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How to success in SSB Interview – Some basics concept to take care of?

how to have a good impression on Interviewing Officer in SSB
Basic Tips for SSB Interview
Hello guys this post is about very basic knowledge which 50% of you don’t know, but if you really care then you should remember these
 basic things in mind before going for SSB Interview. These will not clear your SSB Interview for sure but these will lay a positive impact on Interviewer and you will be on safer side always. These includes understanding the Interview Environment, Personal hygiene, Dressing up and normal etiquette/Manners.

Understanding The Interview Environment:

                Unlike the G.T.O tests which is generally held in a informal and relaxed environment, or the psychological tests which is written test, the ‘Interview’, being a one-to-one affair, generally causes a little nervousness, and tension in the candidates mind. The layout of the interview room further components to this stressful condition.
                It is, therefore, of paramount importance that the candidate must shed his inhibition and overcome his nervousness so that he can collect his thoughts and expression his ideas logically and sympathetically.

Making a Good Impression:

                An interview will normally last 30 to 40 minutes which is sufficient time for the IO to appraise your personality. You should , therefore, aim to make a good forst impression on him and try to sustain that impression till the end of the interview.

To achieve this you should take the following steps.

Personal hygiene:

Be clean, neat and tidy when you present yourself for the interview. See that you have good haircut and hair are combed well. Nails of your fingers are cut and clean. Remove sweat, oil, dirt, etc. from your face and forehead. Make sure that no bad odour or smell emanates from you. It is understood that you can’t change your face, but you can certainly do a lot to improve it. Your appearance should show that you an orderly person. Therefore, do take care of you grooming.

Importance of Good Dressing for SSB-Dressing Up:

Shakespeare wrote ‘Apparel proclaimeth a man’ i.e. a man is recognized by the way he dresses. How true! you make the first impression with the way you dress yourself up. If your clothes create and initial unfavorable impression, you will be hard put to neutralize it during the interview. Similarly, with some care for your clothes, you can begin the interview with your right foot forward. It is, therefore very essential that you turn up for the interview, smartly dressed.
What type of dress you have for your SSB Interview (According to season)-Dress well as per the season and suited to the occasion. Your clothes should not be gaudy or showy. You must present yourself in a suit in winter. Preferable of dark or sober color. Your shirt must be clean, well ironed and starched. Your shirt cuffs should not be frayed at the ends. Shoes must be well polished.

Normal etiquettes / Manners:

                Etiquette, manners and courtesy can help in tilting the interview in your favor. Before entering the room, gently knock it ask for coming inside, beware of push or pull written on door. Just say good evening or good morning according to watch. Don’t sit without permission, reply gently when you asked – how are you? Show your manners by asking the same from IO. Presence of mind should be there be true , don’t try to cheat with them and you will make it.

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How to have a good Impression on Interviewing Officer in SSB : SSB Special Dose

By Deepak Tomar →

Be Positive for joining Defense forces...the dream to live...

Already thought of joining Indian defense services?  Alas... You are on the right path. Indian defense is one of the best services one could opt for being in India. It is a place where you could live for your country and think of serving and protecting its rights. Being surrounded by neighbors who do not tend to have good relations with our country it’s the need of time. Every youth want to contribute to its motherland but the real right is bestowed to the defense personnel’s only. They are the real heroes and have the power to do so. If you want to be one, identify the need of service for motherland in your heart and brain and then move ahead. SSB a wonderful 5 day stint and the gateway to be an officer with Indian defense requires a synchronization between your body, heart and mind. Whatever you think with your mind should without any conflict be agreed upon by your heart and should be reflected in your action with the help of your body.

This synchronization helps in removing the duality of thought and action becomes result oriented. You never turn back to your decision for validation. Remember, an officer never has another chance to think whether the decision he has taken is right or wrong. The protection of motherland never gives another chance to think what’s next?  If these three function together you are the right one to move ahead. SSB clearly judges you as a person and recommends you only if you have sufficient OLQ’s. The parameters are stringent and are not changed for anyone. Popularity of defense is growing not because it pays you high but it’s the only place in India where no reservation applies. All are equally treated here and judged on tough parameters before clearing. 

