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Leadership Qualities  – Officer Like Qualities OLQs That a SSBAspirant are supposed to have?

Hey guys I have searched many website for this topic and didn’tfound much more about the Officer Like Qualities that a Candidate should have.After a lot of hard work I have concatenated various activities to write ahealthy post on All officer like qualities that you can mention in your PIQform. This post will help you in filling up your PIQ form for SSB + It willalso help in understanding your strength also. Try picking up the points thatsuits your personality most.
The followingare qualities have been generally accepted as the qualities of leader.

Officer Like qualities one should Have to Become OFficer in Indian Armed ForcesOfficer Like Qualities


 1. The extent ofknowledge of various subjects of academic pursuit- e.g. Science, History,Economics, Literature, Current events etc. 2. The depth of knowledge – how deeplyhas the candidate studied a subject of his choice or interest? 3. Application ofknowledge- how has the candidate applied his theoretical knowledge to findsolution of daily life situations. 4. General knowledge of current affairs,everyday science, burning topics, sports, newspaper headlined etc. 5. Grasp –quickness with which the candidate picks up the core requirement of theequestion.

Logical Approach to Problem – 

 1. Rational, clearheaded, analyticalsystematic, proceeding step by step and no contradictions.  2. Practical approach- realistic and sensible,use of common sense, alive to facts and existing limitations.

Planning and Organizing Ability:

 1. Clear aim andobjectives- ambition and goal in life e.g., why he wants this job? 2. Planning-working out what is to be done, when and how? 3. Methodical and systematicapproach. 4. Mobilization and utilization of resources.

Power of Expression: 

 1. Fluency in speech – no stammering, the unwanted gaps while answeringthe questions. 2. Forceful – deliberates, enthusiastic and arresting. No  monotonous or dragging voice. No swallowingof words. 3. No affectations. 4. Convincing ability –speaking with sincerityand conviction.

Dynamic Qualities (Most wanted OLQs): 

1. Self confidence. 2.Initiative and enterprise 3. Drive, dash, push, motivation. 4. Promptness intaking decisions, borne out of knowledge and sound judgment. 5. Determination &perseverance 6. Stamina, energy, active temperament and hard working 7. Resourcefulness.8. Courage, pluck, guts, spirit of adventure, willingness to take risks.

Psychological Factors:

 1. Positive thinking, confident anddetermining approach.  2. Optimistic,hopeful outlook.  3. Sense of right andwrong. Absence of anti-social or negative qualities –  e.g., unreasonable fear, persecution complex,jealousy, inclination towards crimes, tendency to tell lies, selfishness, quarrelsomeattitudes, irritable nature etc.

Social Qualities (Important OLQs): 

  1.sense of responsibility. 2. Adaptability 3.Cooperation, readiness to help.  4. Tact,pleasing manner and poise. 5. Preference to group life and activity. 6. Considerationsfor feelings of others. 7. Friendly. 8. Readiness to sacrifice, selflessness,placing froup before self. 9. Ability to influence others and get things done.

Personal Traits (that’s how one should be): 

1. Cheerful,pleasant and smiling disposition 2. Liveliness, eager, alert sprightly,inspired, fired with ambition. 3. Enthusiasm, keenness and interest. 4. Appearance,dress and turnout – smart, clean and suited to the occasion. 5. Poise, gracefulmovements, confident approach, straight walk, looking into the eyes whilespeaking – not bent headed or looking at one’s toes while speaking. 6. Punctuality.

Character (One should bear these qualities): 

1. Discipline 2.Loyalty. 3. Integrity and moral values 4. Sincerity.

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