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Lecturette and GD topics ~ Politics in India

This is a season of Politics and if you are going for your SSB Interview then, you should prepare this
Criminilization in Indian Politics : GD & Lecturette topics
Politics in India
topic in deapth. I am providing a basic view of Criminilization in Indian Politics.

a) Public Awareness
b) Strict Rules or Regulations
c) Party should ban tickets to candidates having a criminal background

India is the largest democracy of the world and our public is politically aware of its rights. Election time always generates hectic activity in the society initiated by the political leaders to businessmen to film stars all trying to win votes. As G.B Shaw had said " Democracy is a social order aiming at the greatest available welfare for the population and not for a class". But it is also said that Politics is the last refuge of Scoundrels.

Public Awareness

India is the largest, working democracy in the world, which in its constitution has incorporated from every best constitution, of the world. The thing, which goes against India, is Population, Illiteracy and Poverty, which is being easily, exploited by the mafia as they find safe refuge. So Election Commission has to play an important role. The general public should be very well aware of the Candidate's past record, his and the party's agenda. People should have good knowledge about how to use the ballot paper and should be aware of the symbols of all political parties. The election commission should make adequate steps to make authenticated Voter's I-Card and put the names of eligible people in the Voter's list. They should ensure that all members of the family must give their valuable votes.

Seniors must ensure the names of all members who have attained 18 years of age in the electron polls. In rural areas where the electronic machine is not accessible to the villagers, it must be ensured that whosoever gives their vote.  The blue erasable mark should be properly be put on their finger. They should also explain the people how to fold the ballet paper and to put it properly in the Ballet Box, so that the ballet paper is not crushed. The Ballot Paper, Electron Roll should be properly scrutinized. Voter Card should be issued to stop bogus voting. Clear demonstration of voting machines should be held in every nook and comer to the country. Voting Rights to the candidates has to be explained to them. The Agenda of the party has to be aired on TV and Radio so that the people are aware of the developmental action to be undertaken.

Strict Rules & Regulation

Strict Vigilance of the election should be there. Commission should be set up. Presidential Rule should be involved when they are going disarray. Political parties should be stopped from dictating terms and interference. Election Commission should have trained staff, and from time to time should train the new staff also for smooth conduct of elections. Along with effective training Security of these officials has to be undertaken so that they don't get insecurity feeling. Bills should be passed for funds and donations of political parties. So they, the mafia can't pressurize the parties for their cheap politics. Results declaration has to be made electronically speedy. Supporters should be kept out of voting area, so that they cannot influence the results. The head of the political party should lay certain strict guidelines especially for the elections so that they may keep an eye on how the funds are sanctioned and in what ways the money is used.

Ban on the tickets

Election Commission has to make it a point that people having a criminal background or people against whom there are court cases should be debarred from filling nomination papers for tickets. Tickets have to be given to only those candidates who possess a good character with clean and good educational background. Young People should also be given a chance to show their potential that can act as "Fresh Blood" in the veins of Indian Politics. (For eg Omar Abdullah and Jyotiraditiya Scindia). The aim of the political party should be to provide good clean government to the Country/State and not to 'come to power only to serve their own personal interests.

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Hindi Vs English is very important topic in Debates in Schools, colleges and it may be asked in Group Discussion or in Lecturette in SSB Interview. This is multipurpose article you should read for your knowledge.
Group Discussion on HIndi vs English
Hindi Vs English Group Discussion

a)      Hindi as National Language                    

b)      Hindi as Official Language
c)       English as Official Language

The debate about making Hindi as National Language and English as Official of Link Language is very old. It started with the framing of our constitution. Under the British rule, English was the language of higher education and administration. After independence, the politicians in the North stated pleading that Hindi be made the Official Language of India,  while those is South insisted on English to be continued as Link Language. The matter was discussed in the Constituent Assembly and a compromise formula was evolved. The official language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devanagri script but English shall continue to be used for all the official purposes for 15 years from the date of commencement of constitution.

Hindi as National Language

            After the independence, Indian states were reorganized on the basis of regional languages. States in North India have Hindi speaking people. He states in East, West, and South have their own regional languages. The people in these states do not fully comprehend Hindi. Overall, majority of people in India speak Hindi. An independent country has to have its own national language. Since Hindi is spoken by the most of a people, the choice naturally falls on Hindi.

Hindi as Official Language

             It is well known fact that a person is capable of expressing best in the mother tongue. Since, most people in India speak Hindi, it is natural that Hindi be made the official language of India. The non-Hindi states can be encouraged to learn Hindi. Efforts have been made to introduce Hindi in schools of the states where it is not the mother tongue. The younger generations in these states are growing learning Hindi. In spite of the best efforts by the Central Govt. to propagate Hindi in the non-Hindi states, there has been a considerable resistance against its imposition. The opposition to Hindi in these states is expected to slow down with the passage of time.
              Hindi has a rich heritage and literature. It has successfully replaced English in the fields of Administration, judiciary and medium of instruction in Higher learning in some of the states in the North. Hindi can easily replace English as Official Language of India.