The mantra for success is the positivism one carries in life. You are tested to look how positive one can be in adverse situations. Positivism changes way of thinking and can convert an adverse situation into a good one. This is a tested formula and yes it has worked for years for the defense personnel’s in acquiring the right talent. The officers that get recommended not only have a different approach to look at situations but are daring enough to think differently than the so called “civilians”. You should have a positive thought process and it should be developed since the inception. Be happy in every situation you face. The thought process of positivism is something that takes time to build in and it cannot be developed immediately when you get a SSB call. This would definitely be a help in psychology section and would be reflected in whatever you answer in PI. So get ready..... Built in positivism.... time is flowing off....

In next article I would be concentrating more on the hidden mantras to get success in SSB. This article tries to tell the advantage of being positive so be one. Still If you have any confusion or feel to take individual assessment of personality for OLQ’s or prepare from your place itself through one to one interaction through my mentoring / counselling program drop me a mail at or add me on Fb and drop in a message. Its always a pleasure to help aspirants and clear their doubts which are often myths that they hear from different resources, but I can suggest if you get the right guidance at the right time to resolve queries, everyone has the capability to make into defense forces. Just try it once.*
About the Author : Jayendra is pursuing MBA from IIM Ranchi and is a die heart counsellor, advisor and mentor for defence aspirants. He was recommended in the first attempt for Indian navy UES entry and is willing to help aspirants to make use of his experience in this field.

Power of positivism for SSB: An Inspiration

By Jayendra Pratap Singh →



Hello Guys i was thinking of putting a interview of same type that is asked in SSB. Filnally after a lots of typing i have completed it, it will provide you basic idea of how interviewer ask the question and how should we answer the questions. It is a type of mock interview and similar types of questions will be asked by you which matches your personality.

                                MOCK INTERVIEW

                            Reading Session Self Awareness Set-1

I.O.: Welcome Gurjeet, have a seat. Ok Gurjeet, I saw pens in your pocket which     pen are you carrying?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, I am using Parker?
I.O.: Sir, it is from Paris.
Ch. No. 8: Where is Paris?
I.O.: Basically, Paris is in which country?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, it is in France.
I.O.: What is France famous for?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, no idea.
I.O.: Think, it is something girls use very often?
Ch. No. 8: Sir perfumes!
I.O.: Yes, of course. Ok what is Paris famous for?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, I have no idea.
I.O.: It is famous for fashion.
Ch. No. 8: Ok sir. Sorry I didn’t know it.
I.O.: Ok Gurjeet, be comfortable. Sit comfortably and relax. Now, we will share some conversations between us and I want to assure you that whatever we talk will remain inside this room and between you and me. No one will come to know about it. Your family will not be told anything.

