SSB Interview ~ Sample TAT Stories Sets for Practice

Hello SSB Aspirants, We are updating our TAT section with Sample TAT Stories for better practice of Psychological Test to be conducted in SSB Interview. Most of the aspirants continuously ask about Sample Practice Sets and How to write TAT stories in SSB Interview. We have named this section as PRO TAT section. Your comments are most welcome and we will provide a feedback to improve your stories. 

Sample TAT Story for SSB Interview:
It was the ambition of Shyam to fly an aeroplane and the glider , from his childhood . He knew that the said opportunity was available in NCC during training and thereby joining the air force . Shyam was impressed when he witnessed adventurous events demonstrated by the senior NCC cadets to qualify their part ‘C’ certificate and on NCC day as well. Shyam , therefore, decided to join NCC and do well to achieve the goal. He did the training on all the aspects including para jumping, glider flying and other adventurous activities, and did well. Shyam got opportunity to demonstrate all those activities on NCC annual day during 2006 over field craft training ground. He set up an example on the glider flying from one peak to another of the mountains which were horizontally situated adjacent to the ground . All the activities were quite perceptible by the eyes of the spectators, who enjoyed it a lot. After passing out the training and air force as a pilot and got through. he could prove himself a good pilot officer and fulfil his ambition, which he was carrying from his childhood .We see in the picture that Shyam is conveying the message about his success to his father and also his friends by telephone.
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  1. my story on practice set 23 . action of story is a man speaking on telephone
    my story goes like this anand is a lecture in physics he knew that on monday 11 2016 the bus strike as well private vehicles are also on strike though he came to banaris with his little kid and that boy unfortunately felt sick during that day and mr anand dint get anything wt to do because all medical and stores were also closed because of bus strike suddenly he got an idea and he called his brother from near telephone booth later 1 hr later his brother came there with his own car and he got some firstaid and little food in his bag and picked up boy and his elder brother he immediately took both to mr nagesh who was friend of mr anand and he was a doctor he checked boy and told them dat beacuse of sunstroke he felt so dont worry he will be allryt in an hr and boy got well soon allthree came back home safely