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How to deal with Off-Track and On-Track Words in WAT ( Word Association Test) in SSB dear service aspirants. I have got an important information to share with u all. In service selection board interview every individual testing got its own importance. But to be frank Psychology is an important in all testings.

 Psychology: In psychology testing we all have to undergo TAT, WAT, SRT,SAT, these 4 tests decides further testing procedure of an individual. Today i would like to share the idea behind the WAT: WORD ASSOCIATION TEST

 This test is very simple in comparison with any other testing in psychology. Candidly its not word that is shown to you. Its the situation to which u are exposed to and psychologist would like to know your responses to that word(situation) . I would example u all people in detail with an example. Let’s consider word SEX Responses: The response that i likely to be given is
1. Sex is the origin of life
2. Every mammal have sex organs

The response should be given in this way. But the response should be positive, Now i would like to go in detail and explain the type of words that are given in SSB for WAT. Words can be classified into two types they are OFF TRACK and ON TRACK words. These two words will be describe what sort of personality you have.

Importance of ON TRACK words.

These words are basically are used to project your personality. For example lets consider a word like PLAN Responses that are likely to be given should be your reaction or your idea for a plan. In your life you all people lead a life with a plan. So they expect your response for plan in your views, The response that is expected is
1. An effective plan leads to success
2. A smart planning gives easy execution

OFF TRACK words 

These words are given just confuse. And psychologist is want to know you, your reaction even after exposure to a confusion state. For example let’s consider a word like BRIDGE The response should be natural for OFF TRACK words. The response should is given for these words are
1.     1.Bridges are build across river.


Totally 60 words will be given to u and u need to finish them off in 30 min and practice is required for this test. Keep practicing them with natural and positive responses.
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Chandu Sekhar

 Contributor to this Post:

I am G.chandra sekhar naidu. I have completed my graduation (2010-2014) in electrical trait. I am an SSB aspirant. I have been trying to join academy since 2010 and CO many times. I have cleared my SSB at 33 SSB bhopal for TES NAVY aftr my +2. Unfortunately i was merit out. Next i gave my ssb for UES, SSC-TECH 43 at banglore and bhopal the outcome is screen out and conference out respectively. One thing I Know If you have the determination and faith in yourself you can make it. And I have It in Me.

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Making your Word Association Test Unique: Golden Tips By Chandu

By Deepak Tomar →

WAT: Word Association Test for Practice 

(100+ words pdf download)

Guys i am providing more WAT words for your better practice, also there are more than one positive sentence over each word. The best way to score more in Word Association Test in SSB is to Practice more and more WAT words and review the sentence you have made. You can write your assignment in my comment box below and i will check your sentence and suggest you improvements. In my previous posts i have provided introduction to WAT and Formation rules you can read basic introduction and formation rules there.
I have also provided the methods to tackle negative words and other best WAT formation rules, you can refer to these posts for more details and knowledge.

WAT: Word Association Test Practice Set 5 ( words for practice):

Osama Bin Laden was a great traitor in the field of global terrorism.
Ajmal Kasab was a traitor to the nation involved in 26/11 attack in Mumbai operation at Hotel Taj.
Afzal guru was a great traitor to the action involved in planning terrorist activities in our nation.

Value added tax has been imposed in canteens.
Canteen to relax and enjoy with friends.
Canteen to revitalize and rejuvenate after prolonged hours of study and work.

RBI courageously inducted 185000 crore into system to beat back recessionary trends in our nation.
Major Manoj Talwar displayed exemplary courage during Kargil Operation.
Captain Vikram Batra, PVC courageously fought Pakistani rangers during Kargil operations.

Work hard and be sure of your success, always be a fighter not a quitter.
India is sure to beat back energy crisis in the near future.
There is no surety to beat back the ill designs of Maoist action in the affected areas of Jharkhand, etc.

Indian army is known for disciplined soldiers.
Discipline is part of life, implement it and see the difference.
Discipline is the bed rock of success; follow the principles of great people like Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.

Operation Blue Star brought peace in Punjab and fought back bravely the ill designs of the militants.
Operation Vijay proved successful during Kargil operations.
Operation to fight back Naxilism and terrorism is a big issue in front of the government.
Poverty is a curse to the mankind; steps should be taken to be poverty ridden nation.
Corruption is a great curse to economic development. The defaulters should be punished.
AIDS is curse to society.

