3 important TAT images with stories for practice

Guys i have uploaded many PPDT or TAT images earlier for practice, the key point to get success in screening test or in TAT is to Practice more and more PPDT or TAT images. i have uploaded more than 100 images with sample stories for better practice. Here also i am uploading 3 most important images that are generally asked in SSB.

Image 1: Sample TAT image of some person playing Cards.

Sample TAT image of some person playing cards
TAT image of some person playing cards

Sample TAT story:

Aman is social worker, working for NGO prayass india,which helps children to have free education, house and food, he came to his friends uncles house for some donation to his NGO,they all were having fun by playing cards when aman saw a child age between 10-12 years serving tea and snacks to them and rude behaviors of uncle towards child, aman clarified with his friend about the child and got to know that child is working in uncle house from past 1 month, he explained the uncle about the crime he is doing, and made him satisfied he shouldn’t be doing again and he rescued the child got him admitted to his NGO.

Image 2:  Sample TAT image of some person sitting around table with story.

Sample TAT image of some person sitting around table with Story
sample TAT image of some person sitting around the table.
Sample TAT story:

Sonu is a chief engineer and is working in R&D department for maruti in gurgaon,he had prepared a design of fuel efficient car and all of them have gathered in the conference room for the presentation to be given by sonu,after sonu finished his presentation questions arised from his members about the design and to execute it, will it be working practically, would it feasible to common man, sonu answered them all and convinced most members of the board some of them were not convinced had put their head down, sonu convinced them about his plans and executing them and finally his plan was approved by the company chairman.

Image 3:  Sample TAT story
Sample TAT story of a person Standing in Rain
Sample TAT story of a person Standing in Rain
Sample Story:

Ram is a medical student studying in Gandhi medical college,it was raining heavily in the month of july ,he was at home when he heard someone knocking his door hard,it was his neighbor children asking for help for their mother who is suffering from heart attack,he immediately gave some relief injection and went out in heavy rain fall and winds to call for ambulance,after 45 minutes of harsh travel he reached the hospital and came back with ambulance admitted the mother into the hospital and saved her life,and said to have regular checkup to avoid such circumstances.

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6 comments to ''3 mostly asked TAT image in SSB: Sample story for Practice"

  1. vikas malasi16 May 2016 at 21:11

    Can i write some part of story similar to these stories or it should be entirely different.

  2. My Stories goes like this - Sohan who was passionate about his studies worked hard and got selected in a software company. One day when sohan was at home there was a call from his manager and manager asked him to come to office immediately.Weather was worse and there were clouds bursting and heavy rain was there. Without thinking for a moment sohan went to his company, completed his work and came back. His manager was very happy with sohan's dedication and in the next year sohan was given double the amount of money and also his position was changed form junior engineer to project manager.Sohan's fammily felt happy with his succcess and congratulated him for his hardwork and dedication.

    1. Your story is pretty good but it signifies that u r working only for awards and rewards and not from ur own dedication

    2. ubaidkhan ali21 March 2017 at 18:20

      good story but needs changes, that storm could have risked his life ,work in not imp than life . yes in the given story he risked his life bcs some one was dying

    3. Story is good but don't describe about money.Neither it would become materialistic