English as Official Language

               English is the language, which is spoken and understood throughout India by the educated people. It can be better link language than any of the Indian languages including Hindi. English is already in use in India in higher administration, higher learning and higher judiciary. There is a widespread network of English medium public schools throughout the country. English is no more the language of elite, it is the language of all educated people who want to grow and excel in their respective fields.
               The main reason for the boom in Information Technology in India has been the availability of English speaking people. The young boys and girls could talk on telephone to American in their accent sitting in call centers in India. The Americans find it cheaper to outsource their Business Processes Financial Accounting, Legal documentation, Medical Transcription to India, because skilful people in India can work on these processes in English.
                English is language of Business, Science and Technology. It is spoken and understood all over the world. It is the medium of international communication. With globalization of our economy it has become necessary to retain English as the official language so as to interact internationally. At the same time it would be easier to communicate with different states in English.

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Now a days we face various problems related to exam paper Leaks in India and problem faced because of it, this post is related to Reasons for exam paper leaks, this is important topic can be asked in Interview or in Group Discussion.

(a)    Parents
(b)   Students
(c)    System

We have heard of scams and rackets like Bofors, Chara Ghotala, Stamp Papers, and Tehelka Scam. All these scams and scandals have indeed shaken the faith of common citizen of our country. There had been talks of corrupt practices in educational institutions for quite a long period. Various cases of leak age of papers and other malpractices in schools and colleges have been reported in the past. But the system and the dragon of corruption and unethical practices have eaten up the machinery like mite. The problem that needs to be addressed is the leakage of important question papers one after another of prestigious exams like the CBSE-PMT, CBSE board and CAT papers etc. it is a cruel joke with the future of the deserving candidates. It leads to dissatisfaction and apathy for the system amongst them. It is an evil in our society and a blot as far as Indian system is concerned. So is it the parents, student, or system or a nexus of all the three responsible for the evil? Who is to be blamed?


    Parents want the best for the children and some parents want to fulfill their aspiration through the children. If a child is intelligent he finds his way and settles down in his career despite stiff competition. But what about the average students? For example. A doctor who runs a nursing home will like his son to join him as he needs more hands. When he realize that his son cannot become a doctor on his own he is tempted to short circuit the system. Ranjit Don and Verma, the brain, behind the various paper leaks, have revealed some of the rich and famous parents who were willing to pay 15-20 lakhs to secure a seat for their wards in prestigious college and institutions. The point is that rich and famous parents are more prone to indulge in these practices purely because they have a high paying capacity. In the bargain, parents and students of average financial background suffer. Parents must understand the capability of their child and groom him according to his talents and capabilities. The emphasis must be to develop a well-balanced personality to become a good citizen. Going again the capabilities of a child is like filling a square peg in a round hole.


     There is tremendous pressure on students to excel and make their family proud. The pressure from within the family and success stories of peer group influences the mind of the child. The success rate of most competitive examination is 0.2 – 0.3 %. The wastage rate is very high and a child is in a catch -22 situation. Despite putting hard work and spending his parent’s money in coaching institutions, when a child does not make the grade he gets a wee bit dejected and gets impatient to find an early solution to his problem. This is the age, stage and time when he may get tempted to approach brokers to assist him in climbing the ladder of success. The parents must watch, guide and motivate their child at this juncture of their life so that they do not falter. The fruits of success earned through labor are sweet. Someone had rightly said an easy way is simple to find but does not go far. A difficult way is hard to get but takes you fair.


         A system is made by competent authority to give an equal platform and playfield to all concerned. Our education department has drafted watertight system for conduct of various competitive examinations. However from time to time this system is penetrated and it needs revision. Earlier, only one paper was made for a certain competitive exam. When reports were received on mass copying, the system made 4/5 sets of question paper so that two students sitting on adjoining table in an examination hall did not receive the same paper. When reports of impersonation were received the candidates, photograph was embossed on his admit card.

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In present Scenario the FDI in all the sectors are increased by the government also the Foreign Companies are to be set up. These have some positive and negative effects on Consumers and Economy. All the relevant info are uploaded in the today's post.

a)      Consumer

b)      Economy

c)       MNCs Themselves

In the early 90s our planners decided to open up the economy. With Liberalization and Globalization, many MNCs entered the Indian market, which brought a huge change in the economic front. Today there are large numbers of MNCs that are operating in Indian markets. They are present in almost every sector of our economy. Recently they have entered in the sector of outsourcing that is commonly called as Call Centers. MNCs have demerits and merits both on our economy, but will the changing scenario globally, they are the need of time.


