Two Persons Standing on Top of a Rope Bridge

Previously i putted how to write a TAT story for A Heat Exhaustion Case now i am putting my best efforts to put in a very good a story asked in Psychology: Thematic Appreciation Test- TAT i.e. Two person standing on a rope bridge and water flowing underneath Case. The story in such cases should be made, based on planning any work, which can help others and may bring development in society.
sample TAT picture on two persons standing on bridge
sample TAT picture on two persons standing on bridge

Suggested Layout TAT

        Chander and suresh are working in a resort. Chander is responsible for financial portion. While observing the reports he found that the number of visitors is at decline during summer season. He decided to overcome it. He met his friend suresh and authorities told them on their plans for re introduce water sports in the resort. Water sports were existing but due to poor infrastructure and maintenance, they had been discontinued for some time. The financial aspect is acutely monitored and he felt that improving the infrastructure and better management could lead to progress. His plan within the existing infrastructure is approved. Chander made arrangements for boating, swimming, water rides, etc. the management got the new project inaugurated by a gift scheme for visitors. The number of visitors has increased. The water sports were liked by all, and it again becomes a centre of attraction on holidays and Sundays. Chander felt happy to revive the institution.


The stimulus depicts two persons standing on top of a rope bridge and a river is flowing in full swing underneath. The individuals can be shown enjoying the general environment and the nature in ideal circumstances. In this case, the situation has been depicted carrying out water sports and adventure activities in the surrounding areas. The central character is a motivation factor bringing the diabolic changes in the existing circumstances.

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  1. Suresh is Ramesh's friend living in a small village with rich natural hilly natural surrounding. They are in a same collage and Ramesh is from city background today on a visit to Suresh's village as he is fond of tracking and visiting such kind of places.While talking and passing through a small rope bridge they decided to make their village popular for tourists and to make explore its attractive beauty towards adventure aspirants. They make it registered on state tourism site with sharing beautiful photographs sharing also filled relavent information surrounding like nearby heritage places, a fort on hill, old shiva temple, distance from nearby railway station,and others. And today with their efforts its among the most priorited places by tourists.

  2. Jayant and Rahul,two friends from the same village went to the city to pursue their higher education. When they returned to their village, they noticed that their town can be converted into a tourist spot. They talked about this to the Sarpanch, and started working on it. They got a bridge made over the river that seperated the village from hilly terrain that would be the tourist attraction. With some more constructions and ideas, they finally launched a tourist website of their village and registered their village on some other tourism sites and also did publicity of the village and uplifted the prestige and economy of their village.

  3. Ramesh was a very intelligent student.after seeing his dedication towards studies his father decided not to indulge him in farming and send him to city for quality higher studies.After years of hard work he completed his degree in resource management. When he was returnig to his village with his father through the bridge he saw that the river is polluted very much,he discussed he topic with his father and decided to reduce the pollution. He addressed the villagers not to defecate openly near the riverand build toilets in their houses. He talked to the panchayat to for proper dranage system to be build. He used to survey river weekly and pollution reduced to much extent. He villagers were happy and they thanked him for his qork and decided to send their childerns for higher studies.