Sample Self Description Test- II

Guys I have putted one Sample self description Test earlier. Again for your good practice of how to write a good sample Self Description Test in SSB, I am posting a very beautiful Sample SD Test asked in Psychology Section of SSB Interview.

                Parent’s Opinion- My parents think that I am a responsible child, they always give important work to me. They consider my opinion before taking any important step My parents love my and always try to motivate me to do well. Though they are not satisfied with my academics, they think that I can put in sustained efforts to achieve my goals. Sometimes we do have difference of opinion but we discuss it out and find an amicable solution. I am blessed to have such understanding loving and caring parents.

                Teacher’s Opinion-My Teachers think that I excel in y practical but has to do some work on my theory. They motivate me to do better in studies. They have given me responsibilities like school house captain, arranging plays, etc. In college I was nominated as the head of the cultural society which holds function in college. My teachers are very understanding and help me when needed.

                Friend’s Opinion-My Friends think that I am very lively. They always take my advice in important issues. We always discuss about our futures and plans what we would do in life. They motivate me that I can achieve whatever I want. They always give me a responsibility in important family functions. Sometimes there are differences but we talk and come out with positive results. I have good bond with my friends.

                Self Opinion- I think that I have not done justice to my potential in academics. I try to pease my parents at any cost. I think I am a good friend and try to help them In whatever way I can. I try to take the responsibilities given to me effectively and do the best. I always try to help my brother and sister whenever they need me.

                Qualities I like to Improve-

  1. I think I can do better in academics.
  2. I am a bit short tempered and want to do away with it.
  3. I am a bit overweight and trying to lose weight.

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