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GTO: Group Planning Exercise- Kidnap

 Guys I have putted one GPE/MPE Exercise for practice earlier and now again I am putting another GPE asked in GTO section of SSB Interview. Practice it well, you will know basic idea of how to perform well in GPE.

Group planning Exercise: kidnap
Sample Picture: GPE


You are a group of students come from Amarpur for picnic and you are presently at Rest House near river. After enjoying picnic you decided to go back to your location but minibus you were travelling developed some mechanical fault and it will take approximately one hour to get it repaired. As you were thinking about the problem a villager from Tulsi came to you and told that while he was going to his village six militants were planning to loot village Kalsi at around 3:30 p.m.
And simultaneously two of the miscreants of the same group will go for kidnapping a rich person at village Kali at 4:00 pm. After finishing the work, all six miscreants will come to Kirti, collect illegal items as planned and catch the train at 4:30pm from the railway station. In the meanwhile a person approaches you, and tell you that he has lost his monkey which is his primary livelihood and approaches you for help to terrace the animal.
While you were listening to the villager, a local person came to you and informs you that due to land slide, rocks have fallen on the railway track and a passenger train is likely to start from Sherpur railway staton at 2:30pm causing a likely threat which may result into a train accident.

 Following additional information is available
  1.                 Two boats are available near RH.
  2.                 Weapons are there in village Kalsi
  3.                 District HQ and city is approachable at a distance of 10km around the sketch.

Present tie is 2:30 pm as brave young students what will be your course of action.


We are ten in our group and face the following problems:
  1. To clear the railway track and save the life of passengers in train
  2. Save the life of that person who is going to be kidnapped.
  3. Nabbing of militants
  4. Problem of monkeys.

Time is now 2:30 pm and will take fifteen minutes for planning and will follow the understated course of actions.

Two of us will take the jeep close to the highway and will directly move towards the railway station and will inform the railway authorities about the landslide on the railway track.
We will also inform Sherpur as well as Lakhanpur Railway station and try to stop the train at Sherpur railway station before 2:30 pm. The distance from rest house to railway station is approximately 8km and we will cover the distance in 15min. this job will be completed around 2:25pm and the the same students will move towards Lakhanpur and inform the police and other higher authorities about militants around 3:45pm and will report back to the rest house.

Simultaneously, four of us will take a jeep from the road and move village Kali by mobilizing weapons and four villagers and save the person who is likely to be kidnapped at the 4 pm by the miscreants. We will take position, attack them and nab them and in the meanwhile we expect the police to arrive and will hand over the miscreants to the police. Simultaneous three of us will take the boat and move towards village Kalsi and provide all possible help to the villagers and complete the task. Thereafter, we will assemble at the appointed place and move back to our locations.

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Group Planning Exercise with Solution: Set 1

Guys I have visited many sites but I hardly found any Group Planning Exercise: GPE with solution. So guys I am posting a Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning Exercise with solution. This will help you understand the basics of GPE and how to narrate GPE/MPE in your SSB Interview. It is most important section of GTO Tasks. Each of you in your Group may have different solution for GPE/MPE and al last one of you has to narrate a common solution keeping all the solutions in mind. Main thing considered in GPE is Time management.

Sample Picture: Group Planning Exercise
Sample Picture: Group Planning Exercise 


You are a group of students coming from your small town Kalapur in a minibus going to neighbouring district town Nimganj to appear in an Exam commencing at 11:15 a.m. after dismounting from the minibus at village Ruppar you are waiting for the steamer to go across River Koyal. Suddenly a villager comes to you for help and informs that an old dilapidated haveli on the outskirts of the village Ruppar has crumbled down crushing five men, out of which two are seriously injured. He also tells that while he was working in his field nearby, he overheard two terrotists who had planted a bomb on the Railway Bridge on River Koyal and timed it to blow up at 10:15 a.m., when Mimganj- Kalapur passengers passes over it. He further added that they have gone to village Chara where they plan to exchange the contraband they were carrying with other party at 10:20 a.m. at Raju Hotel and chalk out plan to destroy a Pontoon Bridge on River Koyal further upstream, subsequently as you were listening to this villager another shepherd comes running asking for help to put out the fire in his hut where he stored haystack and fodder for his cattle. Some additional information is available as follows:
  1.  The streamer service is twice a day and comes at 9:30 a.m. to leave for Nimganj.
  2. The minibus leaves back of Kalapur at 9:20 a.m. and its speed is 40 kmph.
  3.  Due to some problem local communication form village Ruppar is out of order.
  4.  The fishery department located on River Koyal has one rowing boat with capacity of four. Maximum speed upstream is 6 kmph and downstream is 15 kmph.
  5.  Down train leaves Kalapur at 10:30 a.m. to reach Nimganj at 11:00 a.m.

Time now is 9 a.m. as bold young men what action will you take?


We are a group of 10 students at Ruppar. We have to reach Nimganj by 11:15 a.m. to give exam. We are presently waiting for steamer, and we have to tackle the following situations in the meanwhile:
  1.    To give first aid and evacuation to all five injured people.
  2.   To inform and help authorities to stop Bomb blast at Railway Bridge.
  3.   To nab terrorists at Village Chara.

We will handle these situations in the following manner:

  1.   Two of us will give first aid to injure and will borrow a jeep form Ruppar. They will take the injured to Kalapur and admit them in hospital. The distance is 45 km so it will take two hours and reach by 10 a.m. this group will them go to Chara in same jeep. Distance is 20 km, and it will take 30 min  subsequently will join 4th group.
  2.   Three of us will go to other side of river ina boat. From there, we will take lift in car and will reach Nimganj by 9:15am since distance is 10 km will inform police station at Mimganj and railway station at Nimganj and Kalapur, so that the Nimganj Kalapur-Passenger can be delayed. This group will accompany police and bomb squad to Railway Bridge to neutralize the bomb. Distance is 10 km so in police jeep they will reach by 9:30 am approximately.
  3.  Two of us will take the boat and reach pontoon Bridge and guard it till the 2nd group arrives with police and Bob squad. Distance is 6 km, so it will take ½ hour to reach the location.
  4.  There of three of us will accompany armed villagers to Chara on Motorcycles and nab terrorists of Raju hotel at 10:20 am. The group will take position in advance, nab the culprits and hand them over the police.

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