Practice Image 9: A PPDT story on Car Accident Scene

Guys this PPDT image is sent to me by one of my Friend Shailedra Rajput, he was following me since one month and was preparing for his SSB Interivew . He writes really well and i appreciate his work. This image consist of a negative scene where ill women is shown and see how he has made his PPDT story as postive. you can also read my last post : Sample PPDT story on a ill Women Scene.

Sample PPDT image of Car Accident Scene with Story
PPDT/TAT image of Car-Cycle Accident Scene

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Suresh is an engineer and is going with his secretary for his office work and was already late for his site work, on the way while he was driving he met with an accident, he hit the school boy coming from his left, crowds gathered around his car, leaving his thought about his work he immediately took the boy into the car rush him to the hospital and he admitted his crime to the police that he was driving fast as he was getting late for his work and felt guilty and promised himself will not do it again. Soon the School Student get fit.

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20 comments to ''Negative PPDT Picture: A Car Accident Scene "

  1. suresh, a 19 year old teenager is a 2nd year B.A student from Allahabad University. One day when he was on his way to his college to attend his NCC seniors meeting, the weather abruptly changed and heavy rain started. He saw a old woman was in her half way to cross the road, the car running parallel to him moved toward her.He increases his speed and stopped the car and when the car stopped his bicycle slipped and he fall on his knees. After that they came to know that woman was blind so suresh helped her to cross and get appreciation and thanks from her. He was also praised by the car owner for his courage and presence of mind.

  2. sunita is 40 years old working woman and self dependent she is a mother of 2 child one day while she go to the market for shopping she saw that a car driver hit a 10 year old boy who was riding on his bicycle she saw that other people were just seeing this whole scene but nobody came forward to help that boy so she immediatly rush towards the child to save him and requested that car owner to take him to the hospital because of her bravery the child is safe now and she get apperciation of her act.

  3. mamta was a bank officer while he was going to her duty she saw a white car hatted a child on cycle from back site . due to over spped .firstly he called people crossing the road for the help and call up the ambulance and also she note down the car no.and give it to the police .then police can start further inquiry of this case and she is on the way to work site

  4. Rahul an 8 year old boy was trying to learn cycle and Ramesh was going to drop her daughter to school and suddenly accident happened. ramesh immediately takes rahul to hospital and call his parents and tell them about the accident. As the accident was no one's mistake rahul parents thanks ramesh for the first aid and let him go after which he drops his daughter to school and then back to home.

  5. Mahesh was an it engineer lived in a day he was going for office then he saw small boy riding his cycle in wrong direction hence an small accident happen between car and that bicycle.He went near the place and picked up the boy with the help of other people and kept inside the car for hospital.after some time he got well.Later he instruct him not to ride bicycle on wrong way.

  6. Raju and latha were software engineers were going to attend important meeting while they were on crossing the street a 10 oyrs old child learning bicycle wth out of control he meet accident wth car sounding people didn't help child the lady who is the mother of child coming away to the place of accident get the child and his mom in car to nearest hospital raju get a way wth latha to office explain to his boss to what was the reason for late and joined in meeting and done the meeting successfuly

  7. nice story

  8. John a class5 student is trying to learn bicycle on his own & lost his balance and fell on the left side of the car. Vishal a doctor who was riding with his daughter stopped his car and gave him first aid. The boy's mother & ppl walking down the street rushed to the spot and thanked the doctor for his helping tendency.

  9. rahul 8 year old boy learn a bicycle when he saw a car he is afraid and try to control a bicycle but he is fell down from the bicycle and old lady seeing the whole scene so he shout and thinking pray for the child but he is safe bcoz driver is good but rahul cycle need a mechanics :) every thing is perfect and everybody smile bcoz none is happened

  10. ramesh was an engineer, he was working in pwd dept and he had one daughter who was studying in 9th day when he was returning from his daughter's school, suddenly one boy came under his car accidently. at the same moment ramesh came out from his car and he found boy's leg was bleeding so he removed he coat and cover his wound. ramesh put him in the car and take him to the hospital where he told the doctor to give him a quick surgery as he was bleeding so doctor took him to the ot and operate his leg. few hour later when doc came out and inform ramesh abt his condition that he leg is fine now.ramesh informed his parents by took the no. from him, as his parents reached at hospital they scolded the ramesh very badly but he didt utter the word as he felt himself guilty and he allowed to take the legal action on him but his parents refuse to take any action and left the hospital by saying thx to him as he saved their son.

