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The test starts with exposure of 12pictures with the help of over head projector/video with 30 sec exposure andpractically four minutes for extensive writing .The stimulus is shown, and theinstructions are given exhaustive manner by the psychologist. The guidelinesare comprehensive and cover all facets of Thematic Appreciation Test. Theshowing of pictures and the time schedule is manually regulated, so that thereis no error involved in testing.

            Before proceedingfor the live test, a demonstrative performance is exhibited and generalmodalities of conduct of test are discussed and explained to the studentscomprehensively. The candidates are required to take the instructions and complyas per the laid down norms. The stimulus is shown for one minute, andthereafter four minutes are the give for written portion of the story.

            Theappreciation of the stimulus shown generally is done in the present tense usingcorrect English and vocabulary. This is not a test of English language, ratherto have a deep insight into psyche of a student. Students should write storiesdepicting high moral and ethics in trying situations. The test should beattempted full and the stories framed should be defined with logic and reasoning.Whatever demonstrated should be realistic and matching to the stimulus defined.Student’s perception should be real and the activities to be related to thegeneral surroundings. The stimulus should be well addressed and commented aspractically to the existing circumstances. Tendency to write away from thestimulus should be avoided. Complete and comprehensive write up is essential,which is clear to understand and duly connected suitably to the profile.Exhaustive write up is recommended, keeping in view the profile of theapplicant taking the test. Suitable, comprehensive reading and practice sessionis enclosed for the better understanding and logical interpretation in thesucceeding pictures shown in the write ups.

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