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SSB Interview Questions for Girl Candidate: Story of Kavita

Girls today i am uploading a SSB story of Kavita who has been successfully recommended this Interview will give you a better idea for Interview. Have faith and confidence in you, You can do it!!

I.O.: Ok, Kavita how are you, how is the city. How was the food?
Ch. No. 6: I am fine sir, Bangalore is very nice city and food was also nice.
I.O.: how was your Psychology Test?
Ch. No. 6: It was very good sir. I completed all pictures and all words I did 58 SRT and I completed self-description.
I.O.: In which part of psychology you did well?
Ch. No. 6: Sir, my WAT was very good.
I.O.: Which word you admire and you write the best sentence?
Ch. No. 6: Sacrifice.
I.O.: What sentence you made?
Ch. No. 6: Major Manoj Pandey sacrificed his life in Kargil War.
I.O.: now, I am going to ask the question from your PIQ. Tell me about your education from 10th standard to till now. Tell me about your favorite subject and why. Tell me about the teacher you like and about the teacher you don’t like, tell me about the qualities of your favorite teacher and what are qualities you don’t like in the teacher whom you don’t like.
Ch. No. 6: I told all about my education from 10th to M.Sc with the reference of college, subject and marks. Subject which I like, is mathematics because I feel comfortable and I have interest in maths and my basic concept are clear in it so I rarely face any problem to understand it.
      The subject which I don’t like is Organic chemistry. I have less interest in this subject because I feel tough to understand the organic reactions which are important in this subject, and you can also see my number in this subject.
I.O.: What kind of problem you face to understand the reaction?
Ch. No. 6: Sir, particularly the mechanism of every reaction make me confused and some time we need to cram it that is also a problem with chemistry, through other branch [Inorganic and Physical] I like.
I.O.: Now tell me about teacher?
Ch. No. 6: Teacher which I like his name is MR. R.K. Sharma; he was my maths teacher in my graduation. I like him because of his regularity and his great dedication towards his profession.
I.O.: How will you define that he was dedicated?
Ch. No. 6: Sir, he was very punctual and he used to take classes regularly. He also taught other things like the qualities and responsibilities of a good student. I have learnt from him.
     About the teacher which I don’t like but remember in graduation my Organic Chemistry teacher Mr. P.K. Srivastava I used to feel problem in his period. Main reason was my less interest towards the subject and he used to ask the questions in class. But I would like to add that only because of that class practice I could clear my B.Sc with Chemistry in good marks.
I.O.: Ok, Kavita now tell me about your hobbies, interest and the game you play, your activities in extracurricular programs and also tell the motivating factor to join Army, for you?
Ch. No. 6: Sir, I like to read poems, quotations, books and newspaper. I have interest in doing yogic exercise. Nowadays I am not a regular player of games but during my school I have taken part in 100 m race and 400 m relay race. I was also in the team of Kho-Kho.
I.O.: Now tell me about your friends with their full reference. Tell me about your family. Your relations with your mother tell me what is your family occupation and motivating factor for you to join Army.
Ch. No. 6: Sir, I have a big friends circle. Some of us are in same field but some have chosen the different way as their career. Like two of my friends Deepika Sharma and Nitin are doing M.C.A. from Delhi. One of my friend Priya Darshanee is in O.T.A and one of my friends is in N.D.A.
I.O.: Kavita tell me two qualities of your friend Deepika Sharma and also about two qualities which she sees in you.
Ch. No. 6:  Sir, she is very hard working and dedicated girl and the qualities which she seems in me, she treats me as a binding factor of my friends circle because of my cooperative nature. She also admires my sense of responsibility.
       About my family I have three members in my family, my mother, my elder brother an myself. Regarding my father I have lost my father in a very early age that was an accident.
       About my relation with my mother, these are very good. I really admire her company as a mother or some time as a friend also. Though she is the only person to look after the family, yet she has to play a role of mother as well as a father also. She makes me disciplined but she also provides such a light environment that I share all my personal with my mother. I still remember how she used to teach me basics. I really like her way to first realize my mistake then her way to make me correct.
I.O.: Tell me about your brother? Your relations with him?
Ch. No. 6: Sir, my brother is two years elder than me. He is doing his M.C.A. from Meerut. He is very cooperative and always helps me in my need like in my study. We enjoy each other company we discuss our matters to each other. We study together some times we enjoy spicy relation when we quarrel. One thing I really admire in him that he is very loving and caring.
I.O.: Kavita what you do to keep yourself fit physically and mentally.
Ch. No. 6: Sir, to keep myself physically and mentally fit I go for morning walk, I do yoga and meditation.
I.O.: How you do meditate what is the effect of it?
Ch. No. 6: For meditation first I select the good time and open place. Generally, I do early in the morning around 4 o’clock. I keep my mind free to absorb the inputs. I am in learning process, I am increasing my capacity to listen soundness in my surroundings. With this exercise concentration becomes strong ad mainly it is the exercise of mind and it gives good effect on mind and body co-ordination.
I.O.: Kavita tell about your village, what is the difference between Sardhana and Bangalore?
Ch. No. 6: Sir, my village Kakkaypur is small village which is situated at Meerut Kernal State Highway no. 82. It is 21 km far from district Meerut. Population of my village is around 5000, main crops are sugar cane and wheat. Basic occupation in my village is farming. Regarding the infrastructure of my village is concerned there are a primary health centre and a junior high school. For further study we have to go either to the town Sardhana which is just 5 km far from my village or to the district Meerut. Nearest market of my village is Sardhana. It is a famous place because of St. Mary’s Church. It is the top most Church of Asia.
I.O.: Who built this Church?
Ch. No. 6: sir, Begum Samru.
I.O.: When it was made and tell me the name of Begum Samru’s Husband?
Ch. No. 6: Sir, it was made in 1822, and sorry Sir, I don’t know her husband’s name.
I.O.: Ok. Any member in your family belongs to Army?
Ch. No. 6: No sir.
I.O.: So why do you want to join Army?
Ch. No. 6: Sir, mainly to join Army, I am motivated with Kargil war that time I was in 9th standard. I have seen the live telecast on T.V. I also read in newspaper about the tough efforts of our Army and about their achievements. And sir, I am from the area Meerut which has 2nd largest Army cantonment. I have seen the discipline of army soldiers, dress and its passion really attracted me.
I.O.: Kavita, in problem where do you go?
Ch. No. 6: Sir, in problem, I discuss it with my mother because she always motivates me to face the problems and to overcome from them. She always says me to step forward.
I.O.: What last problem you discussed with your mother?
Ch. No. 6: As my exam of M.Sc. is not completed and the date is also not fixed, so because of this I was quite worried so my mother make me relax and advice me to concentrate over my interview.
I.O.: Ok, Kavita if I ask you about your two qualities so what will you say.
Ch. No. 6: Sir, I am very co-operative and courageous.
I.O.: How can you say that you are courageous?
Ch. No. 6: Sir, whatever the situation come in front of me. I face them boldly and I think being a civilian I have chosen Army as a career. It is itself a strong decision.
I.O.: If you are not selected then what would you do?
Ch. No. 6: Sir, I will make it this time because I am very sure but if not, then I will try again.
I.O.: Ok, tells me about your two reasons of disqualification?
Ch. No. 6: My hand writing is not good and communication in English is not up to the mark. I think I and lacking in these two.
I.O.: Ok, Kavita wish you all the best?
Ch. No. 6: I said thanks, and wished him.


          Kavita is a promising candidate, fully prepared to take the interview. Her general awareness is exemplary and understanding the situation’s is praiseworthy. Recommended to be selected in Armed forces.

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