Sky diving and Para sailing is a good adventure sport.
India is adventurous to promote project through Indo-France agreement to beat back energy crisis.
Conquering of Mount Everest by Tenzing Norkay and his team was an adventurous feat in the International Arena.

Dowry is the biggest crime against women in our nation.
Child labour is the worst crime; measures should be taken to beat back the menace.
Criminals should be given an exemplary punishment involved in terrorist activities.

Difficult situations like corruption can be tackled by peaceful negotiations and settlements within the framework of the constitution.
Indo-US nuclear deal will bring solution to our nation and beat back the difficult problem of energy crisis.
Jammu and Kashmir is a difficult issue, India and Pakistan should resolve amicably else other nations may take advantage of the crucial situation.

Nothing is impossible, nations have to sit tighter to fight back global warming.
Chandrayan-1 will try to develop 3-D atlas and configuration of the moon which is a impossible mission, let us hope to succeed in the mission.
Impossible means, I am possible.

RBI has brought a temporary ease on the impact of financial crisis in India.
Easy money is dangerous for the growth of the people; voluntary disclosure scheme should be introduced to beat back black marketing.
Easy approach does not lead to success.

Major Batra, PVC died a martyr death during the Kargil Operation.
Lt. Arun Kherapal, PVC of 17 Poona Horse laid down his life during 1971 war.
Honor killing is leading to mysterious death of young people, the practice should be arrested.

Pakistan tried to discourage the Indo-US nuclear deal by external intervention by other nation.
India should discourage china against construction of Barrage on Brahmaputra River.
Young minds should focus towards development of our nation and should not be discouraged by minor set backs.

Abhinav Bindra brought gold medal to our nation in 10 m air rifle shooting during Olympics.
Col. Rajvardhan Rathore brought the first silver medal in shooting during Olympics and brought fame to the India army.
Shoot to kill; sustained shooting practice should be taken by Para military forces to beat back Maoist activities in the jungle terrain.

Corruption is killing our nation; we should bring changes to fight back the evil practices of corrupt people.
Shoot to kill, improve your perception and snub your opponents.
Kill bad habits, germs and grow in life.

Barack Hussain Obama’s win as president of USA brought happiness to the black people in the nation.
Every day is a new day, be happy and take challenges in life.
Happiness is state of mind, you can develop it.

Dhananjay Chatterjee was found guilty in raping Heten Pariksh.
Terrorist guilty of 26/11 and militant action in Mumbai during July 2011 should be brought to task.
Person’s found guilty towards transfer of money to Swiss bank should be punished.

India and Pakistan should maintain brotherly relations and bring peace to the continent.
America is acting as a big brother to the African nations.
Love between brothers is a building factor in the family.

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Word Association Test: 100+ real words for Practice with pdf download

By Deepak Tomar →

Word Association Test: New WAT words for Practice with Solution

Hello Dear Aspirants, I have been thinking of updating my WAT words list for many days, i have been asked by many SSB Aspirants to update more WAT Words for practice. So Today i have prepared 2 Sets of 100 words each, these are repeated words which are asked in latest SSB Interviews. So prepare these words enhance your Psychological Test Skills as these are really going to help you alot on Day 2: Word Association Test.

Sample Words with Solution:

