WAT(Word Association Test) in SSB: Words for Practice

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WAT Word for Practice: Sample Word Set 4

I have previously uploaded many WAT words for practice and now again i have bring out more Words here for your better practice. Please refer to my previous post of 200+ Words association Test which consist of 40 Words and now remaining i am uploading here-

Word Association Test: Words for Practice
Word association test in SSB

·         Osama Bin laden was a great traitor in the field of global terrorism.
·         Ajmal kasab was a traitor to the nation involved in 26/11 attack in Mumbai operation at hotel Taj.
·         Afzal guru was a great traitor to the nation involved in planning terrorist activities in our nation.

·         Value added tax has been imposed in canteens.
·         Canteen to relax and enjoy with friends.
·         Canteen to revitalize and rejuvenate after prolonged hours of study and work.

·         RBI courageously inducted 185000 crore into system to beat back recessionary trends in our nation.
·         Major Manoj Talwar displayed exemplary courage during Kargil operation.
·         Captain Vikram Batra, PVC courageously fought Pakistani rangers during Kargil operatives.

·         Work hard and be sure of your success, always be a fighter not a quitter.
·         India is sure to beat back energy crises in the near future.
·         There is no surety to beat back the ill designs of moist action in the affected areas of Jharkhand, etc.

·         Indian army is known for disciplined soldiers.
·         Discipline is part of life, implement it and see the difference.
·         Discipline is the bed rock of success; follow the principles of great people like Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.

·         Operation blue star brought peace in Punjab and fought back bravely the ill designs of the militants.
·         Operation Vijay proved successful during Kargil operations.
·         Operation to fight back Naxilism and terrorism is a big issue in front of the government.

·         Poverty is a curse to the manking; step should be taken to be poverty ridden nation.
·         Corruption is a great curse to economic development. The defaulters should be punished.
·         AIDS is curse to society.

·         Sky diving and Para sailing is a good adventure sport.
·         India is adventurous to promote projects through Indo-France agreement to beat back energy crisis.
·         Conquering of Mount Everest by Tenzing Norkay and his team was an adventurous feat in the international areas.

·         Dowry is the biggest crime against women in our nation.
·         Child labour is the worst crime; measures should be taken to beat back the menace.
·         Criminals should be given an exemplary punishment involved in terrorist activities.

·         Difficult situations like corruption can be tackled by peaceful negotiations and settlement within the framework of the constitution.
·         Indo-US nuclear deal will bring solution to our nation and beat back the difficult problem of energy crisis.
·         Jammu and Kashmir is a difficult issue, India and Pakistan should resolve amicably else other nations may take advantage of the crucial situations.

·         Nothing is impossible, nations have to sit together to fight back global warming.
·         Chandrayan-1 will try to develop 3-D atlas and configurations of the moon which is a impossible mission , let us hope to succeed in the mission.
·         Impossible means, I am possible.

·         RBI has brought a temporary ease on the impact of financial crisis in India.
·         Easy money is dangerous for the growth of the people; voluntary disclosure scheme should be introduced to beat back black marketing.
·         Easy approach does not lead to success.

·         Major Barta, PVC died a martyr death during the Kargil operation.
·         Lt. Arun Khetrapal, PVC of 17 Poona Horse laid down his life during 1971 war.
·         Honor killing is leading to mysterious death of young people, the practice should be arrested.

·         Pakistan tried to discourage the indo-US nuclear deal by external intervention by other nations.
·         India should discourage china against construction of Barrage and Brahmaputra River.
·         Young minds should focus towards development of our nation and should not be discouraged by minor setbacks.

·         Abhinav bindra brought gold medal to our nation in 10m air rifle shooting during Olympics.
·         Col. Rajvarsshan Rathore brought the first silver medal in shooting during Olympics and brought fame to the Indian army.
·         Shoot to kill, sustained shooting practice should be taken by para military forces to beat back Maoist activities in the jungle terrain

·          Corruption is killing our nation, we should bring changes to fight back the evil practices of corrupt people.
·         Shoot to kill, improve your perception and snub your opponents.
·         Kill bad habits, germs and grow in life.

·         Barack Hussain Obama’s win as president of USA brought happiness to the black people in the nation.
·         Happiness is a state of mind, you can develop it.
·         Everyday is a new day, be happy and take challenges in life.

·         Dhananjay Chatterjee was found guilty in raping Heten Parikh.
·         Terrorist guilty of 26/11 and militant action in Mumbai during July 2011 should be brought to task.
·         Person’s found guilty towards transfer of money to Swiss bank should be punished.

·         India and Pakistan should maintain brotherly relations and bring peace to the continent.
·         America is acting as a big brother to the African nations.
·         Love between brothers is a binding factor in the family.

·         India share good relations with its neighbours.
·         SAARC summit, play a vital role to improve situations in South Asia.
·         China is not a trusted neighbour in the present scenario.

·         Rabindra Nath Tagore was conferred Nobel prize for literature.
·         Mother Teresa fought for a Nobel cause to bring peace to the humanity.
·         Helping poor and needy is a Nobel step should develop in life.

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