         The consumer is one happy lot after the MNCs entered our market. Today every item from shoes to cars, from Pepsi to Mc Donald’s is available to them. The consumers have a wide variety to choose from. Take shoes for example. A few years back we only had Bata. Today we have Nike, Woodland, Red Tape and Reebok etc. The cost is very competitive and the quality has improved.


·         Negative effect: Under the influence of globalization, most developed countries, instead of controlling the activity of MNCs are inviting them to invest in crucial sectors of their economy. Some feel that the rich countries are preparing a debt-trap for the poor countries. They provide poor countries assistance in the condition of introduction of liberalization an globalization, which makes way for functioning of MNCs. This increases the production of certain products. Exports also increase but imports increase more than the exports and that leads to a balance of payment problem. At critical moments, foreign forces strike again, capital starts to fly, value of domestic currency starts falling. Again the international agencies come to help with more strict terms and conditions and the helpless country becomes a victim and gets into a vicious circle from where it is not easy to come out.

·         Positive effects:  the technology that the MNCs bring with them is not just that of a product, but also of management of an enterprise, R & D, marketing, HRD, finance services and every other aspects of the enterprise. This is also an asset that remains with country. In the case of India, the number of hobs offered by the MNCs rose from 41,161 in 1994 to 44,053 in 1995 ( A rise of 3.84%)

MNCs itself

The MNCs come into any country with an aim of making profit. They invest heavily in setting up a project. They are also more powerful than any government on the earth. It is also feared that people in developing countries may have to leave their traditional professions and depend on the jobs and products created by the modern capitalist institutions. It is pointed out that MNC investment is limited essentially to the supply  of second hand plant and machinery which is declared obsolete in their country. Ultimately nations have to depend on their own capabilities to achieve progress. Respect has to be earned through demonstration of independence, competence and clear sense of purpose. The MNCs cannot provide development by themselves. They can only provide helping hand to the process of growth.

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Guys if you are preparing for group Discussion on influence of parents, teachers and friends on a child then you are at right place i am uploading a article on it, it may help you in your SSB Interview (In Group Discussion/Lecturette)and for General Questions.

As a small child my teachers taught me the basic alphabets of English- A,B,C………….but my parents told me that A Stands for Attitude, B for Behavior and C for Character. When I repeated the same words to my friends they were all impressed. From a child to an adult the importance of parents/teachers/friends keeps changing. I feel that these are like parts of a tree, where one is the main trunk, the second is the branches and the third is like the leaves of the tree. All play an important role in shaping a child. The aim should be that at the end of the day a person should grow up to be a good.


             Parents leave a huge influence upon a child-like son or mama’s baby are the words we often hear. A child learns more by imitation than by imparting or information. The life style of the parents determines his thinking and his actions. If he likes their lifestyle he imitates them if he does not like he reacts against them. Both ways he influenced by them. Take the case of Rahul Gandhi, Gagan Ajit Singh, Hritik Roshan who were much influence by their parents. I firmly believe that parents influence a child. The atmosphere at home, the customs and traditions which they follow, the things they like, the persons they meet, the profession they pursue, the books they read and games they play becomes an integral part of child’s life. Sometimes parents are blinded by their affection for the child, so they try to appease instead of guiding him. One must remember the saying- Spare the rod and spoil the child.


                Teachers influence a child during his formative days. A teacher to a school going child is an embodiment of knowledge, a dispenser of information and superior to an ordinary person, he reposes full faith in him. So a teacher’s word for a subject is gospel truth and his statements beyond criticism. A teacher’s appreciation is a source of pride and scolding a corrective measure. Such a person is sure to leave his imprint on a mind which is passing through an impressionable stage. He imitates, follows and listens to a teacher. However, a teacher’s relation with his students is formal and not intimate. A teacher looks upon a student only as a student and a student considers him nothing more than a teacher. If a teacher is strict, majority of considers him nothing more than a teacher. If a teacher is strict, majority of the students do not like him and if he is lenient, students do not bother about him. In both the cases a student is not influenced by the teacher. A teacher leaves the child after school but his teaching is remembered for the rest of the life.


               William Wordsworth said “God has given us relatives but thanks god we can choose our own friends”. When you study and work together you are sure to be influenced. There is a chasm of formality which keeps the teacher and the parents at a distance from the child. They do not get involved in the affairs of the child. Indulgence of the parents and the mechanical attitudes of the teachers keesp the child immune form influences. A child can not share his concern for many problems with his parents and teachers. But he can share his feeling with his friends thus consciously or unconsciously friends are influenced by each other. However, in today’s world friends and friendship is a matter of convenience and not intimacy. Friends are friends till their interests do not clash. Similarly friends stand on equal footing as far as one’s intellectual capabilities are concerned and one may not make such a person an ideal to be followed. A good friend may encourage, may help an0064 may suggest but leaves mild influence. Others leave us but friends never leave us and the list of friends keeps growing.

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