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Things you should Do and Remember while facing SSB: Recommendation by Experienced Candidate

Here Again I am back withone more 5 Day Real Story ofShailendra Rajput at SSB, I must saythat he is really a deserving candidate. How he spent his 5 Days at SSB and what are the problems faced by him, how hemanaged to complete all those tasks and what are his recommendation for other aspirants going for SSB—He has tried to tell everything via this article. Iam grateful to him that he send this article to me.

So there I was with mysuitcase and ironed formal shirt standing in-front of Allahabad railway stationfor Indian Army SSB for UES24.


Screening test took place around 0800 hrs. It consists of 2stages.

A. OLQ test.

Tips: Don’t bluffanswers in OLQ answer sheet. Try toattempt maximum questions. Skip the question if you think they’ll consume timefor calculations.

B. PP-DT (picture perception & DescriptionTest)

PP-DT is all about perception.Try to make a story which is practical and believable. In the story add officerlike personality characters that are within you or you want to have.

After the PP-DT exam, they generally give youbreak for few minutes. Utilize this break to rehearse your PP-DT story (mentally) because what comes next after PP-DT is Group Discussion of the story you’vewritten.

Tips: You’ll be givenhardly 1 min to narrate your story. Be loud and clear and confident enough soeverybody can listen to it. Don’t stumble or fumble yourself with complicatedEnglish words.

During GD, try to help group members come to aconclusion rather pointing out mistakes or proving your story.

Results came out andalmost 80% were screened out.

Out of our 264, we’releft 40 for Day-2.

Filling up formsstarts next with certificate verification and all.

PIQ- personal information Questionnaire is very important. Be precise and rememberwhat you write in as your hobby/interests/sports/achievementsas they will be asked to you in your interview. Don’t fake or lie.

You’re there to becomean Indian Army officer, so from here on behave as one.

Have a healthyfriendship with all and respect everyone for their spirit to serve the country.


Be focused because itspsych test day. WAT, TAT, SRT andall are very important.

WAT- it’s never aboutattending all 60 words nor is it about using the word in your sentence.

Write the thought thatcomes to your mind when you see the word. Be honest. Keep the sequence correctin case you miss any word.


SRT- your reactions should be more like taking actions ratherhandling the responsibility to someone else here. Be in the situation and takecontrol of it. 


TAT- perceive positive and write it down showing few Officer likequalities. End it in a positive note.

Self Description- Be honest and write stuffs about you in clearhand writing. Do a self-introspection about yourself. Ask your friends, familyabout you as a person and qualities they like or dislike.



GD/ Lecturette/ PGT:

GD- the GD topics areusually current affairs and well known topics. Be active in discussions, don’tsit idle or be scared what others will think. Fact is if you don’t, you willlose the battle.

 My group topic was:

1. Online shopping

2. Youths makinggirlfriend

Lecturette- choose topic which you’re comfortable with and have enoughpoints to speak for 3 min. A bit of hand gestures are good but don’t over-doit.

PGT- Portray your ideas clearly and make sure everyone is listeningto you. This shows command. Be active.


If you are going as afresher then you should be consulting your friends who have been before to ssb, because at the instant you see planks, balli, ropes so it takes timeto generate ideas in your mind, so go well prepared in advance


IO/Command Task/HGT/FGT:

Individual Obstacle: it’s all about checking the basic bodyfitness.

CT- command task isvital. Before acting on the situation, as a commander take a pause and lookaround the obstacle and think of possible ideas. Don’t just jump into the fieldwith phatta and balli or load.

HGT- While the entire group is fighting over a path, take a breakand look around the other paths available. You might just find the easiest wayout.

FGT – Same as above.


The interview went forabout 1 hour or so. As I was from B.Tech-(MAE), a few technicalquestions were also asked to me. Apart from that, basic current affairs andgeneral knowledge were also asked. Few of them were about our neighboringcountries. They want to know what kind of a person you’re and want to be. Theywill ask questions regarding family, friends and enemies, girlfriends. Be honestand tell them what’s true. Sometimes the questions become personal, so don’thesitate to speak the truth or hide anything. Be honest always and open minded.They are not sitting there to judge you by any means. Have an insight aboutArmy, Navy & Air force.

Keep a track on youpostures and gestures, body language. Think of at least 3 positive and 3negative qualities in you. When asked about negative qualities.

Conference– Be cool and relaxed. At times they ask you questions whichthey asked you in your interview and you failed to answer. So prepare theanswers beforehand.

Results- out of 40, 5 were recommended from 34 SSB board for medicals.

Always have a fightingspirit. My rejection in SSB made meprepare more hard and improve in stages where I lack. I kept a note in mypocket with a list in it, jotted down the possiblemistakes I might have made in my previous SSB.

Self-introspection hada big help to me. Unless and until you don’t accept your fault you cannotrectify it and move ahead.

Think of it like this,getting a job in a field (armed forces) which gets the highest respect in thecountry or world, can’t possibly come to oneself so easily. In order to get it,handwork and dedication is inevitable.

Never lose hope andquit, trust me I have done that mistake.

“Growth is painful.Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere youdon’t belong”

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