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How To Do Your Best in SSB?

The candidates who have cleared their CDSE exam are the ones that are usually waiting for their SSB call. Here are a few tips to help the candidates be better prepared before appearing for their SSB interview. These tips can also be followed by UPTET candidates. These tips are focused towards a broader audience and hence even the applicants that are interested in appearing for the CTET exams can make use of them. The SSB interview is more to assess the personality of the candidates and is less oriented towards testing their knowledge. Hence, it is essential to put your best foot forward during the interview.

The following are the most effective tips to be considered while preparing yourself for SSB call:

1)    Physical Fitness - Work on your physical fitness. Go to the gym or in the least start jogging everyday and start a healthier diet. Being in shape always shows you have self discipline.
2)    Perspective - Have a positive perspective as a whole. Train yourself to see the good in situations and not just discard them.
3)    Social Skills - Work on your social skills by trying to make new friends and get out of your comfort zone. Try comfort zone challenges where you have to take up challenges to challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone.
4)    Current Affairs - Start reading newspapers and magazines and watch more news. Being up to date with the current affairs of our country is important.
5)    Know Yourself - Be very familiar with your strengths and weaknesses like CTET applicants and think of them and keep them in mind. Telling your weaknesses when asked shows that you have emotional honesty. Needless to say, you must not mention any weakness that can get you instantly disqualified.
6)    Be Familiar - Be familiar with all the steps in SSB interview like candidates are during UPTET exam . If you are a repeater then analyse the mistakes you made last time and learn from them. Learning from your past mistakes gives you knowledge and experience combined with it can be a huge advantage that you can have.
7)    Call up letter - Arrange your documents in the same sequence as mentioned in the call up letter. If you don’t have the original certificates then make sure you at least have xerox copies of them.
8)    Academic Knowledge - Although the SSB call focuses more on assessing your personality, it is essential to revise your academic knowledge and refresh it before going to the final interview.
9)    Coaching - Many students spend a lot of money, resources and time on coaching for SSB call. This begs the question “Is it worth it?”. The simple and short answer for it is that coaching is not the money that is spent on it. With hard work and a creative approach, the applicants can prepare for it themselves. Coaching centers have been way too commercialised and turned into money making organisation that provide less value. Applicants can read SSBCrack, watch youtube videos and get their questions clarified on Quora to be able to prepare without coaching.

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