Ch. No. 8: Ok sir.
I.O.: Ok Gurjeet, now I will put you through rapid fire questions, hear them attentively and make sure you answer all questions.
Ch. No. 8: Ok sir.
I.O.: tell me about your academic qualifications, the exams you have taken, your achievements in academics, games and sports you play, your hobbies, and your extracurricular activities, the teacher/teachers you dislike and why, the friend/friends you dislike and why, the friend with whom you are closest.
Ch. No. 8: I told him all things and answered all questions.
I.O.: Ok Gurjeet, have you answered all questions?
Ch. No. 8: Yes sir
I.O.: Are you sure?
Ch. No. 8: Yes sir.
I.O.: Ok, you said that you have appeared in Engineering Entrance Exams. Why did you not go for engineering then?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, actually I wanted to change my subject like from engineering to MBA because I was not confident with physics and chemistry.
I.O.: So, why did you take Entrance Exams for it?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, actually my parents wanted me to appear once for the Entrance Exam.
I.O.: But you didn’t want to?
Ch. No. 8: No sir, its not that I didn’t want to. What happened was that my parents told me to appear once for exam. If I got a good score then I could go for engineering else I could change my subjects.
I.O.: Ok, how much did you score?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, 40000 rank (all India) in AIEEE and 10,000 in Guru Gobind Singh Indraprashtha University examination.
I.O.: So, you are private MBA now from which university?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, from Symbiosis University, Pune.
I.O.: Why are you doing private MBA and why not regular.
Ch. No. 8: Sir, because I wanted to give more focus to CDS. If I would have gone for regular MBA, moreover, army is the first priority and MBA comes later.
I.O.: What is the difference between regular and private?
Ch. No. 8: Regular MBA is one where you physically go and attend the classes whereas in private MBA one doesn’t have to attend the classes regularly. You are required to go and take the exams finally.
I.O.: Is there any difference in knowledge area?
Ch. No. 8: Yes sir, in regular MBA, a person gets theoretical as well as practical knowledge through projects and case studies. But in private MBA, a person is able to gain only the theoretical knowledge.
I.O.: Does this concept have any affect on the working area?
Ch. No. 8: No sir, the working areas don’t get affected by the concept because the private course of three years is equivalent to the regular course of two years.
I.O.: But a person with private MBA, of course, gets an added advantage in a job.
Ch. No. 8: No sir, actually where in the difference lies is the mindset of the people. Regular MBA just gibes an advantage of an added practical knowledge, but private MBA is considered equivalent but lacks application.
I.O.: Are the hobs different from both categories?
Ch. No. 8: No sir, the jobs don’t vary.
I.O.: Ok, tell me what all books have you read?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, I have read One Night at the call Centre by Chetan Bhagat, The Three Mistake of My Life again by Chetan Bhagat, Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat and Who will cry When You Die?” by Robin S. Sharma and now, I have just started with The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma.
I.O.: What was the name of the girl character in Five Point Someone?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, the name of the character was Neha.
I.O.: Tell me one good quality and one bad quality about the character Neha.
Ch. No. 8: The good quality about the character was the friendly nature of Neha. The first time she met with an accident with male character, she was quite friendly with him?
I.O.: She must have thought that she has found her prey! (Laughing)
Ch. No. 8: No sir, not prey. Actually varies from person to person, how tp react in certain situations.
I.O.: And what was the bad quality?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, the bad quality about Neha was her irresponsibility. She called her boyfriend to her place when her parents were not at home.
I.O.: But she was in love and in love, nothing is right or wrong!
Ch. No. 8: But sir that doesn’t mean that she will cheat her parents and cross the limit of being genuine. Cheating your parents is absolutely wrong.
I.O.: Gurjeet do you have a boyfriend?
Ch. No. 8: No sir.
I.O.: Why?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, I have many friends but no boyfriend as such.
