Typical and generally asked GD/Lecturette Topic in SSB ~ Who is responsible for EVE Teasing?

Guys we all are living in India and Indian Girls have to face a lots of Problems Eve Teasing is one of them, it is very common problem here in India and this is considered as a typical topic for Group Discussion and for Lecturette too, so dont ignore it give it a deep study and  i am sure that you will be tackle it easily in you Group Discussion/Lecturette Section.

  1. Western Culture
  2. Lack of Values in Society
  3. Women Themselves


Women have been subjected to various types of crime forcenturies. One type of minor crime which has remained constant is eve-teasing.All men indulge in this crime in some form or the other. “the degree or naturemay vary. Today this crime has grown to alarming proportion and every familiesis worried about their grown up girls. They give her long list of Do’s andDont’s when she leaves home. They keep their finger crossed till she getsback-how stressful for the family.

Western culture


The western culture has always attracted the masses of ourcountry. However we should not ape a culture blindly. In fact we must adopt thegood qualities of that culture. Imagine a woman provocatively dressed in a lowcut western dress sitting in a bar, drinking and behaving in a loud manner.What should we expect? Obviously male attention. There is no harm in wearingthese dresses or drinking, But one must know where to draw a line. A woman mustfollow respectable norms. She should be accompanied by a male friend and drinkwithin her limits. Bulk of the latest movies made in our country are generatinga lot of western influence, “Neha Dhupia” doing Bo Derek scene in Qayamat orAkshay kumar romancing Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta in skimpy dress leave theboys confused. If they happen to see such a woman in real life they feel she isgame and he is Akshay Kumar. The concept of dating is also picking up in our society.If a boy and a girl want to meet they should meet at a respectable place,bushes in park is no place to meet. In western society it may be OK but inIndia, it is not viewed positively.

Lack of Values in society

                Menlook upon women as second rate citizen and have been misbehaving with women fromtime immemorial. However the values in our society have been degrading veryrapidly. What happens when we read news of a Retd. IPS officer misbehaving witha young lady or a idle aged an stopping his car next to a young girl andwhispering “Chaltikya”, or boys fonding girls in DTC bushes packed to capacity?I feel the solution rest in correcting the society in an exemplary manner. Inthat the culprit should not be sent to the jail. In fact his other/sister/wifeshould be called to the police station and apprised to their wards’ deeds. I amsure it will act as a bigger deterrent than going to jail. If a person repeatssuch an act his photograph should be published in the newspaper and he couldalso be shown on T.V. however to present women from misusing such rules, clearevidence should be made available. The parents, school and college must instillgood values in our younger generation. So that we regard the women folk withrespect. To set some decorum in our society we can have some senior citizenwith special power patrolling the cities, who can award punishment to eveteasers on the spot.

Women themselves

“GOOD GIRLS GO TO HEAVEN BAD GIRLS GO EVERY WHERE”Women often fall prey to eve-teaser for their own fault.Today nobody can say who will misbehave with a woman, when and where, hence thesaying “precaution is better than Cure” I have seen any women enjoying chattingwith en on the net. If it is within limits, it is fine. But the moment the mantries to get intimate she must go offline. Whenever they apply for a job, theymust scrutinize the credentials of the company and the job requirement,including timings. They should not take lift from strangers and ensure propertransportation to and fro from place of work or study. The govt. agencies canalso help by increasing special buses for women and asking ore seats availablefor the in buses. The women often ignore the culprits as they fear that, theymay be physically hared or their parents would get a bad name. this actactually encourages the eve-teaser. The best way is to immediately startshouting, run towards a crowd and report the matter to the nearest police post.Also, they must be capable of handling such situations on their own. Theyshould be trained in self-defence. As responsible citizen it is our duty toimmediately come forward and help any woman in distress.

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