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Why to Upgrade your Free app to Purchased App

SSB Interview Best App for Preparation
SSB Interview Best App
Hello aspirants, First of all we would like to thank to all of you for your support and appreciation. We are proudly launching our paid SSB Interview Preparation Android App for all aspirants to make their ground strong for Upcoming SSB Interviews. You all must be wondering why it is paid:
  • We are a team of developers and experts we are providing everything free for 2 years but to pay for app and website expenses i have to do it. I have not kept a very high price its 78 for now till 31/01/2017. So don’t wait claim your paid app today.

App Available on payment Via paytm, Mobiwik and freecharge. 

Contact below: whatsapp: +919027270219 (Only app Purchasing Purpose) 
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What are added in app:

  • Ads are removed to give you better experience of studying.
  • Added More PPDT Sample Stories for Practice (10 Sets for now).
  • Added More TAT stories for Practice (30 Sets Prepared)
  • WAT Tests 300+ words added
  • Added More Material on GTO Process which includes PGT, GPE, GD, HGT, Lecture, Command Task, Snake Race, FGT
  • Expert Advice: You can contact the expert anytime via Whatsapp
    Note* For reviewing your PPDT and TAT stories a separate comment column added and we will respond to your story
  • Special Articles on PI Section will be added.
  • And much more......

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SSB Guide Pro App Released: 21% Discount (Limited Time)

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Special Guidance for Screening Test in SSB-Essentials to Successfully Clear the Screening Test


Screening Test comprises of three major activities, namely, OIR(Officers' Intelligence Rating) Test, PPDT(Picture Perception & Description Test) and the PPDT Group Discussion. The OIR Test entails verbal and non-verbal reasoning ability questions. The more you practice OIR Tests the better you will become. So long as you can procure more than 60% in this test you will be safe.

Be formally dressed and reach the PPDT Testing Hall well in advance to relax your nerves and be mentally prepared to think positive.

Performance in the PPDT assumes a great importance in clearing the Screening Test. I shall give some tips that you must keep in mind while going through this test.

Tips for screening test in SSB: Essentials for clearing screening test in SSB
Essentials for clearing screening test in SSB

PPDT Story Writing

  • Fill up details about the characters that you have perceived in the box as directed by the Psych during his briefing.
  • Look at the background of the hazy picture projected. The same would decide the setting of your story, i.e. rural, urban, market place, stadium, etc.
  • Now look at the foreground and see how many characters do you see in the picture.
  • Identify the main character and give him/her a name, you would invariably identify the main character closest to your own age group.
  • Write the Center Heading of you story, which will represent the action that you have perceived in the picture.
  • The story that you write must give out the following: What led to the scene that you have perceived, What is presently going on in the scene and what would be a logical outcome of the scene that you have perceived.
  • Remember the characteristics portrayed by the main character are a refection of your personality attributes. Also, the theme of the story will represent your mental make up, i.e. constructive/destructive, optimist/pessimist, etc.
  • Hence, write a positive, constructive, realistic and a story that depicts a mature mind who is very well informed. You could make a story on some current themes, e.g. Crime against women, ragging, infrastructure development, water conservation, communal harmony, etc.
  • You could show your awareness level by giving more of the actions done by the main character to achieve the goals that he set for himself.
  • Since, you only get 4 mins to write your story it must be concise and to the point.

PPDT Group Discussion

  • Most important part of this phase, is the individual narration of your story. Make sure that you are able to give out your story confidently, clearly and within one minute. Do rehearse it many times before you are called in for the discussion.
  • Listen to everyone's story very intently and identify the common thread emerging in their stories.
  • Do not promote your own story, but, go on to support the common theme of the story.
  • Do not contribute with low level inputs like, how many characters, what were their ages, etc, but give quality contribution that shows your general awareness.
  • Act as a moderator in the discussion by assisting the group to come to a common theme.
  • Encourage everyone to participate and be sensitive to other people's views. You should be seen as a very polite, decent and pleasant person.
  • Once a common theme has been selected by the group, participate with quality points that shows your high caliber and knowledge.
  • Do not loose your composure, do not get aggressive, and tactfully deal with some candidates who are group disruptive and rude.
  • Do not speak too long at one time, but, at the same time make sure that you are positively visible through out the discussion.
Finally, what matters the most in the PPDT, and for the final selection during the Screening Test, is the contents of your story, which should be closely connected to the present day socio-economic and geo-political environment, confident narration of your story and smart participation during the discussion. Remember you are in a show window and you are trying to sell yourself, so do everything that would impress the Group and the assessors.

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3 Best PPDT stories for Practice: 3 PPDT Images set

Guys this PPDT image is sent to me by one of my Friend Shailedra Rajput, he was following me since one month and was preparing for his SSB Interivew . He writes really well and i appreciate his work. I have uploaded a series of PPDT sample Images with Story for Practice you can refer to my previous stories for better Practice. here i am uploading three images which are mostly asked in PPDT round of SSB. Practice more and more PPDT images for best results.