  11. After a mornig zym ,raghv along with his friend coming to home . Suddenly a schoolboy ,come on road from cut suddenly on cycle , hit by car, he got unconscious . Daily people gatherd around and threaten drive to beat Raghav run to the spot , intervene in the tussule , hold that boy , quickly explaining the accident is not because of driver. With his friend Saurabh drives car , they admitted the wounded boy to near hospital.during riding suresh Getting detail from I card they informed his parents .Meanwhie parents came , they conslole driver who was feeling guilty,relax him . After an 25 min , boy got to be normal mode, While this parents came there , Raghv explain incident calmly and comfort them ,they thanke raghav for his timely action

  12. nice

  13. Ram is doctor and he was going to own hospital with his wife. He was driving speedy because one emergency call had come to ram.
    Unfortunately ram collided to school boy and boy injured
    Subsequently crowd gathered around ram's car.
    Ram didn't get tension and immediately put the boy in the car and went to own hospital
    He treated very carefully
    Ram called the police and told everything and promised to police that do not drive fast
    Also boy get fit.

    1. pankaj patil21 May 2017 at 11:09

      nice 1

  • Alok was a student of bsc physics honours he was academically as well as physically sound.once in the morning in the market when he was going to give his physics paper exam in his university he saw a small boy hit by a car on the road he immediately rushed near the boy and found the boy was unconcious he immediately shouted and asked the other people to help the boy to admit into the hospital alok took the boy in his lap into the car that had hit the boy and blew air into the boys mouth and immetiatley reached to the hospital and admitted the boy into the hospital he telephonically informed his parents about the incident that had took place and asked his own parents to come and take care of the boy as he was getting late for hi exam and he even did not had any information of boys parents after aloks parents reached the hospital alok immediately went to his examination centre gave the exam witin remaining time with hi full spirits and after the exam was over he went to the hospital where he found the boy was out of danger and now he informed his parents about the incident and they came and thanked Alok for hi great work who saved Thier only child life .Alok felt a bit emotional and his parents were proud of their child .

  • Jai was taking his daughter to school at the same time a boy was riding his cycle fast since it was getting late to the school. The boy lost his control and fell before the car. Suresh made a sudden brake and stopped the car, gave first aid to the boy as he was wounded using the kit available in his car, Suresh dropped the cycle in the near by cycle shop and took the boy in his car so that both can be in the school on time.

  • Naveen was a middle aged rich man living in an urban area with his family. One day he along with his daughter were heading towards marker in there car to buy her a bicycle. On there way, Naveen saw a puppy who suddenly came in front of the car and suddenly he have to roll his steering towards other side. Unfortunately naveen hits a school boy with his bike on the other side. Everybody were shocked to see the accident. Suddenly a lady who was the mother of school boy saw him lying on the road and injured, ran towards him, meanwhile Naveen rushes out of his car to help the boy, made him sit inside his car and rushes towards hospital. He apologized for his mistake. As the accident was not done intentionally, so the mother thanked Naveen for taking her boy to hospital. As the bike got broken up due to accident, so Naveen decided to buy him a new one as an apology. Soon the boy gets fit.

  • Naveen was a middle aged rich man living in an urban area with his family. One day Naveen and her daughter were heading towards marker for buying a bicycle for his daughter. On his way, Naveen saw a puppy who suddenly came in front of his car, in order to save him he rolled his steering to the other side and unfortunately hits a young school boy riding his bike. Everybody were shocked to see the accident. Suddenly a lady who was the mother of that boy ran towards him, meanwhile Naveen got out of his car, made that boy sit inside and rushed him to hospital. The doctor declared that the boy was out of danger, Naveen apologized for his mistake to the little boy and his mother. As the bike got broken up because of accident so Naveen decided to buy a new one and gifted it to the boy. Soon the boy got fit and ready to ride his new bike.