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Guys I am uploading this post to provide you the basic idea of how to Perform Meter  reading, Machine Test, Drum Test in PABT Test. Procedure of PABT is given below

INSA and INSB Test 

 sample PABT picture: meter reading
sample PABT picture: Turning Calculation

                This meter will depict whether the plane is turning left or right gradually or speedily. If the needle moves right that depict plane is turning left and vice-versa. If the needle is near to its equilibrium position then the plane is turning gradually. If the needle is away from its resting position then the plane is turning speedily.

 In the second set there are approximate 60 questions and students are required to tick the right picture of airplane which is according to the given condition shown by different meters. Time given for this set is 20 minutes. Students access the picture of plane form meters  and should do maximum questions correctly. In the remainder of questions the candidates have to tick the correct option as given in the question paper. The candidates who qualify the INSB are taken immediately unsuccessful candidates are made to sit for the screening test at the same time..

PABT(Machine TEST)

A machine having a computer screen, a joystick, two pedals and a lever as per the below diagram:

sample PABT picture: Machine Test
Maintain a ball in innermost square

                When you move joystick forward the ball will come downward and when you move the joystick towards you then ball will move upward. The use of pedals is to keep the ball right or left. In a single chance, the ball will come bouncing and in the meantime the yellow and red light will appear which can be cancelled by lever on left. Sometimes a noise will appear which can be cancelled by the button on joystick. For each cancellation of red, yellow light and noise you will get ½ point extra. Three chances will be given and best of three will be counted. For maintaining the ball in Inner Square of I sec we get 1 point and in outer square we get ½ point. Concentrate and give your best effort it’s a game.

Drum Test

PABT Sample picture: Drum Test
Essential-torch with the balls coming from top of screen

In the next successive test you have to use the joystick to coincide a ball to the balls coming from top. The software has been prepared in such a way that the ball follows a specific alignment. The student should see the alignment critically which will help coinciding to the pattern and result in high scoring.


PABT: Meter reading, Machine Test and Drum Test

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PABT: Practice Session INSAB Test-I

Guys I am putting some practice question for Pilot Aptitude Battery Test: PABT .These are only sample questions asked in PABT , prepare for your PABT here. More practice sets for PABT Test of SSB Interview will be uploaded soon.

Question 1- Six meter reading test

Sample PABT picture: Six meter reading Test
Sample PABT picture: Six meter reading Test
Your options : your plane is
  1. At 420 m/sec, heading toward North-East, at 1040 ft height, increasing steadily without turning.
  2.  At 420 m/sec, heading toward North of North-East, at 1040 ft height, increasing rapidly without turning.
  3. At 420 m/sec, heading toward East of North-East, at 1040 ft height, increasing steadily without turning.
  4.  At 420 m/sec, heading toward North of North-East, at 1040 ft height, increasing steadily without turning.

Ans. 4

Q.2-six meter reading Test

Sample PABT picture: How to take meter reading
Sample PABT picture: How to take meter reading

Your Options: your plane is
1.       At 500m/sec, heading East of N-E, at 1000 ft, decreasing rapidly with a right bank at 20degree.
2.       At 500m/sec, heading North of N-E, at 1000 ft, decreasing steadily with a left bank at 40degree.
3.       At 600m/sec, heading East of N-E, at 1000 ft, decreasing steadily with a right bank at 45degree.
4.       At 400m/sec, heading E, at 1000 ft, decreasing rapidly with a right bank.

Ans. 1
Know all facts about all meter then try to solve them again

Q.3 Three meter Test

PABT Sample Question for three meter reading Test
Sample PABT picture: Three meter Reding Test

Ans.  (i)

Noise of airplane shows direction of plane
For example

sample PABT picture

1.       Noise in east position.
2.       If a circle is pointing towards you the plkane is going to south
3.       If tail is shown it is going north.
4.       Opposite direction of (i)
Ans 3
As if banks right the wings are not clearly visible.
Don’t panic if you hasn’t practice, everyone will be like you there. Key is listen to instructor carefully there is always a room for improvement.




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Guys I am putting this post to make you clear about the following points- what is pilot Aptitude Battery Test(PABT) for Flying cadre, how the PABT is conducted, General Instructions for PABT-Pilot Aptitude Battery Test, And Phases of Pilot Aptitude Battery Test.


                The pilot Aptitude Battery Test is conducted once in a life time and those students who have aptitude and recommended to undergo the flying training. The test conducted is very simple and does not require special acumen, since the students are nowadays computer savvy and can handle the instruments effectively. The test comprises theoretical questions pertaining to Air Craft, Speed, Direction, Altitude, Pressure, etc. which are explained explicitly by the conduction officer before commencement of the test. The practical test is also conducted in the similar fashion as enumerated below. The students should listen to the instructor very carefully and watch the body movements at the time of explanation of the test. In the technical parlance, the test is conducted in two phases generally known as INS-A, INS-B and Machine Test. The students who qualify the written portion are subjected to the practical stage immediately thereafter. Those students who fail to qualify initially are not alloweded to participate further in PABT. The students are advised to remain vigilant and exercise utmost care while listening to instructor and performing over the test. The pass percentage is quite high and should not get alarm about the test.


1.       There are 75 questions approximately and these are divided into 2 sets. First set is of 15 questions and the time given is 8 minutes approximately and the second set is endorsed in a booklet depicting different type of meters. Candidates are supposed to access the position of the Aircraft and coincide with the readings on the meters. There are five meters and the students should generally match the speed, direction and aptitude to get correct solution. The meters are as under-
a.       Compass – It has eight directions i.e., North, East, south, west, north-Easy, North-West, South-East, South-West.
b.      Altimeter – gives the height of aircraft
c.       Speedometer – gives the speed of aircraft
d.      Horizon meter- in this meter there is a needle in the center with readings on both sides. When the plane turns left needle over right and when the plane curves the needle moves left.


                There is a horizontal line in the center called line of horizon, and a small aircraft like figure is depicted. When the figure of the aircraft is below the line of the plane, the plane is in diving position, and when the figure is above the line of the axis the plane is in the climbing position. Else the plane is going in a straight line.



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