Guys Today I am posting a very useful article on How to write self description, what instructions should be kept in mind before writing SD in Psychology Test of SSB Interview. Your Should try to write best self description which suits your personality. Then Next post will include Example of self Description Test –SD in SSB, I will put 2 or 3 sample Self Description-SD.

The self-description includes writing paragraph on the following aspects:

  1. Parents Opinion
  2. Teachers Opinion / Employers opinion
  3. Friends Opinion
  4. Opinion about yourself
  5. Qualities you would like to improve.

                The self-description test is a real test of one’s personality profile. The student are explained the modalities of test allotted fifteen minutes to express their thoughts about their parents, teachers, friends, opinion by the employee if working, self-analysis and shortcomings. The test allows the assessor to have a generic and detailed view of each and every student. Students, who give automated responses, loose to great degree in the test. The self-Description is required to cover the personality profile inclusive of all three tests as conducted and commented bye the students. Invariably, it is seen that the self analysis is viewed in totality and not in isolation.

                Fabricated profile emerging out of TAT and WAT are not confirming to the self-appraisal, lets down a student in clearing the test. The mechanism of testing is required to be learned systematically, so that profile which is emerging out of the first three tests is commensurate to the write up endorsed by the student as part of Self-Description Test.

                The Psychology Test should be learned and validated before proceeding for the Services selection Board. The responses given by the students should be live time experiences and practically true and correct to their projected profile.

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