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Day 1 At SSB Center

What Happens in OIR Test SSB

Officer Intelligence Rating Test in SSB: Process and Introduction
Officer Intelligence Rating or OIR is a test of intelligence of a candidate. This test comprises of two test booklets, each booklet have around 40 (sometimes 50) questions for which you will be given 17 Minutes time (will increase for 50 questions). You must try to solve all question in the given time.
Generally candidates talks unnecessarily about marking scheme of OIR that is if that much questions are correct then OIR 1 or so. But you must avoid any such talk as you can't control these things but you can surely control your performance so focus on that.
No. of Questions in each Booklet - 40
Time for each Booklet - 17 Minutes
The Questions in this test are so easy that even a 10th grade student would be too smart to do all of them correctly, but time is the factor which matters the most so match up yourself with time limit.
There is No Negative marking in this test.
                "Watch is not allowed in any test at Service Selection Boards."
You must listen to each and every instruction given by the Person who is conducting your test, before actual test starts they will also conduct a practice test to make you familiar with the test.
Below, We are providing some Topics with example on which questions are asked in Service Selection Boards but we will be providing only one example for each type of question you must practice more questions to expertise yourself in this test.
Alphabetical ordering of words
In this test you will be given few words which you have to arrange in an alphabetical order and tell which letter would come in starting or in last.
Q. Arrange the following words in alphabetical order and state the number of the word which will come last.
       1.Boy      2.Rat      3.Fun      4.Mix
A. 2
Jumble Words
You will be given a word in which the alphabet's position is changed and you have to rearrange the alphabets and find out a meaningful word from that word.
Q. Find out a meaning full word from the below given word.
       nsimaej  (Hint: It is a white coloured flower)
A. Jasmine
Similarity of Cubes
You will be shown two cubes, in which you can rotate the cubes in your mind and find weather two cubes are similar or not, If the cubes are similar then write YES in your answer sheet else NO.
Q. Find weather two cubes are similar or not?. Write Yes in your answer sheet if they are similar and write No it they are not similar.

Pattern Finding
In this type of questions you will be given two Group of cubes A and B both will be having a pattern and from the answer you have to find which cube belongs to Group A. Group B is given to help you to find the cube.
OIR TEST in SSB INterview

Q. Which one of the following cubes which are given below can possibly belong to Group A ?
OIR TEST in SSB INterview: Day 1
OIR TEST in SSB INterview

A. 2
Word Substitution
A sentence will be given to you with an underlined word and among the given choices you have to select that option which can best possibly replace the underline word, it is similar to synonyms.
Q. From the four options which one can replaces the underline word without changing the meaning of the sentence.
       The Doctor Assisted the patient to recover from his illness.
      1.Restricted      2.Distracted      3.Obeyed      4.Helped
A. 4
Factual Questions
In this type of question's you will be given a statement which is in form of a fact/opinion and you have to judge weather this statement is True, False or Absurd.
Q. India has its majority of population depended on Industrial Production
       1.True      2.False      3.Absurd
A. (India has majority of population dependent on agricultural production)
Statement followed by 4 options
You will be given a Statement followed by four options and you have to decide which option best suits the given statement.
Q. Modern examination system is not so efficient because
      1. It does not allows students to copy during exam.
      2. Students can't use books during their examination.
      3. It has some internal defects and the examination does not reflected the true potential of the students.
      4. Good looking students don't gets any preference.
A. 3
Number Sequence
Q. How many 6's are there in the following sequence which are followed by 3 and preceded by 8?
       5  4  8  6  3  2  7  1  8  6  8  9  8  1  3  6  8  9  0  8  6  3  1  3  6  8  4  3  2  3  5
      A.4      B.5      C.2      D.3
A. C
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OIR Test in SSB Interview: Day 1

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Special Guidance for Screening Test in SSB-Essentials to Successfully Clear the Screening Test

Screening Test comprises of three major activities, namely, OIR(Officers' Intelligence Rating) Test, PPDT(Picture Perception & Description Test) and the PPDT Group Discussion. The OIR Test entails verbal and non-verbal reasoning ability questions. The more you practice OIR Tests the better you will become. So long as you can procure more than 60% in this test you will be safe.
Be formally dressed and reach the PPDT Testing Hall well in advance to relax your nerves and be mentally prepared to think positive.
Performance in the PPDT assumes a great importance in clearing the Screening Test. I shall give some tips that you must keep in mind while going through this test.

