This is a post about necessity of military training in Indian institutes, it may be helpful for Group Discussion Preparation for your SSB Interview or for any other purpose.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Short Service Commission


  • India is a big country, N-S, E-W. We are diverse in our customs, traditions, culture and geography. We have our own set of day-to –day problems which need to be resolved regularly. We face hostile nieghbours, natural calamities, political divide and many more issues on regular basis. The government is doing its best to resolve all these issued, but it needs public support to ensure peace.
  • It has, therefore, become necessary to turn to youth and inculcate high moral values, and instill a sense of discipline in our youth with the hope that they would eventually propel the country to prosperity.
  • Today, the only institution of trust, confidence and integrity in India, is its Defence Forces. The young people can be sent for military training as part of their academic programme. They would emerge as confident, disciplined and honest citizens. These attributes would stand them in good stead whatever profession they go in, later in their lives.
  • The military training of the youth would accrue another benefit also. A large combat-ready reserve will be available all the time for immediate deployment in case of an emergency as a result of external threat or natural calamities and disasters like flood, earthquakes, and draught.
  • Today military training is extensively being used worldwide to develop a killer’s instinct training with amongst sportsmen. The Indian cricket team was put through military training with Parachute Regiment in Bangalore. The Australian Cricket team attended a military camp where they spent time in the forest to develop comradeship amongst players.


  • Everybody is an individual with different attitudes, aptitudes and likings. One cannot ne forced to undergo military training even for one or two years when he is at the most productive and creative stage of his life.
  • Military life is highly regimental and rigorous. Everybody cannot endure it. It will be sheer waste of money to try imparting military training to young people who do not have aptitude for it. They would turn out to be half-baked soldiers.
  • That is why, the Defence Forces have an elaborate system of selection procedure involving mental, physical and psychological testing. It is a professional scientific approach where the best is selected.
  • In most of the Colleges and Universities in India, we have NCC. The best that can be done is to encourage the young people to join NCC in large numbers on their own free will. The NCC training would give them necessary boost to character-building.

Short Service Commission

  • India is democratic country. One is free to go for a profession of his choice. New avenues of lucrative occupations are emerging as India is progressing economically. The career in Defense Services is no longer an option of the young people.
  • It is , therefore, necessary to make the career in Defense Forces more lucrative, attractive and adventurous. A scheme of short service commission can be launched to invite adventurous youth to join it. Certain concessions can be granted to them in age relaxation for joining other civil services at the expiry their Short Service Commission.
  • A large number of military trained people will thus enter the civil public life at an early age and will become examples of integrity and discipline for others to emulate. The defence motto rightly reads. For a short time you will have the pride of being an officer but you will be a gentleman for the rest of your life.

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