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Hello SSBAspirants, We are updating our TAT section with Sample TATStories for better practice of Psychological Test to beconducted in SSB Interview. Most of the aspirants continuously askabout Sample Practice Sets and How to write TAT stories in SSBInterview. We have named this section as PRO TAT section. Your commentsare most welcome and we will provide a feedback to improve your stories. 
Sample TAT Story for SSB Interview:Puran was the principal of post graduate Degree college in Uttaranchal. Football was the favourite game of the people in that region. It was decided that inter colleges football annual championship were to be organised and held in his college. The team of his own college was one of the participants. Puran intended to manage all the activities of that championship well. He held the conference in which all the concerned teachers, student representatives, captain of his college football team attended the conference.Puran wanted that all the works and arrangements of the championship must be done needfully mainly football playground, general maintenance of college area, connecting roads, sitting arrangement for spectators and the invitees, boarding for incoming players and the guests, programme of the matches including final, prizes and trophies, invitation cards, reception of chief guest and other local guests, security arrangements and also refreshment to the players and the guests on the day of the final match. He allocated the responsibilities by name for action. Puran also  carried out an inspection of all the arrangements a week before the date of commencement of the matches. He motivated his college football team also to start practice daily and vigorously to score better position. All the matches were played as per schedule. And at the same time all the spectators enjoyed the final match which was nostalgic as well as romantic. The chief guest expressed his pleasure over the arrangements and also for putting sincere efforts in making this event spectacular and memorable. Puran conveyed his appreciation to all the staff concerned and the team for making the event successful. Above was the memorable show of the year.    Also Read:

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