PPDT Image 1: PPDT story on a Tonga Accident scene.

Sample PPDT image of accident scene with story
Sample PPDT image of accident Scene

Sample PPDT Story: 

Sanjay is a school boy of class 9,he was on his way to school when he saw a speeding maruti car is moving on a road got collided with rickshawala which was coming from front,the car instead of stopping tried to escape from the accident area, sanjay immediately noted down the car number,called for ambulance and gave the number to nearby police station,with the information given by sanjay police track down the driver and sanjay was awarded and praised for his work.

PPDT Image 2: PPDT image of River bank Scene with recommended Image

Sample PPDT story:

Arun lives in a small village in maharastra,he along with his friends decided to go the riverside of their nearby village, it was morning time and all of them were enjoying, run then saw dead fishes lying along the bank of river, he went near the river and jumped into it, what he saw was unbelievable for him, the river water which is going to his village, which they are using for every purpose is being polluted by the nearby factory setup, he with his friends went to village sarpanch and informed about the threat and consequences. The result were in favor of arun and the industry discharge was banned into the river arun was praised by sarpanch for his work.

PPDT Image 3: Sample PPDT image of a person sitting on chair.

Sample PPDT image of person sitting on chair with story
Sample PPDT image of person sitting on chair

Sample Story:

Sonu is an design engineer and working for IKY solution, he has been assigned an project which should be completed within one week time, he is designing a fuel efficient car, sonu is working late night in the offices so that work could be completed in stipulated time, he does not even have the time to sleep, he sleeps while in sitting postion,the work load had put him down but he keep himself motivated by thinking the fact that he has ability to design the fuel efficient car, after completion of his work within time he showed the presentation and design to his boss, boss was very happy with his work and promoted him and awarded him.

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Sample PPDT Story n a Person Sitting Near his ill Mother

Guys this PPDT image is sent to me by one of my Friend Shailedra Rajput, he was following me since one month and was preparing for his SSB Interivew . He writes really well and i appreciate his work. This image consist of a negative scene where ill women is shown and see how he has made his PPDT story as postive.

PPDT story on ill woman scene: Sample story
PPDT/TAT image of a ill women

Recommended Story:

Ram is student studying class 9, her mother last week underwent an operation and doctors have suggested to do bed rest for at least one week, and he is alone in the house with his mother. Seeing the situation he stopped going to school and sent an application letter through his friend for the leave as he has so many responsibilities in the house, giving medicines to his mother at the correct time, make food his mother, washing clothes etc, due to shear dedication towards his mother, his mother recovered her health within few days and she was really happy to have a son like him.

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How to Write a PPDT/TAT story on a Robbery Scene: Practice Image

Guys this PPDT image is sent to me by one of my Friend Shailedra Rajput, he was following me since one month and was preparing for his SSB Interivew . He writes really well and i appreciate his work. I have uploaded a series of PPDT sample Images with Story for Practice you can refer to my previous stories for better Practice. This image consist of a car scene with a thief(a robbery scene), read how to make a positive story on such Images.

How to write a PPDT story on Robbery scene
PPDT/TAT image: Robbery Scene

Sample PPDT/TAT story:

Mohit is an army officer, he went out for a movie with his friends during the liberty granted to him, after coming out of the theater while he was about to sit in his car ,he heard someone an old lady shouting thief thief running, he saw the thief running by passing his car, he along with his friend chased the thief through a distance but the thief could not make it long and finally got over him handed him to the police and returned the baggage to the old lady, and told the lady to be careful next time,he and his friends was praised by his training officer.

What makes PPDT/TAT story good:

helping nature, social worker, courageous work

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PPDT Sample Story Set 11: PPDT story on playground Scene

Guys this PPDT image is sent to me by one of my Friend Shailedra Rajput, he was following me since one month and was preparing for his SSB Interivew . He writes really well and i appreciate his work. I have uploaded a series of PPDT sample Images with Story for Practice you can refer to my previous stories for better Practice. This image consist of scene where some students are playing in playground with similar uniform.

sample PPDT/TAT story on playground Scene
PPDT/TAT Image on playground Scene

Sample PPDT/TAT Story:

Rana is a captain of football team representing mechanical in his college, due to failure in the last match played Rana along with his team mates practices daily during evening hours 2 hours daily, giving practices of how to dodge a ball, how to defend a goal, how and when to pass, improving the stamina of players. During the match competition with the electrical department team Rana motivated confidence of his players and reminded them of their practices Rana too well played during the match and finally won the trophy and being awarded as the best captain.

What makes PPDT story Good:

motivation, practice to achieve goal, team work

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