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Tweak Your Self Description (SD) ~ SSB Aspirants

Self Description
psychologists test
Preparing with common topics like IQ preparation,PPDT, TAT, WAT, SRT, Interview prepatation, it is also advised that before going for SSB interview, a candidate should at least prepare things which he/she will definitely encounter during testing like the Blank story, Self Description, Questions related to our personal lives etc.
Among afore mentioned things Self description is the one about which even the psychologists suggest that it should be pre-prepared and well practiced. Self description requires us to record our observations about ourselves through the eyes of Parents, Superiors or Teachers, Colleagues or friends and finally ourselves.
A simple exercise but its importance lies in the fact that a good SD can earn you the favor of the psychologist and a not so good one can have an opposite effect.

How to make it effective? How to concur your SD with the findings of the psychologist obtained by reading your TAT, WAT and SRT responses?

There is no exact theory to this but just some simple common sense; here is what I did in my last SSB.
During TAT the 6th picture was a girl (14-16 yrs according to my perception) was sitting on a bench and a young man was standing and talking to her.
MY RESPONSE: Brother motivating sister as she was not able to get admission in the college of her choice.
7th picture: 6-7 boys lying down on the ground and one man gesturing and talking to them
MY RESPONSE: Sports teacher motivating students to train harder.
8th picture: a boy (10-12 years) sulking while sitting on a chair and a young man putting an arm around his shoulder and talking.
MY RESPONSE: Elder brother motivating younger brother (again! ).
Seeing my responses even a blind person would have come to the conclusion that I had fallen into a loop and was short of ideas. I too was alarmed and this thing was constantly running at the back of my mind during the remaining part of testing. Just before my Self Description,I did a bit of reverse engineering and added a sentence in each of my paragraphs of Self Description.

Superior’s opinion: They appreciate my role in 'motivating' the new GET’s that join our company.
Colleague’s opinion: They find me 'motivated' and also rub off the effect on others.
Own opinion: I am able to 'motivate' others and bring out the best in them.
Though I am not an expert but as much as I can tell this provided a counter balance to my screw up in TAT. If a candidate is able to gauge the quality of his responses and can counter balance it in Self Description, half the battle is won.

Now comes the another very important test in SSB i.e 'INTERVIEW' and again Self Description (SD) comes into play if you know the importance of it.Before you are called in for Interview,you are made to wait outside the Interview room.At that time,the IO (Interviewing Officer) is going through your Self Description,PIQ and your other educational certificates and prepares questions for you.He expects you to be the same one as portrayed by you in your PIQ and SD.
So,if you know what you have written in SD and had prepared well,then you can do well in Interview also.

You can repeat the lines or exemplify the points you wrote in Self Description.Try to speak the things you wrote in Self Description so that the person portrayed in Self Description and Person being Interviewed comes out to be the same.

This is a highly recommended tips for everybody to prepare your Self description very well.

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SSB Aspirants ~ Tweak Your Self Description

By Deepak Tomar →

Sample Self Description Test for a Girl/Female Candidate-III

Guys I have putted Two Self Description Test earlier for practice. And now I am uploading a post, how to write a Self-Description Test: SD for Girls/Female Candidate in Psychology of SSB interview. Girls preparing for their SSB interview may also consider previous SD samples putted by me they will help you a lot.

                Parent’s Opinion- My parents consider me a fairly intelligent sincere and obedient girl who can rise up to the occasion both during home front and outside. They have full confidence over me and so do not hesitate in giving me any responsibility. They appreciate my helping nature and at time attending guests in their absence. They love me and I respect them from the core of my heart. At times any mother rebukes me for my not taking interest in cooking however I am definite to learn the trade to the best of my ability. My parents are proud of my performance in academics and high moral ethics and values which I have learnt through my upbringing.

                Teacher’s Opinion- My Teachers are very learned people. I have been always lucky in having good teachers. Generally, My Teachers consider me a punctual, obedient, fairy intelligent student and appreciate me for my taking part in extracurricular activities in spite of good academic record. However, at times they do not like my careless attitude which requires a definite improvement.

                Friend’s Opinion-Friends make life pleasurable. I have a wide circle of friends. We enjoy group discussion and social evenings together. They share secrets with me and approach me in hour of suggestion. They have full faith in me. However, at times they ask me to change my straightforward way of speaking but I do not like to be diplomatic to please others.

                Self Opinion- I am fairly an intelligent, confident and sincere girl who never keep any stone unturned to achieve my goal. Implementation of women’s entry in Army really excited me since my childhood dream will be fulfilled. I am impressed by two personalities; one is my freedom fighter grandfather who told me the heroic deeds of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and secondly my brother-in-law who became a martyr while fighting with militants in J&K. I am sure I will carry my family tradition to the best of my ability.

