SSB Interview: Situation Reaction Test with Answers for Practice & pdf

Previously i have uploaded various posts on Situation Reaction Test in SSB, you may read the basic introduction and Tips and SRT Practice sets 4 in my previous post. This post consists of more Situations with answers that are asked in Psychological Test in SSB. you can also download the SRT pdf from the link below. 

Situation Reaction Test Set 5:

Q.41. In a monthly meeting of the colony he is asked to address the meeting extempore on various problems facing the colony. He…
Ans. Immediately, open down he salient issues, addresses all the problems systematically and explains the action being implemented to the members.
Q.42. In his college he is offered the hero in a play which is later changed to the role of the villain. He…
Ans. Accepts the change of role performs equally well and makes the programme a success.
Q.43. He is visited by an angel in his dream who asked him to make three wishes. He…
Ans. Professional expertise, honesty, integrity and coupled with well being of the humanity.
Q.44. He wins Rs. 2 lacs in a lottery. He…
Ans. Donates 45 percent towards taxation, 10 percent to the poor and needy, 20 percent for self education, 15 percent for brothers and sister, and distributions the remainder 10 percent for parents in case of emergency.
Q.45. He is in a lift with a pretty girl friend when the electricity fails. He…
Ans. Enjoys the company, alerts the emergency number, helps relieve both to safety and security.
Q.46. He appeared before the Service Selection Board but failed to be selected. He…
Ans. Does introspection, improved his shortcomings, put in sustained efforts, applies again and qualifies in the Service Selection Board.
Q.47. He looses his brother-in-law in a accident when he was with him on a motor bike. He…
Ans. Took responsibility of his sister, gave all possible help to her family, and providing the safety and security in the longer run.
Q.48. In the last show of a famous and new film he finds that the House Full board is on. He…
Ans. Accept it as a normal course, watches an alternative movie, and views it again when shown in near future.
 Q.49. In an examination hall, he reaches five minutes late. He…
Ans. Apologizes to the invigilator, explain his reason of coming late, seeks permission and takes the examination.
Q.50. His fact friend has got into bad company. He…
Ans. Convince his friend, to maintain healthy environment for progress and prosperity, and ensure that his friend does not continue in the bad company.
Q.51. He wants to do the following in his spare time…
Ans. Read books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, play games and sports attends adventure activities, joins social organization to help the poor and the needy.
Q.52. When offered something to eat, he declines to take because…
Ans. Feels that the same can be given to orphanage or poor people, since he always enjoyed good meals.
Q.53. His friend points out his shortcomings. He…
Ans. Evaluates his friend’s observation improves himself an ensures that he does not give any chance to his friend to complain again.
Q.54. He was about to loose a point in a discussion. He…
Ans. Give his point of view more convincingly, satisfies the audience and wins over the discussion.
Q.55. His teacher is unable to solve a mathematical sum in the class. He…
Ans. Takes help of his father in finding solution to the problem and exchanges with the teacher positively.
Q.56. When he returned, the river was in full spate, but he had to go to his home urgently. He…
Ans. Waited for some time for the river to settle took alternative means like a boat and reached his home in time.
Q.57. He see his enemy’s son drowning in the river. He…
Ans. Jumps into the river take the son to the bank of the river and ensure the security of the child.
Q.58. His father is transferred to another place. He is happy because…
Ans. Study in a new school, make new friends and learn more about the place and people.

SRT pdf will be uploaded soon

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