I.O.: Why don’t you have a boyfriend? A boy doesn’t have a girlfriend so they have a reason for that because they don’t want to spend their money on gifts, parties, dimmers, etc. sometimes the girlfriend brings her friend with her. So the boy has to pay for her also. But why don’t you have a boyfriend?
Ch. No.8: Sir, I don’t have a boyfriend because I am a goal-oriented person. I don’t want to waste my time in all these matters. These things distract a person’s attention. I just want to concentrate on my career right now.
I.O.: So you have many boys as your friends. Name them.
Ch. No. 8: Sir, they are Sachin, Gaurav, Subodh and many others.
I.O.: Has any one of them ever proposed you?
Ch. No. 8: No, Sir.
I.O.: Suppose, in future, if they do so?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, I will surely refuse.
I.O.: Gurjeet, did you hear about a case in Meerut two year back in company garden?
Ch. No. 8: Yes sir.
I.O.: What do you think about that? Is moral policing right or wrong?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, whatever happened there was wrong on part of the people and the police also. As far as moral policing is concerned, it should not be there.
I.O.: But in today’s scenario, both the parents are working, so who will control all these social problems?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, if the parents are working and unable to instill these ethics in the children then of course, it is the sole responsibility of the individual to see and know what is good and what is bad. A person should know the limits and the boundaries so as not to get into such things.
I.O.: But, if then also, they cross the limits and get into such acts, then?
Ch. No. 8: At that, time, moral policing should be there but in a controlled manner because the way they handle such acts is not good. The people have to go through a lot of torture.
I.O.: What else, you did not tell me the most important quality, your instructor must have told you.
Ch. No. 8: Yes sir, but I feel courage is the most important quality.
I.O.: No, you are missing the most important one. Ok I will ask you in the conference. Tell me any two important current news.
Ch. No. 8: Firstly, India and Russia are set to sign the nuclear deal and secondly, FBI is about to arrive in India to investigate the David Coleman Headley case.
I.O.: What is happening in Pakistan?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, the Taliban group wants to occupy the region of South Waziristan and several other parts. So they are planning many suicide attacks and spreading terrorism.
I.O.: What is global warming?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, global warming is the rise in the temperature of the earth due to the rise in the concentration of the greenhouse gases.
I.O.: What are greenhouse gases?
Ch. No. 8: Greenhouse gases are CO2, NO2, Chlorofluoro carbons. These are responsible for the greenhouse effect.
I.O.: What is greenhouse effect?
Ch. No. 8: It is the effect which is caused when the increased concentration of the greenhouse gases traps the harmful infra red radiations emitted by earth after reflection.
I.O.: Why does the radiation get trapped inside the atmosphere?
Ch. No. 8: The greenhouse gases trap them and don’t allow them to leave the atmosphere.
I.O.: Then how do the radiations enter the atmosphere?
Ch. No. 8: (confused) sorry sir.
I.O.: Ok, tell me about how you spend time with your family, whom do you tell your problems, what is your pocket money and how do you dispose it of?
Ch. No. 8: Most of the time I spend with my mother in the kitchen o other household work. When my father is at home, we generally discuss about the current topics. My brother is here with us only on Saturday and Sunday. So, Saturday and Sunday are totally reserved for him. We talk ad share all the activities we had done throughout the week. In terms of problems, I share them with my brother.
I.O.:  (Interrupting) why?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, because we are of the same generation. We understand each other well and of course we share a very friendly relationship. So that’s why I find it comfortable to discuss them with my brother. Moreover, he gives me a better suggestion and advice according to the situation because telling the problems to your parent’s means upsetting them. My parents are very conscious about me. So, if I face any problem, they get worried and upset. So, I discuss them with my brother.
I.O.: How elder is your brother to you?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, five years.
I.O.: That means he is 26 years now. Is he married?