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Psychology: Sample Self Description Test for a Girl Candidate-III

By Deepak Tomar →

Sample Self Description Test- II

Guys I have putted one Sample self description Test earlier. Again for your good practice of how to write a good sample Self Description Test in SSB, I am posting a very beautiful Sample SD Test asked in Psychology Section of SSB Interview.

                Parent’s Opinion- My parents think that I am a responsible child, they always give important work to me. They consider my opinion before taking any important step My parents love my and always try to motivate me to do well. Though they are not satisfied with my academics, they think that I can put in sustained efforts to achieve my goals. Sometimes we do have difference of opinion but we discuss it out and find an amicable solution. I am blessed to have such understanding loving and caring parents.

                Teacher’s Opinion-My Teachers think that I excel in y practical but has to do some work on my theory. They motivate me to do better in studies. They have given me responsibilities like school house captain, arranging plays, etc. In college I was nominated as the head of the cultural society which holds function in college. My teachers are very understanding and help me when needed.

                Friend’s Opinion-My Friends think that I am very lively. They always take my advice in important issues. We always discuss about our futures and plans what we would do in life. They motivate me that I can achieve whatever I want. They always give me a responsibility in important family functions. Sometimes there are differences but we talk and come out with positive results. I have good bond with my friends.

                Self Opinion- I think that I have not done justice to my potential in academics. I try to pease my parents at any cost. I think I am a good friend and try to help them In whatever way I can. I try to take the responsibilities given to me effectively and do the best. I always try to help my brother and sister whenever they need me.

                Qualities I like to Improve-

  1. I think I can do better in academics.
  2. I am a bit short tempered and want to do away with it.
  3. I am a bit overweight and trying to lose weight.

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Psychology: Sample Self Description Test- II

By Deepak Tomar →

Sample Self Description Test for Practice-I

Guys I am putting my first sample Self Description- SD Test, from this post you will come to know how to write a better or best Self Description in SSB Interview about ourselves. This example of Self Description Test- SD test will clear general point that needs to be written in Test.

                Parent’s Opinion- My parents always consider me as a dutiful and obedient child and love me. I should admit that I am the favourite of my father. They have always trusted me and have faith that I will do well in every field as I excelled in academics. My mother always comes to me for help in routine activities. But sometimes my parents criticize me, when I try to assert my wishes.

                Teacher’s Opinion- I have always been a good and well-behaved student and teachers have always appreciated me for the same. They encourage me to do everything in the best manner. Apart from studies I am good in co-curricular activities games and sports. The only times my teachers disagreed to me , was when I used to bunk classes for going to camps, sports meet or even canteen.

                Friend’s Opinion- My friends have always been caring, admiring and helpful towards me and have encouraged me in many situations. They always come to me in terms of help as I go to them. But when I tell them that we should abide by the rules, e.g. hostel, they disagreed to me mostly, but I have been able to persuade them to be disciplined.

                Self opinion- I am basically a kind hearted person and quite sympathetic and sensitive. I never loose an opportunity to help my friends or anyone else. I face all situations bravely and boldly and failure seldom shatters me. I am optimistic and ready for any adventurous task. I remained above average student through my academics and excelled in NCC and sports.

                Qualities I like to Improve- I would like to ve more strong and hard in future. I do not lack in confidence but I would like to make it as strong as a rock. I would also like to develop more reading capacity

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Psychology: Self Description Test for Practice-I

By Deepak Tomar →


Guys Today I am posting a very useful article on How to write self description, what instructions should be kept in mind before writing SD in Psychology Test of SSB Interview. Your Should try to write best self description which suits your personality. Then Next post will include Example of self Description Test –SD in SSB, I will put 2 or 3 sample Self Description-SD.

The self-description includes writing paragraph on the following aspects:

  1. Parents Opinion
  2. Teachers Opinion / Employers opinion
  3. Friends Opinion
  4. Opinion about yourself
  5. Qualities you would like to improve.

                The self-description test is a real test of one’s personality profile. The student are explained the modalities of test allotted fifteen minutes to express their thoughts about their parents, teachers, friends, opinion by the employee if working, self-analysis and shortcomings. The test allows the assessor to have a generic and detailed view of each and every student. Students, who give automated responses, loose to great degree in the test. The self-Description is required to cover the personality profile inclusive of all three tests as conducted and commented bye the students. Invariably, it is seen that the self analysis is viewed in totality and not in isolation.

                Fabricated profile emerging out of TAT and WAT are not confirming to the self-appraisal, lets down a student in clearing the test. The mechanism of testing is required to be learned systematically, so that profile which is emerging out of the first three tests is commensurate to the write up endorsed by the student as part of Self-Description Test.

                The Psychology Test should be learned and validated before proceeding for the Services selection Board. The responses given by the students should be live time experiences and practically true and correct to their projected profile.

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Psychology: Self Description Test

By Deepak Tomar →