  1. Operate – He operated entire event and led it to a fantastic end
  2. Surprize – Inspector Ramesh’s surprize attack made the culprits to surrender.
  3. Battle – Calm discussions avoid battles
  4. Flag – National flag is the symbol of honour and pride
  5. Trail – He took trails of his project and performed best in the exhibition
  6. Night – Lt. Ram advanced with his team at night and napped 3 terrorists
  7. Hate – Gandhiji’s initiative against untouchability reduced hate against lower caste
  8. Fight – Sudoku is a fight between mind and numerals
  9. Dark – Dark times strengthens the soul
  10. Failure – Failures are the lessons to grab success
  11. Enemy – Knowledge and tactics, defeats the enemy in war
  12. Ahead – Ram stood ahead and led his team to the camp
  13. Result – Modesty results into a kind heart
  14. Camp – Outings and camping relaxes mind and gives new experiences.
  15. Group – Group talks gives new and innovative ideas
  16. Think – Deep thinking gives hidden solutions
  17. Baffle – His stamina and sports skills baffled the opponents in match
  18. Alert – Early alert system of tsunami will save many lives
  19. Sorry – Accepting mistakes, avoids complex problems
  20. Meet – Meeting new friends evolves a good personality
  21. Difficult – Difficulties adds spice in life
  22. Associate – He associated with his seniors and organised the event
  23. Depth – Deep analysis brings out fantastic ideas
  24. Crowd – A good leader directs the crowd in a good manner
  25. Ring – Boxing ring is the heaven for a boxer
  26. Address – He addressed all aspects, discussed with subordinates and came to a conclusion
  27. Suppose – Aryabhata’s suppositions and assumptions took maths to a new height
  28. Need – Necessity brings out innovations
  29. Neighbour – He motivated his neighbours and cleaned the public park
  30. Storm – Sumit stormed into opponent’s kabbadi field and won 3 points
  31. Major – Paris summit is a major step in the field of climate change
  32. Alive – Adventure, curiosity and free mind keeps soul alive
  33. Judgement – Lt. Akshay’s correct judgement and improvisation led to the success of operation
  34. Depend – Self-dependent and hardworking people always rise
  35. Identify – Ramesh checked the car engine, identified, repaired it and continued the trip
  36. Meat – Meat fulfils the energy requirement of a soldier
  37. Secure – A secure place for women, develops exponentially
  38. Diminish – Gender equality diminishes crimes
  39. Morning – Running habit in morning keeps the body fit
  40. Practical – Emphasising on practical knowledge will improve the skills of new generation
  41. Drown – He jumped into the lake and took the drowning guy out of the it
  42. Office – Biometric attendance system in government offices improved productivity
  43. Demolish – Capt. Amar demolished the room, which reported to shelter terrorists
  44. Upset – Ramesh solved problem of his upset friend
  45. Cute – Cuteness streams in kids
  46. Overcome – Fearless people are best suited for Armed forces
  47. Rule – Rules and laws flourishes peace and prosperity
  48. Diverge – Mediation helps in overcoming the divergence of mind
  49. Disobey – His discipline and teaching tactics taught students to obey orders
  50. Sputnik – Sputnik is an example of  human’s achievement in the field of space exploration

Most Asked WAT Words for Psychological Test in SSB:

  • Easy- Proper planning makes a task easy to execute.
  • Ahead- India’s future is bright ahead.
  • Sacrifice-A team player sacrifice his interests for his team.
  • Happy- Family and friends gives us joy and happiness.
  • Discussion- Discussion leads to understand others better.
  • Satisfaction- Working for country gives utmost satisfaction.
  • Encourage- Team player always encourages his team.
  • System-leader makes a workable and systematic plan.
  • Quick- Spontaneous people quickly adapt things.
  • Judge- P.sathasivam is the Chief justice of India.
  • Women- women are leading our country from the front.
  • Love- Love for country gives strength and optimism.
  • Difficulty- Difficulty serves as an opportunity for a brave man.
  • Duty- Working for the welfare and safety of the country is a duty.
  • Idea- Different ideas help us to find the solution n a short interval of time.
  • Books- Eleanor Catton won 2013 booker prize
  • Future- Hard work in present gives the best in future.
  • Music – Music gives peace, dedication and determination.
  • Error- Errors are removed by revaluation.
  • Work-Hard work, determination and optimism lead us to our aims.
  • Justice – President appoints the chief justice of India.
  • Charity- Altruist people give charity and empower others.
  • Kindness- Altruists people are Kind and generous.
  • Self control- Self control is the character of a leader.
  • Educate- Education aware and empower us.
  • Medicine-Medicines save lives.
  • Exercise – Exercise keeps us physically and mentally fit.
  • Poetry- Poetry fills us with Zeal and enthusiasm.
  • Hard work- A winner always put hard work and dedication in a work.
  • Blood- Blood donation camps help collecting blood.
  • Face- A Brave man always wins over his fear.
  • Snake- Snake poison is used for the manufacturing of medicines.
  • Luck- Luck comes with hard work.
  • Won- Babur won the 1st battle of Panipat.
  • Company- Proper coordination leads a company to greater heights.
  • Attempts- Continuous attempts lead us to our aim.
  • Knowledge- Knowledge becomes the foundation of a great future.
  • Honey- Honey is the outcome of hard work.
  • Tackle- Team  coordination helps in tackling a situation.
  • Punctuality- Punctuality is the character of winners.
  • Reaction- Reactions helps to understand others better.
  • Offer- A friendly person always offer help.
  • Drive- Passion, dedication and determination drives us to our goal.
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WAT in SSB: Tips to Write Sentences (70+ New Words)

