How to success in SSB Interview – Some basics concept to take care of?

how to have a good impression on Interviewing Officer in SSB
Basic Tips for SSB Interview
Hello guys this post is about very basic knowledge which 50% of you don’t know, but if you really care then you should remember these
 basic things in mind before going for SSB Interview. These will not clear your SSB Interview for sure but these will lay a positive impact on Interviewer and you will be on safer side always. These includes understanding the Interview Environment, Personal hygiene, Dressing up and normal etiquette/Manners.

Understanding The Interview Environment:

                Unlike the G.T.O tests which is generally held in a informal and relaxed environment, or the psychological tests which is written test, the ‘Interview’, being a one-to-one affair, generally causes a little nervousness, and tension in the candidates mind. The layout of the interview room further components to this stressful condition.
                It is, therefore, of paramount importance that the candidate must shed his inhibition and overcome his nervousness so that he can collect his thoughts and expression his ideas logically and sympathetically.

Making a Good Impression:

                An interview will normally last 30 to 40 minutes which is sufficient time for the IO to appraise your personality. You should , therefore, aim to make a good forst impression on him and try to sustain that impression till the end of the interview.

To achieve this you should take the following steps.

Personal hygiene:

Be clean, neat and tidy when you present yourself for the interview. See that you have good haircut and hair are combed well. Nails of your fingers are cut and clean. Remove sweat, oil, dirt, etc. from your face and forehead. Make sure that no bad odour or smell emanates from you. It is understood that you can’t change your face, but you can certainly do a lot to improve it. Your appearance should show that you an orderly person. Therefore, do take care of you grooming.

Importance of Good Dressing for SSB-Dressing Up:

Shakespeare wrote ‘Apparel proclaimeth a man’ i.e. a man is recognized by the way he dresses. How true! you make the first impression with the way you dress yourself up. If your clothes create and initial unfavorable impression, you will be hard put to neutralize it during the interview. Similarly, with some care for your clothes, you can begin the interview with your right foot forward. It is, therefore very essential that you turn up for the interview, smartly dressed.
What type of dress you have for your SSB Interview (According to season)-Dress well as per the season and suited to the occasion. Your clothes should not be gaudy or showy. You must present yourself in a suit in winter. Preferable of dark or sober color. Your shirt must be clean, well ironed and starched. Your shirt cuffs should not be frayed at the ends. Shoes must be well polished.

Normal etiquettes / Manners:

                Etiquette, manners and courtesy can help in tilting the interview in your favor. Before entering the room, gently knock it ask for coming inside, beware of push or pull written on door. Just say good evening or good morning according to watch. Don’t sit without permission, reply gently when you asked – how are you? Show your manners by asking the same from IO. Presence of mind should be there be true , don’t try to cheat with them and you will make it.

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