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What should you prepare before going to SSB Interview? 

How to Prepare and Where To Prepare?

SSB interview preparation first chapter.
Beginning Guide/ First step for SSB Aspirants
Guys Today only i was chatting with one of my facebook friend and I just realised that SSB Aspirants Don't Even know What to Prepare before going for SSB, What are the major points need to prepare and they even don't understand the importance of PIQ form,  no doubt she was totally new to this field. So i decided to write this post for you all, If you are just a new commer for SSB Preparation. If it is your first step for Preparation of SSB then you are at right place. Go threw this post carefully it will provide you a clear idea of how to prepare.

For all who even Dont know the routine at SSB, First please read my post HERE. If you know the schedule then work on step by step development make each section good.

Important Preparation Before Going For SSB Intervew-

  1. Guys Firstly i will recommend you to prepare for PPDT( Picture Perception and Description Test) with great efforts because if you will not be screened in then there is no use for other preparations.
  2. Your IQ Section should be good but my personal experience says that they don't check Test copies on Screening Day as crowd is too much and they have less time. So prepare for it but PPDT is most important.
  3. Your GD preparation for GD done after PPDT should be good and for that you should be able to speak good english.
  4. Once you screened in PIQ form will be filled, this plays a real role in building you as they take all your info and check you, that you are doing/performing according to filled PIQ or not. Read TIPS for This.
  5. If you Have Practiced PPDT then you will not feel problem in facing TAT both are similar and need practice.
  6. In GTO section i will recommend you to maintain some physical stamina. Some takes it lite but my personal experience says that tasks are easy but they are in continuous fashion that they will check your stamina and can feel you tired. 
  7. For Group Planning Exercise and Progressive Group Tasks( GPE and PGT), do some prior practice form material i have provided.
  8. For Personal Interview, i will advice to prepare well and prepration is must for it.

How to Prepare:

For PPDT: Guys i have provided step by step posts for PPDT preparation with lots of examples and practice sets. First Read basics the examples and then practice yourself keeping the time duration in mind.

Golden Tip* Stuents if you are really serious for SSB then please do this practice with me, Do write your PPDT  and TAT story below every PPDT and TAT post in Comment, This will expose you to real environment. Here i will spot your errors and will guide towards improvement.

Try writing a story HERE NOW.....Write your story in Comment box.

For TAT: Apply the same procedure as told above for TAT practice

For WAT: If you can write some factual sentence it is good else Do learn some sentence given in my post for quick sentence formation. It may not be a legal advice but you can prefer it if you want. Also i have covered Every thing form intro to end in my WAT posts.

For Self  Description: I have written some sample self description examples read all examples and then prepare yours some days before going for SSB interview.

For Situation Reaction Test SRT :  I have provided lots of SRTs for practice do read them and prepare well. Tips are also given in various posts separately.

For Group Discussion: Dear all i have focused on GD more in my blog a lots of topics are there with lots of tips providing articles go and read them.

For GPE and PGT: Be spontaneous and daring feel like a warrior and do it like a lion. Read my posts for practice.

For PI: Again m saying to focus you on your PIQ form, personal interviewer will put you in a dark corner if you will not answer him according to your PIQ or if you are unable to answer him. Analyse and make a research on every point you are writing on PIQ form, i have provided mine as a sample read it + Make a good command on present happening in world start listening English news and reading The Hindu newspaper.

Where to prepare:

There are several other portals for SSB Interview Preparation like mine but i have provided a good and far better interface for you. Everthing here i have tried to maintain in order navigation is perfect. And articles is genuine not copied. Go threw my complete blog and i can say surely that you will finally say " I Can Make it ".

Mention in comments if you still feel any doubt. Changes and improvement are suggested by you only if you have any then tell in comment. If you have some share worthy for others mail me i will publish it by your name on my website and i will pay a special thanks.

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By Deepak Tomar →

Be Positive for joining Defense forces...the dream to live...

Already thought of joining Indian defense services?  Alas... You are on the right path. Indian defense is one of the best services one could opt for being in India. It is a place where you could live for your country and think of serving and protecting its rights. Being surrounded by neighbors who do not tend to have good relations with our country it’s the need of time. Every youth want to contribute to its motherland but the real right is bestowed to the defense personnel’s only. They are the real heroes and have the power to do so. If you want to be one, identify the need of service for motherland in your heart and brain and then move ahead. SSB a wonderful 5 day stint and the gateway to be an officer with Indian defense requires a synchronization between your body, heart and mind. Whatever you think with your mind should without any conflict be agreed upon by your heart and should be reflected in your action with the help of your body.

