Mostly asked  GD Topic ~ Which is the biggest problem our Indian Army is Facing?

Boys if you are going to attend your SSB interview in upcoming days then you must prepare this topic for your lecturette and group Discussion as it will cover three discussion i.s Jammu and Kashmir problem, North-East Problem and Naxals Problem in India. I have provided a separate post on North-East problem in India read that also.
  1. J&K problem
  2. NE problem
  3. Naxals Problem

India is facing a number of internal problems. One of the major problem inherited since the days of partition is Jammu and Kashmir. As the years passed, the North Eastern states got into insurgency. Starting with the Nagaland in 1956, the problem has spread to Assam, Mizoram and Manipur. As these problems were not enough, a new challenge came in the form of Naxal problem. This problem picked up in 1967 and now it has engulfed 180 districts. Due to its magnitude, the killings, lootings and extortion, the problem has national dimensions.

J&K Problem

                This problem started as Mahraja Hari Singh, decided to keep J&K, independent, as buffer state between India & Pakistan. Both countries have fought a number of wars during 1947-48, 1965, 1971 and Kargil in 1999. The Pakistan sponsored militancy also started since 1988-89. Pakistan, with the help of local and foreign militants wants to liberate J&K from India. India will never allow Pakistan this option. India has proposed to convert this line of control(LOC) into permanent border between India and Pakistan. Pakistan has not agreed to this proposal.. The solution to the problem should be acceptable to the Govt. Of India, Pakistan and people of J&K. the talks between both countries have been abandoned due to 26/11 attacks on Mumbai with political stability returning to both sides the political dialogue for peace may hopefully resume soon.

North-East Problem

                The insurgency in Nagaland started in 1956. The armed Forces special Power act 1958 was enforced to give legal powers to Armed forces to carry out operations against the militants. Insurgency spread to Mizoram in 1980’s. Assam had its own problem after the creation of Bangladesh from where many people infiltrated and became Indian citizens. ULFA is fighting for a separate Independent Assam and all the foreigners to be thrown out from Assam. Manipur insurgency is the latest. The main problem is the ethnic entity and control of area along the Myanmar border to control smuggling and opium activities. The govt is having ceasefire with both the factions of Nagas since 1997. Talks with ULFA are expected because of a pro-India govt In Bangladesh. The army alongwith Assam rifles are trying to control the situation in Manipur.

Naxals Problem

                This is a socio-economic problem for the country. It started in 1967 from a village, Naxalbari in West Bengal. These people were poor peasant’s whose land has been merged with big landlords or money lenders. From west Bengal the problem has spread to Bihar, Jharkhand, Orrisa, Chattisgarh, Andhra, Maharashtra and MP. They demand economic reforms which will boost agriculture and industrial sectors. They want judicial reforms so that justice is prompt and cheap. One of the factors for growth of Nexal problems is lack of social reform. This has forced the poor problem, SC to join Naxal moment. Lack of development and poor governance have added to the existing resentment. Naxal are killing govt officials, looting banks, damaging govt. property to enforce their writ. The govt is trying to fight this menace by pooling resources, joint operations by the state and motivating the locals.
                All these problems have their own significance. The govt. can not ignore any of the problems. But Naxals problems which is spread to 1/3rd of India has become a major problem which govt. has to tackle at war footing.

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