Ch. No. 8: No sir.
I.O.: Why?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, he wants to establish himself well and wants to be in a perfect position to support his family and personal life.
I.O.: So when does he want to marry?
Ch. No. 8: May be by next year.
I.O.: Do you want to marry?
Ch. No. 8: No sir.
I.O.: Why?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, because I want to achieve my aim and have my own identity. After marriage, a girl faces many restrictions from the in-laws.
I.O.: But if the in-laws say that there are no restrictions, then?
Ch. No. 8: But sir, a married woman has many responsibilities towards her family. Also, they should know that our culture does not allow harsh behavior with women.
I.O.: Ok, also homosexuality has been legalized by the Delhi Court. So is this right or wrong?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, in my opinion, this is absolutely wrong. Homosexuality is something against the nature. We are insulting nature by merely getting into such acts. Homosexuality is something which is just the westernized form. This kind of thing was not observed in our culture before.
I.O.: But westernization has not affected the people. This is something which is in the hormones of the person.
Ch. No. 8: That is right sir. But homosexuality is going against the nature. The nature has made man and woman for this relation. But homosexuality surely creates an imbalance in the nature.
I.O.: Ok, you have participated in many competitions. What according to you is the strongest part of your G.K Quiz?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, I had a good general knowledge that helped me to participate and win.
I.O.: Suppose, the president had given you the responsibility to organize a GK Quiz competition between 101 SSB and 102 SSB. So, how will you organize it?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, firstly I will prepare a blue print of the whole event, i.e. the date, time and place, the no. of teams, the no. of participants, the chief guests, the judges, the audience, etc. after that, I will put a notice on the notice board informing the candidates about the competition and invite them for the same. I will also make a plan of the various rounds and the questions to be asked.
I.O.: Ok Gurjeet, on the day of the competition, suppose you reach the hall and find no one there, and then what will you do?
Ch. No. 8:  Sir, then I will make sure that they are there on time.
I.O.: How?
Ch. No. 8: I will assign the duty 2-3 of my subordinates for the same.
I.O.: Then, they will surely say that who are you to force us to participate in the competition. Then how will you convince them?
Ch. No. 8: (After thinking a lot) sorry sir, I am not getting the right idea at this moment.
I.O.: OK, don’t worry. You watch discovery channel?
Ch. No. 8: Basically, I only watch animal planet.
I.O.: Then tell me what the difference between a tiger and a lion?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, both belong to the cat family.
I.O.: Yes, but what makes a lion as the king of the jungle? He is known as the king of the jungle, why?
Ch. No. 8: Sorry sir, I don’t know I will definitely checkup and find the right answer.
I.O.: Actually, I saw it on this show only.
Ch. No. 8: Sorry sir may be I must have missed it.
I.O.: Ok Gurjeet, have you taken coaching for preparing for SSB?
Ch. No. 8: Yes sir.
I.O.: From where?
Ch. No. 8:  From Universal Counselling Centre.
I.O.: Where is it?
Ch. No. 8: In Meerut.
I.O.: Who runs it?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, Lt Col Rajeev Devgan.
I.O.: As you have taken coaching, you must know the qualities that are required in a lady to join the Armed Forces?
Ch. No. 8: Sir, first of all courage is required because Army requires a lot of courage and women generally lack that, then they should be lively, should have a detremination, they should have the quality of making a quick decision. And work for herself and her goals. So, there is, of course some limitation.
I.O.: Ok, tell me the neighbouring countries of India.
Ch. No. 8: Sir, they are Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, China, and Nepal.
I.O.: Is anything left?
Ch. No. 8: No sir.
I.O.: Is Afghanistan neighbour of India?
Ch. No. 8: Yes sir, it is, but it is not considered.
I.O.: Yes, right. If we look at it map-wise, it is a neighbour of India but otherwise it is not. It is generally the area of POK known as Pakistan-occupied Kashmir area.
Ch. No. 8: Yes sir.
I.O.: Ok Gurjeet, thank you so much, good day and all the best tomorrow’s task.
Ch. No. 8: Thank you sir.