This synchronization helps in removing the duality of thought and action becomes result oriented. You never turn back to your decision for validation. Remember, an officer never has another chance to think whether the decision he has taken is right or wrong. The protection of motherland never gives another chance to think what’s next?  If these three function together you are the right one to move ahead. SSB clearly judges you as a person and recommends you only if you have sufficient OLQ’s. The parameters are stringent and are not changed for anyone. Popularity of defense is growing not because it pays you high but it’s the only place in India where no reservation applies. All are equally treated here and judged on tough parameters before clearing. 

The mantra for success is the positivism one carries in life. You are tested to look how positive one can be in adverse situations. Positivism changes way of thinking and can convert an adverse situation into a good one. This is a tested formula and yes it has worked for years for the defense personnel’s in acquiring the right talent. The officers that get recommended not only have a different approach to look at situations but are daring enough to think differently than the so called “civilians”. You should have a positive thought process and it should be developed since the inception. Be happy in every situation you face. The thought process of positivism is something that takes time to build in and it cannot be developed immediately when you get a SSB call. This would definitely be a help in psychology section and would be reflected in whatever you answer in PI. So get ready..... Built in positivism.... time is flowing off....

In next article I would be concentrating more on the hidden mantras to get success in SSB. This article tries to tell the advantage of being positive so be one. Still If you have any confusion or feel to take individual assessment of personality for OLQ’s or prepare from your place itself through one to one interaction through my mentoring / counselling program drop me a mail at or add me on Fb and drop in a message. Its always a pleasure to help aspirants and clear their doubts which are often myths that they hear from different resources, but I can suggest if you get the right guidance at the right time to resolve queries, everyone has the capability to make into defense forces. Just try it once.*
About the Author : Jayendra is pursuing MBA from IIM Ranchi and is a die heart counsellor, advisor and mentor for defence aspirants. He was recommended in the first attempt for Indian navy UES entry and is willing to help aspirants to make use of his experience in this field.

Power of positivism for SSB: An Inspiration

By Jayendra Pratap Singh →

Importance of Good Time Management and How to do it?

"We all have time to either spend or waste and it is our decision what
to do with it.But once passed,it is gone forever." - Bruce Lee ("Zen
in the Martial Arts" by Joe Hyams)
Starting with the most valuable aspect of winning strategy in SSB Time Management gets the first priority. Every individual on earth has the same amount of time - 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 1,440 minutes in a day, and 525,600 minutes in a year. But a die heart aspirant makes it through in this period while other struggle to do so. What is the reason? Why they, NOT YOU?
How to do time management in SSB Interview
Effective Time Management in SSB

Answer to this, lie on the fact how determined you are towards your passion as there is always a way when there is will. How so ever busy schedule you may have but if you want to make it through you have to make it through.This is an usual attitude of a recommended candidate in SSB. Time Management is all about making the best output using the most valuable and undervalued- resource.It is setting priorities and taking charge of the situation and time utilization. An officer is one who can take responsibility, hold strategic position, fight tougher but all under a well planned and time managed arena. This is the only technique to defeat the enemy your best shot, rivals wrong time.

How to Deal with Time Management in SSB?

So now important thing come into mind is how to learn Time Management. No deal it is very simple but you have to stick over it and you will stick on to it, if you think YOU HAVE IT IN YOU.First thing for effective Time Management is prioritizing your work and stick to it. It may be your college time,Office time but if you have given priority to SSB preparation get on to it, clear a stack of time for it what so ever.
  • Make notes for revision purpose to save last minute rush, it also enhances confidence if you are well prepared before time.
  • Secondly, Practice home-made interview questions from every thread of your life and give timed response to it.
  • Solve cubes, puzzles to make brain sharper as quick as possible.
  • Write psychology test of SSB i.e. SRT,WAT,SD,TAT in desired time. These all will help you in your SSB.
  • Make quality time tables and always carry To-Do list in your cell, use your free time preciously and always be ready for irregularities of the day.
  • Plan your whole day and add necessary To-Do in everyday time table.Spend time in conversations which though increases your speaking flow without spending extra time on it. And another benefit of it you get to know about yourself, your thinking mechanism and about your thought process.
  • Lastly, make smarter decisions faster, uncover better options ,work in a team or build one having same passion as you have.

Conclusion: To conclude it would be better to say no one gets success on their 1st trip always. Regular hard work and updating plans always help. Success never knocks your door twice so let us work harder and smarter to knock Success down in no time.And as always said repeatedly that thereare no shortcuts to success. As shortcuts introduces qualities in youfor shorter span of time whereas assessors at SSB find "lambi race ka ghoda”.  So start Utilizing time and make effective time management to reachyour goal.Best Wishes.

Shubham Bhombe
Shubham Bhombe
About the author:

Shubham Bhombe, He is a 19 year old B.Tech student at VIT University, Vellore. A hard core aspirant of Indian Army. Like spending time to help aspirants for SSB preparation. Hobbies are to read, write and play football and the only aim is to join IMA, Dehradun.

Meet him on facebook Here

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