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Bachelor ofEngineering vs Bachelor of Arts
Have you completedyour 12th Grade and looking forward to joining an undergraduate degree. Here’swhere everyone is stuck in a maze and it feels like we’re in a haze. Believeme, that’s completely normal being stuck with so many thoughts because is completelynormal when you have to make a decision which sets track for the rest of yourlife. You have a lot of courses to choose from and to make it easy for you,let’s break it down into this comparison that follows.
Bachelor ofArts
Bachelor of Arts (BA)is an undergraduate degree awarded to a student who completes three years fulltime/part time course in an Institution offering BA course. The study period depends uponthe country, which in India and Nepal it is 3 years. It is mandatory that thestudent has to pursue at least one major area of study along with all theelectives, although this field is very flexible to the interests of a student.A student holding a Bachelor’s degree can apply for a Postgraduate degree andcan also apply for Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program, after his PostGraduation.

Figure 1 : BA – Bachelorof Arts
It has been anever-ending trend that the students who pursue CA tend to pursue a BA course as a part-time course. This enablesthem to get an overall knowledge in fields like Economics, Geography, History,Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology etc. also thisprovides them to take up jobs which fall into this criteria if they could notcrack CA Final.

A bachelor’s degreeencompasses the understanding and awareness about the Arts and Humanities in asociety in addition to enhancing analytical, writing and communication skills.There are a lot of jobs for a BA graduate to choose from as he would’ve learneda wide variety of BA courses inthree years of his study, but we all know for the fact that Bachelor’s degreealone is not always considered to fetch students the right job they want. Asdiscussed previously a BA degree will weigh when there is a Masters degreeadded to it, i.e Master in Arts (MA).

Bachelor ofTechnology
Bachelor of Technologyis an undergraduate degree awarded to a student who completes four years ofB.Tech course, i.e 8 Semesters which have various subjects with reference to scienceand technology. Engineering is a platform where a student gets to indulgeshimself in different fields of science. Engineering also creates possibilitiesfor the students to Research on materials, algorithms, etc. Engineering makes acollective sense when associated with computers, electronics, innovation,design, construction, operation and maintenance, machines, materials, etc.

Figure 2: Engineering -More than a Gold Rush nowadays
In INDIA there arearound 10,000 engineering colleges registered under AICTE, among which themaximum number of colleges are in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradeshi.e, 1564, 1339 & 1165. There is a huge demand for science courses whichare offered in almost all the EngineeringColleges in Lucknow, with an estimated intake of more than fortythousand students every year. Engineering has a wide variety of courses tochoose from and it all boils down to the student’s interest.

The FinalShowdown!
BA Graduates can thinkabout the Masters where they go on to pursue a Master of Arts degree andincrease their career prospects. And the same goes for an engineer as well,after completing the 4-year course, if one is interested in pursuing furtherstudies can specialize in any particular M.Tech Course. Nowadays many talentedgraduates from engineering colleges inLucknow are working on their own startup’s. Lucknow which is the capital ofUttar Pradesh is known for its rich culture and tradition where all religionscollectively build a diversity. It is home to one of the best EngineeringColleges in the country.
Whether you like it ornot, there is a huge demand for engineers. But our society functions as asociety because of every single entity working towards helping each other andtrading things. Let’s take an example if you are good at making Bricks andassuming that I am good at making Glass. We can each make our own productswhich we are good at and later we can trade. It is way better off than a singleperson making both Glass and Bricks of low quality which is going nowhere. Soit all depends on the impact we make on our society. And it is obvious that ifyou are interested in any Course, rain or shine you will break the boundaries.
“Consent Can BeAnyone’s But Decision Should Be Your’s”

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