Gurjeet is generally well prepared and has a good capacity to sustain protracted stress and strain during the course of the personal interview. The questions have been correctly answered but shows lack of general awareness and could have performed well with more reasoning and logic. Gurjeet should have shown more confidence in parents rather than brother’s and sister’s. There should have been more compatibility within the family which is lacking. The data regarding the neighbouring countries should have been well answered. This is a border liner case and with more effort the candidate could have performed better.

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By Deepak Tomar →

Leadership Qualities  - Officer Like Qualities OLQs That a SSB Aspirant are supposed to have?

Hey guys I have searched many website for this topic and didn’t found much more about the Officer Like Qualities that a Candidate should have. After a lot of hard work I have concatenated various activities to write a healthy post on All officer like qualities that you can mention in your PIQform. This post will help you in filling up your PIQ form for SSB + It will also help in understanding your strength also. Try picking up the points that suits your personality most.

The following are qualities have been generally accepted as the qualities of leader.

Officer Like qualities one should Have to Become OFficer in Indian Armed Forces
Officer Like Qualities

Intellectual attainment- 

 1. The extent of knowledge of various subjects of academic pursuit- e.g. Science, History, Economics, Literature, Current events etc. 2. The depth of knowledge – how deeply has the candidate studied a subject of his choice or interest? 3. Application of knowledge- how has the candidate applied his theoretical knowledge to find solution of daily life situations. 4. General knowledge of current affairs, everyday science, burning topics, sports, newspaper headlined etc. 5. Grasp – quickness with which the candidate picks up the core requirement of thee question.

Logical Approach to Problem - 

 1. Rational, clearheaded, analytical systematic, proceeding step by step and no contradictions.  2. Practical approach- realistic and sensible, use of common sense, alive to facts and existing limitations.

Planning and Organizing Ability:

 1. Clear aim and objectives- ambition and goal in life e.g., why he wants this job? 2. Planning- working out what is to be done, when and how? 3. Methodical and systematic approach. 4. Mobilization and utilization of resources.

Power of Expression: 

  1. Fluency in speech – no stammering, the unwanted gaps while answering the questions. 2. Forceful – deliberates, enthusiastic and arresting. No  monotonous or dragging voice. No swallowing of words. 3. No affectations. 4. Convincing ability –speaking with sincerity and conviction.

Dynamic Qualities (Most wanted OLQs): 

1. Self confidence. 2. Initiative and enterprise 3. Drive, dash, push, motivation. 4. Promptness in taking decisions, borne out of knowledge and sound judgment. 5. Determination & perseverance 6. Stamina, energy, active temperament and hard working 7. Resourcefulness. 8. Courage, pluck, guts, spirit of adventure, willingness to take risks.

Psychological Factors:

 1. Positive thinking, confident and determining approach.  2. Optimistic, hopeful outlook.  3. Sense of right and wrong. Absence of anti-social or negative qualities -  e.g., unreasonable fear, persecution complex, jealousy, inclination towards crimes, tendency to tell lies, selfishness, quarrelsome attitudes, irritable nature etc.

Social Qualities (Important OLQs): 

  1.sense of responsibility. 2. Adaptability 3. Cooperation, readiness to help.  4. Tact, pleasing manner and poise. 5. Preference to group life and activity. 6. Considerations for feelings of others. 7. Friendly. 8. Readiness to sacrifice, selflessness, placing froup before self. 9. Ability to influence others and get things done.

Personal Traits (that’s how one should be): 

1. Cheerful, pleasant and smiling disposition 2. Liveliness, eager, alert sprightly, inspired, fired with ambition. 3. Enthusiasm, keenness and interest. 4. Appearance, dress and turnout – smart, clean and suited to the occasion. 5. Poise, graceful movements, confident approach, straight walk, looking into the eyes while speaking – not bent headed or looking at one’s toes while speaking. 6. Punctuality.

Character (One should bear these qualities): 

1. Discipline 2. Loyalty. 3. Integrity and moral values 4. Sincerity.

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What are the Officer Like Qualities that a SSB Aspirant should have??

By Deepak Tomar →

A Brief Overview of SSB Interview: How to Join Indian Armed forces as Commissioned Officers


                Selecting candidates for various appointments purely on the basis of written test interview or personality test. A candidate who
Things to know Before going to SSB: SSB Interview and its Aims
SSB Interview and its Aims
of testimonials is a thing of the past. Whether it is selection for a job, or for training abroad or for admission to a college course, there is definitely an

aspires for success in his career, an individual who wishes to have a bright future a competitor who is keen to top the list, must, therefore, master the technique of doing the best in the interview.

Note*: These are the general things you should know before going for SSB interview

Aim of an SSB interview

                The aim of an interview at the SSB is to assess the leadership or “Officer-like”Qualities of the candidate by means of a directed or purposive conversation between the candidate and the Interviewing Officer(IO), In addition to appraising the present level of the candidate, the IO tries to evaluate the training potential of the candidate. The question at the interview, therefore, will be so directed as to allow the candidate to automatically show his leadership ability in his answers.

