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Day 2: Word Association Test Tips and Practice Examples

Hello Dear Aspirants, I have been thinking of updating my WAT words list for many days, i have been asked by many SSB Aspirants to update more WAT Words for practice. So Today i have prepared 2 Sets of 100 words each, these are repeated words which are asked in latest SSB Interviews. So prepare these words enhance your Psychological Test Skills as these are really going to help you alot on Day 2: Word Association Test.
Word Association Test in SSB: Real Words ExampleWord Association Test in SSB: Real Words Example

Word Association Test: WAT Words for Practice

  • Atom: India uses her atomic energy for peace purpose.
    • Future source of energy.
  • Assist: A good leader assists his seniors with due respect.
    • India assisted UNO whenever asked.
  • Agree: Agreement is the result of mutual understanding.
    • Defence agreement with USA shows India‟s growing status.
  • Affection: Prevails in close-knit family.
    • Love and affection goes hand in hand.
  • Accept: Strong people accept challenge willingly.
  • Attack: On right time with good strategy wins battle.
  • Afraid: Brave people are never afraid of adversity.
  • Alone: When alone, books give good company.
    • Youth alone brings changes in society
  • Admire: Admiring others for good deeds bring them closer to us.
    • India‟s progress in space science/BPO is admirable.
  • Active: Sports keep body active.
    • Inspiration activates people to do well.
    • Youth takes active part in nation building.
  • Avoid: Proper planning avoids suffering.
  • Attempt: Serious attempts ensure good results.
    • Determined people attempt till the goal is achieved.
  • Army: The backbone of a nation‟s security.
    • Symbol of discipline.
  • Accomplish: Capt. Batra accomplished hismission bravely.
    • Perseverance accomplishes success.
  • Appeal: Human right groups appeal against injustice.
    • Indians have right to appeal directly in Supreme Court.
  • Abuse: US army committed human abuse in Iraq.
  • Annoy: Mature people keep everyone happy.
  • Award: Hard work is an award itself.
  • Accident: Implementation of traffic rules avoids accidents.
    • Konkan Railway uses anti collision device to a void accidents.
  • Against: Government is working against Polio and Hepatitis B.
    • Government works against the odds to make nation develop.
  • Average: Average People rise to glory with continuous efforts.
  • Ask: India forces always help UNO whenever asked for.
  • Approach: Positive approach always givespositive results.
  • Aloof: Company of friends removes aloofness.
  • Aid: The whole world provided aid to Tsumani victims.
  • Argument: Reasonable argument promotesgood ideas.
  • Architect: Architecture is the game of Imagination.
  • Ambassador: Pt. Nehru was an ambassador ofpeace.
    • Mother Teres a was a ambassador of charity.
  • Again: Practicing again and again improves performance.
  • All: All citizens are responsible formation.
  • Aware: Awareness minimizes the cases of AIDS/Polio.
  • Adult: Education helps to remove orthodoxy from society.
  • Boredom: Removed by engagin experience.
    • Remove by reading/talking to friends.
  • Bachelor: Is the state of gaining experience.
  • Ballot: Plays important role in democracy.
  • Barrier: Large population is a barrier in development.
  • Beauty: Nature is bestowed with beauty.
    • Nature beauty refreshes mind andbody.
  • Bride: Taking and giving bribe is moral crime.
  • Books: Power house of knowledge.
    • Are good companions.
  • Behave: Good behaviors shows maturity.
    • Good behaviors reflect good upbringing.
  • Break: Continuous efforts help to break records.
  • Blood: Saves life.
    • O+ is universal donor.
    • Patriots nurture national interest with their blood.
  • Begin: A good beginning entails a good end.
  • Beggar: Social workers work for beggars upliftment.
    • Relations are based on loyalty.
  • Bed: After hard work; be gives relief.
  • Bad: Life if full of good things
  • Brave: Brave men build society.
  • Borrow: USA is borrowing good brains from India.
    • Pak borrowed missiles from China/North Korea.
  • Beat: Indian Scientists beat the world in IT.
  • Burden: Cheerfulness eases the burden.
    • Good citizens burden their responsibility willingly.
  • Bilateral: India is improving bilateral relations with Pak/China.
  • Blame: US blamed Saddam to have WMDs.
    • Weak always blames others.
  • Bomb : Vast population acts as a bom.
    • Bombing on Hiroshima/Nagasaki was inhuman act.
  • Calamity: Tsumani was great calamity.
    • Effectively disaster management minimizes the harm in a calamity.
  • Calm: Calm and cool people win other‟s heart.
    • Calm and cool mind brings better results.
  • Careful : Careful preparation keeps errors away.
  • Compel : Compelling reasons win a lot of supports.
  • Captain : Motivates his men/leads by example.
  • Capable : Continuous efforts increase capability.
  • Congratulation : Congratulating others on their sucess motivates them to do well again.
  • Company : Of friends gives pleasure.
    • Of good people gives good habits.
  • Cheat : Cheating does not give long-lasting results.
    • Cheaters need strict punishment.
  • Clean : Systems serve better.
  • Cult : India is a home of different cults and creeds.
  • Culprit : Is brought to justice by law.
  • Cruel : Cruelty of Hitller led to the Second World War.
    • Cruelty of Saddam was the cause of his fall.
  • Cry : To Check growing population is the crying need of the hour.
  • Cup : Life is a cup of joy.
  • Child : Priceless asset of parents.
    • Future torch bearer of country‟s progress.
    • UNICEF runs may schemes for uplifement of children.
  • Care : Caring and sharing makes therelations strong.
  • Casual : Attitude harms the success.

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