension ,as his childwood passed he started looking at his seniors who were settled in life ,he used to feel that he will work hard and achieve something good in his life,one day a drastic change took in his life his uncle got recommended and after getting commisioned his uncle took him for a ride inside the army campus,he was shocked though he sawed the respect his uncle got,he was verry attracted to the shining uniform of officers and that day was a game changer for him he started becoming more serious , he fixed a goal and started working in it seriously , he got the call letter for ssb , and he was fully prepared , with his confidence, and quality of always taking a charge forward and always ready for everything changed his life he got recommended and had great success in his carrier as he enjoyed that assume life...

  5. as there was a cricket tournanment organised at bhosari , sumeet a resident of shree ram colony society was a member of cricket team in shree ram colony, sumeet s team had a lot of practise before tournament, he all worked hard and entered the tournament, they qualified for the final with all team efforts, in the final match the opponent scored 88 runs in 5 overs which was highest total in the tournanment, sumeet s team came out on the ground with confidence , after the first over 2 wickets fell down only for 12 runs, team was in a situation where they needed someone to perform, sumeet took responsibilty and utilized this opportunity by scoring a thrilling half century in 19 balls which helped team for victory , it helped the team to win trophy and 10000 cash price , from which they organised a trip to goa.

  6. shivam belong to a middle family and he was a student. his hobby was playing guitar. he wanted to become a successful musician . but his father wanted that he become an officer .
    he keep on practicing hard to play guitar and there was a talent show in her school he actively participated and he got first position. he convinced his father and his father admitted him in a good music academy.
    he keep his practice hard and performed lots of shows and he became a successful musician his father felt proud of him