By Deepak Tomar →

WAT Test in SSB: Tips to write negative words in SSB

Hello aspirants i am back with a new post about WAT Test in SSB, In this post i will be explaining some tips related to handling negative words in WAT (explained in some books), In WAT test of ssb you will be asked many negative words to check you psychology level and you have to answer them smartly and positively again before starting this post i will say practice more and more words to increase your speed and psychology level.
When your reaction to a negative word is positive, it will be easy for you to make a sentence from the word. The tip is to form a positive idea from a negative word shown in the slide.
For example- Defeat: - Now when we hear defeat, an image of failure comes to our mind. It is natural but a little practice will help you to change the image out of your mind. Please read out method to write sentences on negative words HERE.

How to write sentence on Negative words in WAT SSB:

  1. Don’t always try to write a positive thing, some things can be written in negative way but still be good. Like for Unemployment, You can write ‘It is the biggest problem of India.
  2. You can change the form of the word, like you can make poor as poverty so use this to your advantage.
  3. Write short and snappy responses, do not write big sentences.
  4. If you are not able to think of anything then simply write your reaction with the positive of that negative word.
  5. It is not always necessary to write a full sentence, you can sometimes just write your reaction.
  6. Do not spend much time in thinking.
  7. Try not to think about the previous word while moving on to the next word.
  8. You can write how you can remove that particular negative thing by some positive thing, like ‘Nervousness can be overcome by preparations’
  9. Be very calm and positive throughout the whole procedure.
  10. Think randomly of negative words and try thinking of responses as soon as possible.
  11. Do not mug up sentences in advance.

Here is a list of 100 such negative words which you may face in your SSB:

  1. Anger
  2. Avoid
  3. Awful
  4. Ashamed
  5. Annoy
  6. Abandon
  7. Abuse
  8. Afraid
  9. Alone
  10. Attack
  11. Alcohol
  12. Beg
  13. Bore
  14. Bad
  15. Broken
  16. Blame
  17. Beer
  18. Booze
  19. Bomb
  20. Cannot
  21. Clumsy
  22. Confuse
  23. Cheat
  24. Delay
  25. Danger
  26. Difficult
  27. Dislike
  28. Defeat
  29. Dead
  30. Damage
  31. Deny
  32. Depress
  33. Drug
  34. Dirty
  35. Dishonest
  36. Damage
  37. Divorce
  38. Disease
  39. Dreadful
  40. Disaster
  41. Dumb
  42. Evil
  43. End
  44. Excuse
  45. Embarrass
  46. Enemy
  47. Fear
  48. Fight
  49. Furious
  50. Fault
  51. Fail/Failure
  52. Foul
  53. Fright
  54. Force
  55. False
  56. Gossip
  57. Greed
  58. Guilty
  59. Hate
  60. Hurt
  61. Hide
  62. Hunger
  63. Horrible
  64. Harm/Harmful
  65. Humiliate
  66. Impossible
  67. Ignore
  68. Insecure
  69. Ill
  70. Insane
  71. Inferior
  72. Insult
  73. Jealous
  74. Kill
  75. Lie
  76. Lost/Loose
  77. Miser
  78. No/Not/Never
  79. Offensive
  80. Pain
  81. Pessimist
  82. Problem
  83. Poor
  84. Poison
  85. Quit
  86. Reject
  87. Revenge
  88. Rude
  89. Sad
  90. Sorry
  91. Sorrow
  92. Steal
  93. Suspicious/Suspect
  94. Traitor
  95. Tension
  96. Ugly
  97. Upset
  98. Un-fair,healthy,pleasant,happy,just,favourable,wanted,loved
  99. War
  100. Worthless/Zero
Make Sentences on these words and send it to me OR you can comment below i will check and provide the feedback. More practice will produce good results.

