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GTO-Essentials of Progressive Group Task:PGT

Guys I am uploading the instructions that need to be follow in Progressive Group Task: PGT of SSB Interview, you should always remember these points while performing PGT.
  • ·         Theoretical skills are not at premium, but practical intellect is required to be demonstrated with reasoning and logic.
  • ·         Generally the complete group should perform collectively, and you should try to be part of group instead of being away from it.
  • ·         Ideas and views play a vital role and therefore contribute physically, practically in a friendly surrounding and create a healthy atmosphere in the group.
  • ·         Do not give ideas from a distance instead you should perform over the obstacles you should perform physically to qualify and show your ideas to the assessor and satisfy your subordinates.
  • ·         In case of any violence of the rule explained by the Group Testing Officer, the candidate should get back to the initial position during infringement and retry the ideas again differently.
  • ·         Remember you have to lead from the front rather than being a spectator. You must perform at each and every structure to qualify by giving ideas and views which are practically viable.
  • ·         Assist your friend in carrying helping materials and load at the time of maneuvering the obstacles
  • ·         Candidates should keep thinking about fresh innovative ideas, instead of giving defeatist/borrowed ideas of students not making the grade at the SSB’s,
  • ·         Candidate should be vigilant, watchful and always display pleasant disposition. Minor setbacks should not spoil peace of mind. It is natural that the person who works is bound to make mistakes, so you are bound to commit it too. The person who learns from mistakes, generally progresses, as compared to a person who acts to be ultimate with borrowed knowledge, copied ideas and shows poor intellectual fibre.
  • ·         A movable drum called (OTMD) is also kept between the start line and finish line in the form a helping material which can be approached, lifted and moved at the discretion of the group and used in negotiating over the obstacle. The OTMD can be moved only once during the conduct of the task specified.
  • ·         Candidates to ensure that the helping material is used individually or collectively without tying each other. Any two rigid helping Material cannot be tied and used collectively, i.e. tying of two planks/two ballies together is forbidden. The students can utilize the helping material individually and are permitted to place on helping material on top of the other collectively without breaking the rules. If need be, the helping material is permitted to be tied to a structure and utilized successfully.
  • ·         The candidates give ideas and views which are generally aided by elaborated intellectual thought process and practical intelligence.
  • ·         First obstacle is generally simple and easy to perform, but attention should be focused on the 2-4 obstacles of PGT is essential.
  • ·         PGT has four set, HGT has one set akin to third task of the PGT, and Command Task is a single/complex task depending on the mental caliber of the student. Final group Task:  FGT is also akin to HGT or fourth obstacle of the PGT. Remember all task are important do it effectively.

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General Instructions for Progressive Group Task: PGT

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Progressive Group Task: An Introduction

The group Testing Officer after finishing the indoor tasks leads the student towards resumption of Ground Task. The theoretical skills are at premium while dealing Group Discussion(GD) and Group Planning Exercise(GPE), whereas practical application starts at the onset of Group Task. Let us analyze the essentials of Ground Task. Virtually, the Armed Forces want a mix bag of students exhibiting intellectual, mental and physical skills to fit the slot in the officer cadre. To check the practical intellect, coupled with resourcefulness, the student is exposed to Ground Task Progressively in the learning as well as validating mode.
                To check the performance of students in different terrain configuration is a difficult issue, which is neither viable nor practical. To check the practical profile of the candidates, the task are designed in such a fashion that it can be tackled by each student. In Progressive Group Task, the first obstacle is simple to second, second is simple to third and virtually fourth obstacle is the most difficult to tackle. Two white lined are drawn predominantly 20 feet way approximately, and declare the area between these demarcations as electrified or out of bound. The structures are provided between these white lines which are required to be tackled by candidates with the help of helping material provided to negotiate the obstacles.

These set of white lines are basically parallel lines, and they meet at identify the structure are made of wood/steel projection approximately four to six feet in height between the start line and finish line. To help the students to perform, helping materials is made available to students in form of planks, ballies, roped, etc. which can be utilized for going over the structures. A cumbersome load is also required to be carried along with the group over the obstacles in same fashion in which the students cross over the structures.

                The GTO describes the structures, helping material, load, etc. to the students and make them understand about the modalities of crossing over the obstacles and explains the rules and procedures to be implemented at the time of negotiation the obstacles. The structures are colored in distinct colors which has been done to facilitate the instructor to increase/decrease the degree of difficulty in performing over the obstacles. Like we see, that white signifies peace and it is the most common color used over the structures, which can be used for crossing by the group. Other pre-dominant color is red, which out of bound where used, or any portion of the structure depiction the red color should be declared out of bound to students. There is a common color blue/green/yellow, etc. which can be utilized by the students personally, without subjecting the load on top of the structure. Other common color which we see in the countryside is black, which is basically used to avoid the structure being eaten away by the ants and does not signify any relevance during conduct of the task.

                  Distance, upto four feet or less can be jumped across, but distance beyond four feet is required to be bridged, it means, you  have to shorten the remainder distance and make up the short fall of the distance by making extensions, etc. so that the ultimate distance is within the reach and easily get over the structures comfortably. Once the rule are clear, the GTO conduct the group over the set of four obstacles and gives elaborate briefing, monitors and maintains progressivity over the task.      

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Practice Session: Progressive Group Task

Guys it is very easy to perform Prograssive Group Task in SSB Interview if you will think logically. India is a country which believes in “JUGAD”. Similarly in this also we have to fit a “JUGAD” to move from starting line to finishing line. Here in this post I am posting some sample images which will help you to understand the procedure of PGT. Just use your presence of mind and you will make it definitely. Put one or two ideas in front of GTO and you will make it.

sample picture: progressive group task- stage I

sample picture: progressive group task- stage II

sample picture: progressive group task- stage III

sample picture: progressive group task- stage IV

If you are taking it difficult to understand PGT comment here or message me, i will help you

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