Tips for screening test in SSB: Essentials for clearing screening test in SSB
Essentials for clearing screening test in SSB

PPDT Story Writing

  • Fill up details about the characters that you have perceived in the box as directed by the Psych during his briefing.
  • Look at the background of the hazy picture projected. The same would decide the setting of your story, i.e. rural, urban, market place, stadium, etc.
  • Now look at the foreground and see how many characters do you see in the picture.
  • Identify the main character and give him/her a name, you would invariably identify the main character closest to your own age group.
  • Write the Center Heading of you story, which will represent the action that you have perceived in the picture.
  • The story that you write must give out the following: What led to the scene that you have perceived, What is presently going on in the scene and what would be a logical outcome of the scene that you have perceived.
  • Remember the characteristics portrayed by the main character are a refection of your personality attributes. Also, the theme of the story will represent your mental make up, i.e. constructive/destructive, optimist/pessimist, etc.
  • Hence, write a positive, constructive, realistic and a story that depicts a mature mind who is very well informed. You could make a story on some current themes, e.g. Crime against women, ragging, infrastructure development, water conservation, communal harmony, etc.
  • You could show your awareness level by giving more of the actions done by the main character to achieve the goals that he set for himself.
  • Since, you only get 4 mins to write your story it must be concise and to the point.

PPDT Group Discussion

  • Most important part of this phase, is the individual narration of your story. Make sure that you are able to give out your story confidently, clearly and within one minute. Do rehearse it many times before you are called in for the discussion.
  • Listen to everyone's story very intently and identify the common thread emerging in their stories.
  • Do not promote your own story, but, go on to support the common theme of the story.
  • Do not contribute with low level inputs like, how many characters, what were their ages, etc, but give quality contribution that shows your general awareness.
  • Act as a moderator in the discussion by assisting the group to come to a common theme.
  • Encourage everyone to participate and be sensitive to other people's views. You should be seen as a very polite, decent and pleasant person.
  • Once a common theme has been selected by the group, participate with quality points that shows your high caliber and knowledge.
  • Do not loose your composure, do not get aggressive, and tactfully deal with some candidates who are group disruptive and rude.
  • Do not speak too long at one time, but, at the same time make sure that you are positively visible through out the discussion.
Finally, what matters the most in the PPDT, and for the final selection during the Screening Test, is the contents of your story, which should be closely connected to the present day socio-economic and geo-political environment, confident narration of your story and smart participation during the discussion. Remember you are in a show window and you are trying to sell yourself, so do everything that would impress the Group and the assessors.

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How to Clear the Screening Test in SSB

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Writing TAT and PPDT Story in SSB Interview

Guys i have been continuously asked some SSB interview Tips: for a article on how to write good story in Screening Test i.e. PPDT and psychology Test i.e. TAT. This article will help you alot in how to write better stories. Read all the instructions carefully and then practice from my sample PPDT stories and Sample TAT stories.

How to Write A Story in TAT and PPDT IN ssb
Some of you think that even though your story was good, you didn't get selected. What is the reason behind that? the reason is some of us don't know what to write and we write what we think is awesome, unfortunately assessor don't like your story though it was amazing according to you.

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Now a psychologist can only help you regarding this, after many requests from the followers of this blog we are presenting you some useful information regarding " How to write story in TAT "

The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)

The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) gives an opportunity in the form of a Stimulus to the individual to project his personality in terms of free verbal Responses with regard to the pictures, he sees and the plot that he may weave around the picture. It is not a fact based test, rather it is based on opinion, emotions, value and attitude of the person. What color and
combination are given to the story, which aspects are dominated, does the individual show value, emotions, helping attitude, sacrifice, faithfulness with full of challenges, is all seen through this test. For these aspects, one is required to go beyond the obvious. Going beyond the obvious will enhance the imagination process and imagination has no prescriptional limit. It is well said Your Imagination can take you places, which you can't even imagine!

TAT- What, Why and How? TAT is purely based on your Perception. So far as the definition goes -

Perception - It is the process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment.

TAT basically requires you to perceive a Thema or Story. The story requires a Hero, who must face challenges and risk, but should not fail. Depending on the situational crisis, the hero may face the failure for time being, but finally he should succeed. There is no Courage without challenges and risks; there is no Motivation without failure and setbacks. 

Basic Requirement In TAT and PPDT Stories 

There should be a match between you and your hero, because the hero is your alter-ego, your deployed leader who should represent you 100%. There must be a minimum distance between you and your hero. There should be a similarity between age, sex and character. There may be a possibility of difference in perception, emotions and ability, but not in terms of the achievement. To be precise, your hero's achievement is the manifest of your own achievement.

Let's see some TAT and PPDT sample stories:
Sample Picture Shown During PPDT and TAT
Sample Picture Shown During PPDT and TAT

Description: It is the picture of a young man pointing out at another person, who is seen running. It is an evening or night scene.