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Word Association Test SSB: 100 Negative words for Practice

By Deepak Tomar →

Day 2: Word Association Test Tips and Practice Examples

Hello Dear Aspirants, I have been thinking of updating my WAT words list for many days, i have been asked by many SSB Aspirants to update more WAT Words for practice. So Today i have prepared 2 Sets of 100 words each, these are repeated words which are asked in latest SSB Interviews. So prepare these words enhance your Psychological Test Skills as these are really going to help you alot on Day 2: Word Association Test.

Word Association Test in SSB: Practice Set 2
Word Association Test in SSB: Practice Set 2

Word Association Test: WAT Words for Practice
  • Change : Determined people change the fate.
    • Gandhiji fought for a change in the system.
  • Conduct : Conducting environmental campaigns increases awareness.
  • Class : Food for work scheme helps lower class of society.
    • Class differences are slowly but surely fading.
  • Convince : Confident people convince others easily.
  • Criticize : Positive criticism improves performance.
    • Healthy criticism improves performance.
  • Decide : India and China have decided to improve their relations.
  • Develop : Youth plays crucial role in the development of country.
  • Discourage : Coach encourages team to win the match.
  • Duty : Duty and responsibility goes hand in hand.
    • Duty implies responsibilities.
    • To perform duty is always joyful.
  • Delay : Doing work without delay shows sincerity.
  • Dictator : Democracy is the answer to dictatorship.
  • Drink : Clean drinking water is essential for public health.
    • Interlinking of revers will provide enough drinking water.
  • Differ : India is a home of different yet unified cultures.
  • Death : The brave soldier died a martyr‟s death.
    • Death of a martyr inspires young blood.
  • Deteriorate : Illiteracy deteriorates a country‟s progress.
    • ASI checks the deterioration of historical monuments.
  • Disagree : disagreement is removed by pragmatic approach.
  • Doubt : Knowledge removes all doubt
  • Desire : Indian youth desires for a developed nation.
  • Diversity : Crop diversification is beneficial for good cultivate
  • Determined : India is Determined people achieve their goals definitely.
  • Dialogue : Is the only solution of problems like Kashmir.
  • Difficult : Strong people face difficulties bravely.
  • Demand : Talented people are always demanded.
    • Indian brain is demand in the world.
  • Earn : Honesty earns respect.
    • Gandhiji earned respect from countrymen and others as well.
  • Escape : Braves don‟t escape from difficulties.
  • Elder : Is the best inspiration.
  • Examination : Test the level of preparation
    • Good leader examines problem from all angles.
  • Enjoy : Friend‟s company is enjoyable.
    • Friends enjoy each other‟s company.
  • Encourage: Encouragement motivates people, Improve performance.
  • Efficiency : Encouragement motivates people, Improve performance.
  • Enemy : Lively people have lots of friends.
    • Troops fights with enemy will full enthusiasm.
  • Excuse : Strong people never give lame excuse.
  • Fight : Indian army fight with exemplary courage.
  • Fear : Courage removes it.
    • Enemy is fearful of Indian troops.
  • Future : Future of Indian space research is very bright.
    • Upcoming generation is the future of country.
  • Failure: Gives chance to mend the shortcomings.
  • Fair: Is the confidence of multi-cultures.
    • Book fairs draw people from diverse fields.
  • Fellow: Trust and understanding is the bond among the fellows.
  • Follow: Good leaders command healthy following.
  • Friend : Friends help/trusts/understands each other.
    • Is the gift of God.
  • Future : Is good for go-getters.
  • Family : Always stand together.
    • Indians stand together like a family.
  • Flower : Relaxes and freshens from inside.
  • Favourite : Dr. Abdul Kalam is favourite of all Indians.
  • Film : Documentary films educate masses.
    • Is the showcase of creative message.
  • Guard: Defence forces guard the border who full devotion.
  • Girl: Deserves equal opportunities for development for society.
  • Gallant: Gallant mountaineers scaled the peak successfully.
  • Happy: Meeting friends gives happiness
  • Having a goal is a state of happiness.