Read Here for Officers Like Qualities (Leadership Ability)

Services Selection Board (SSB), is the Personality and Intelligence Interview spread over 5 days which scientifically analyses each candidate's potential and compatibility for commission into the Armed Forces of India.


There are many ways of being Commissioned as an Officer in Indian Armed Forces, both for civilians (after 10+2, graduation, post graduation), as well as for Serving Personnel. Whatever be the mode, SSB is the step all have to clear, except for the Medical Corps. There is no limit on the number of attempts that can be made and the SSB Assessors encourage candidates to appear again for SSB.
The interview exercise is mainly a Psychological tests of the personality quiz of the candidate, to gauge his/her potential as a future Officer in Indian Military. The tests conducted by the SSB aim at selecting individuals with OLQs (Officer LikeQualities).
The selection system is designed over a five day process, Day 1 is the screening test, Day 2 is the Psychologist Tests, Day 3 & 4 is the group tasks and Day 5 is theConference(Results). The personal interview will be conducted either in day 2,3 or 4 during the post lunch or evening hours.
These qualities include Effective Intelligence, sense of responsibility, initiative, judgment (under stress), ability to reason and organize, communication skills, determination, courage, self-confidence, speed in decision-making, willingness to set an example, compassion and a feeling of loyalty to the nation.
Most of the tests require average intelligence. The SSB attempts to gauge the natural responses of the individuals. The tests are graded into various categories of both individual and group variety and each batch of candidates goes through the subtle testing pattern in the course of a few days. They are under observation not only while they perform in various psychological tests but even as they conduct themselves during the course of their stay at the SSB headquarters, where they are billeted for that duration.
The SSB Board is not concerned with the number of vacancies. Its responsibility is to assess and then, recommend. After recommendation, the candidates appear for medical examination and after that is the Merit List. Those who finally make the grade join for training and hence become Commissioned Officers.
Origin of these type of testing belongs to first world war era. In the First World War, large numbers of casualties on battlefields necessitated recruitment of best fighting talent in armed forces. For this need, psychologists designed some scientific tests which assesses candidate's Officer Like Qualities (OLQs). Over the years SSB testing has been improved based on feedback and has been proved to be an effective and accurate way of selecting candidates who are capable of being at least an average officer after training, although SSB is the world's toughest army test.


·         Pick-up and Drop from reporting Railway Station.
·         Furnished accommodation.
·         Messing.
·         Medical facilities.
·         Game, Magazines and Newspapers
These and some other facilities for candidates to ensure that they feel at home.

Procedure to Join Indian Armed Forces as an Officer.

The candidates who are declared by UPSC as having cleared the written exam or recommended by Preliminary Interview Board (PIB) in case of Territorial Army (TA), as well as those shortlisted in Direct Entries are called through Call Letters to appear for SSB (Allahabad/Bangalore/Bhopal/Dehradun/Mysore/Varanasi/Coimbatore/Gandhinagar) at the Centre allotted to the candidate. There have been instances when the call-up letter fails to reach the candidate and the onus lies on the candidate to be alert and contact the office after a reasonable amount of time if the letter is not received when UPSC written has been cleared. This is similar for service candidates, except that their movement is intimated to their seniors via movement orders.

SSB Center Location
Name of SSB Center
Allahabad, UP
Selection Centre East (SCE)
Bhopal, MP
Selection Centre Central (SCC)
Bangalore, KA
Selection Centre South (SCS)
Ropar, PB (proposed)
Selection Centre North (SCN)
Bhopal, MP
Bangalore, KA
Coimbatore, TN
Naval Selection Board (NSB), Agrani
Air Force
Dehradun, UK
Mysore, KA
Gandhinagar, GJ
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What are SSB Interview and its Aims?

By Deepak Tomar →