Due to meager representation of youngsters in the recruitment drive of the Army conducted recently, Suresh Kolte, a sports coach started to train the youngsters of Satana village in Maharashtra. In the month of Feb 12, 2008, he started with one boy. After a week the strength went to five. He scheduled morning and evening hours for exercises/race and day/evening for written preparation leaving 6 to 8 hours for other activities. For the entire Feb month, he made them familiar with written and physical tests. Right from March 1, he made the entire course competitive. He started pointing towards the best one to follow the speed and maintain the time in physical as well as written practice session. In the month of April, out the 5 boys, 4 got selected in the recruitment drive organized by the Army at the Southern Command, Pune. Seeing the results, many youngsters joined the centre and started taking training for the next batch.


The Hero under took the challenge, chose the undriven field in that locality (challenging ability). For the said ability, one has to go beyond the duty, which is sense of responsibility. In most of the case, the sense of responsibility is often dubbed with the risk taking ability, which this hero had. His punctuality, dedication of fixing the schedule and training program reveals his planning and organizing ability. Pointing the best one to be followed by the rest one shows competitive ability and motivation. With his hard work and sacrifice, he creates an exemplary result that would mean leadership by example. Seeing the result, youngsters of neighboring villages got themselves motivated and joined the training centre shows the motivation level and inspiration.

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How to Write Stories in TAT and PPDT in SSB

By Deepak Tomar →
A case of Eve Teasing

Guys i am putting this PPDT story for you so that you can have a general idea of how to write a PPDT story on a Eve Teasing case scene. Generally we face problem what to write and how to write on negative pictures like this, THE BEST WAY TO PREPARE FOR BASIC SCREENING TEST: PPDT IS TO PRACTICE MORE AND MORE AND BOOST YOUR WRITING SPEED. i have uploaded a lot of Practice Sets prepare them

Sample PPDT picture on Eve teasing case
Sample PPDT picture on Eve teasing case

What have you seen in the picture
A person holding a hand of another person and two ladies looking at each other
Characters involved
Age profile
18 to 30 years
What has already happened
Probably, a eve teasing case
Present happenings
Giving moral ethics to the offender not to repeat such incidents or face dire consequences
Final outcome
Come to a common consensus
Making society answerable to the citizens

1.     See the picture and read the event leading to the situation.
2.     The picture depicts a case of eve teasing and should be commented rather forcing a theme not leading to the events.
3.     The surrounding areas should be commented and related to the circumstances.
4.     All four characters seen in the picture should be commented.
5.     Sequences of event should be maintained.

How to write a PPDT story on Eve Teasing Case: Set 3

By Deepak Tomar →

A person running in the direction of a train

Guys get a general idea of  how to write a PPDT story on A person running in the direction of a train
 scene. This is typical and confusing picture read the sample story and write like this.

Sample PPDT picture on a person running in train direction
Sample PPDT picture on a person running in train direction

What have you seen in the picture
One person running in the direction of the railway track and a train coming from the opposite direction.
Characters involved
Ago profile
18 to 20
What has already happened
Physical workout
Present happenings
 Making himself mentally and physically tough and reaching the destination and driving own life to glory like the train helping people to reach destination.
Final outcome
Mission successful
Come to a common consensus
Learning from routine events and making life meaningful with effort.


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A Person Addressing Two students in a Room

sample PPDT picture on a person addressing two students

What have you seen in the picture
Tone person sitting across the table spectacles and two boys standing in front in school uniform.
Characters involved
Ago profile
16 to 40 years
What has already happened
Suggestions to make a project on energy crisis
Present happenings
Detailed briefing by the principal of the institution to prepare the project as part of CBSE requirement
Final outcome
Project successful and as per of CBSE requirement demonstrated
Come to a common consensus
Learn from hard work and success in mission


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A Person Addressing a Group of People Under a Tree

Guys get a general idea of  how to write a PPDT story on a person Addressing a group of People Under a Tree scene. This is one of the most important PPDT and TAT picture as you will have to generally write a story on addressing case like this.

sample ppdt picture a person addressing group of peoples under a tree
sample ppdt picture on group addressing

What have you seen in the picture
One person addressing a group of people under the tree.
Characters involved
25 to 30
Ago profile
16 to 40 years
What has already happened
Suggestions to improve literacy in the village
Present happenings
Detailed briefing by the person to include primary education for all the children and to introduce the adult education in the village
Final outcome
Mission successful and literacy rate improved
Come to a common consensus
Briefing the better living standards and continuous learning


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