  • Honest: Good citizens show honesty
    • Towards their responsibilities.
  • Holiday: Helps to keep mind relaxed.
  • Hesitation: Practice removes hesitation.
    • Knowledge overcomes it.
  • Home: Learning starts from home.
  • Habit: Good habits lead a long way in life.
    • Good habits are inculcated by practice.
  • Headmaster: Takes his institution to great heights.
    • Is the role model for students.
  • Hardwork: Always pays in life.
    • Persistent hardwork in right direction brings positive result.
    • India always gives a helping hand to its neighbors.
  • Hand: India joined hand with others to fight terrorism.
    • India always gives a helping hand to its neighbors.
  • Illiterate: Literacy bring prosperity in society.
    • Literacy gives a helping hand to its neighbors.
  • Impossible: Persistence made it possible to reach the moon.
    • Consistent effort make everything possible.
  • Insult: He respects his elders.
    • Gandhiji converted it into motivation, get success.
  • Jump: India jumped to great heights in IT field.
  • Joke: Creates Light-moments in life.
  • Jungle: Is the home to diverse flora and fauna.
    • Is a natural treasure for living being .
  • Joy: Life is full of joy.
  • Jealous: Love overcomes jealousy.
    • Caring and sharing removes jealousy.
  • Lose: Strong people bounced back from their loss.
  • Love: Binds people.
    • Brings unity.
    • Is the sweetest and strongest bond.
  • Leader: Always shows right path to his men.
    • Good Leaders lead their men effectively.
  • Lonely: Company of friends overcomes effectively.
  • Luck: Luck favours those who take initiatives.
    • Great efforts bring good luck automatically.
  • Loyal: Loyalty towards duty/work shows strong character.
    • Loyalty makes relations stronger.
  • Language: Makes communication possible.
    • Language of love is know by all.
  • Logic: Logical ideas are welcomed by all.
  • Mad: Fanaticism is a madness of making.
  • Make: Timely decisions help in making the career.
  • Meet: Meeting regularly creates better understanding.
  • Mend: Mending fences improves relations with neighbors..
  • Mother: Is an embodiment of faith and sacrifice.
  • Movement: High morale gives momentum to the goal.
  • Necessity: Motivates a man to work hard.
  • Newspaper: Improve the knowledge.
  • Notice: Great deeds are notice by everyone.
  • Obey: Proper command and control brings obedience to orders.
    • Firm and just orders are always obeyed.
  • Opportunities: Wiseman always makes proper use of opportunities.
  • Overcome: One can overcome the hurdles with determination.
    • Self-confidence helps in overcoming difficulties early.
  • Quick: Army Officers take quick and correct decision.
  • Read: Reading enhances knowledge.
  • Recognition: Great deeds are always recognized.
  • Respect: Good deed are always respected.
  • Responsible: Rank and responsibility go together.
  • Rest: Rest is essential afer handwork.
  • Revolution: Brings a change.
  • Rights: Rights and duties are co-related.
  • Risk: Higher the risk, higher the aims.
  • Rule: Enforcement of rules and regulations brings discipline.
  • Shy: Shyness can be avoided by free interaction with others.
  • Sister: Elder sister is a good friend and an advisor
  • Sportsman: Sportsman spirit helps in winning the match.
  • Stamina: Regular exercise increases stamina.
    • Sports help in building stamina.
  • Struggle: Struggle makes life thrilling experience.
  • System: Systematic approach makes work easier.
  • Teacher: Guides and helps in drawing best in a child
  • Team: Team‟s victory depends on each ones efforts.
  • Temper: Short tempered people create more enemies than friends.
  • Thank: Thanking people cost nothing.
  • Tired: Short break after handwork avoids tiredness.
  • Travel: Traveling improves knowledge.
  • Understand: Friendship in based on mutual understanding.
  • Uniform: Gives pride and unity.
  • Union: Mutual understanding brings unity in a team.
  • Victory: Sincere efforts leads to victory.
  • War: War is not the solution to human problems.
  • Worry: Hurry and worry brings diseases only.
  • Young: Young performers are goal oriented.
  • Youth: Youth alone can built society.
  • Zeal: He plays with Zeal & Josh.

WAT Test in SSB: 100+ Real Words with solution Set 2

By Deepak Tomar →