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Day 2: Word Association Test Tips and Practice Examples

Hello Dear Aspirants, I have been thinking of updating my WAT words list for many days, i have been asked by many SSB Aspirants to update more WAT Words for practice. So Today i have prepared 2 Sets of 100 words each, these are repeated words which are asked in latest SSB Interviews. So prepare these words enhance your Psychological Test Skills as these are really going to help you alot on Day 2: Word Association Test.

Word Association Test in SSB: Real Words Example
Word Association Test in SSB: Real Words Example

Word Association Test: WAT Words for Practice

  • Atom: India uses her atomic energy for peace purpose.
    • Future source of energy.
  • Assist: A good leader assists his seniors with due respect.
    • India assisted UNO whenever asked.
  • Agree: Agreement is the result of mutual understanding.
    • Defence agreement with USA shows India‟s growing status.
  • Affection: Prevails in close-knit family.
    • Love and affection goes hand in hand.
  • Accept: Strong people accept challenge willingly.
  • Attack: On right time with good strategy wins battle.
  • Afraid: Brave people are never afraid of adversity.
  • Alone: When alone, books give good company.
    • Youth alone brings changes in society
  • Admire: Admiring others for good deeds bring them closer to us.
    • India‟s progress in space science/BPO is admirable.
  • Active: Sports keep body active.
    • Inspiration activates people to do well.
    • Youth takes active part in nation building.
  • Avoid: Proper planning avoids suffering.
  • Attempt: Serious attempts ensure good results.
    • Determined people attempt till the goal is achieved.
  • Army: The backbone of a nation‟s security.
    • Symbol of discipline.
  • Accomplish: Capt. Batra accomplished hismission bravely.
    • Perseverance accomplishes success.
  • Appeal: Human right groups appeal against injustice.
    • Indians have right to appeal directly in Supreme Court.
  • Abuse: US army committed human abuse in Iraq.
  • Annoy: Mature people keep everyone happy.
  • Award: Hard work is an award itself.
  • Accident: Implementation of traffic rules avoids accidents.
    • Konkan Railway uses anti collision device to a void accidents.
  • Against: Government is working against Polio and Hepatitis B.
    • Government works against the odds to make nation develop.
  • Average: Average People rise to glory with continuous efforts.
  • Ask: India forces always help UNO whenever asked for.
  • Approach: Positive approach always givespositive results.
  • Aloof: Company of friends removes aloofness.
  • Aid: The whole world provided aid to Tsumani victims.
  • Argument: Reasonable argument promotesgood ideas.
  • Architect: Architecture is the game of Imagination.
  • Ambassador: Pt. Nehru was an ambassador ofpeace.
    • Mother Teres a was a ambassador of charity.
  • Again: Practicing again and again improves performance.
  • All: All citizens are responsible formation.
  • Aware: Awareness minimizes the cases of AIDS/Polio.
  • Adult: Education helps to remove orthodoxy from society.
  • Boredom: Removed by engagin experience.
    • Remove by reading/talking to friends.
  • Bachelor: Is the state of gaining experience.
  • Ballot: Plays important role in democracy.
  • Barrier: Large population is a barrier in development.
  • Beauty: Nature is bestowed with beauty.
    • Nature beauty refreshes mind andbody.
  • Bride: Taking and giving bribe is moral crime.
  • Books: Power house of knowledge.
    • Are good companions.
  • Behave: Good behaviors shows maturity.
    • Good behaviors reflect good upbringing.
  • Break: Continuous efforts help to break records.
  • Blood: Saves life.
    • O+ is universal donor.
    • Patriots nurture national interest with their blood.
  • Begin: A good beginning entails a good end.
  • Beggar: Social workers work for beggars upliftment.
    • Relations are based on loyalty.
  • Bed: After hard work; be gives relief.
  • Bad: Life if full of good things
  • Brave: Brave men build society.
  • Borrow: USA is borrowing good brains from India.
    • Pak borrowed missiles from China/North Korea.
  • Beat: Indian Scientists beat the world in IT.
  • Burden: Cheerfulness eases the burden.
    • Good citizens burden their responsibility willingly.
  • Bilateral: India is improving bilateral relations with Pak/China.
  • Blame: US blamed Saddam to have WMDs.
    • Weak always blames others.
  • Bomb : Vast population acts as a bom.
    • Bombing on Hiroshima/Nagasaki was inhuman act.
  • Calamity: Tsumani was great calamity.
    • Effectively disaster management minimizes the harm in a calamity.
  • Calm: Calm and cool people win other‟s heart.
    • Calm and cool mind brings better results.
  • Careful : Careful preparation keeps errors away.
  • Compel : Compelling reasons win a lot of supports.
  • Captain : Motivates his men/leads by example.
  • Capable : Continuous efforts increase capability.
  • Congratulation : Congratulating others on their sucess motivates them to do well again.
  • Company : Of friends gives pleasure.
    • Of good people gives good habits.
  • Cheat : Cheating does not give long-lasting results.
    • Cheaters need strict punishment.
  • Clean : Systems serve better.
  • Cult : India is a home of different cults and creeds.
  • Culprit : Is brought to justice by law.
  • Cruel : Cruelty of Hitller led to the Second World War.
    • Cruelty of Saddam was the cause of his fall.
  • Cry : To Check growing population is the crying need of the hour.
  • Cup : Life is a cup of joy.
  • Child : Priceless asset of parents.
    • Future torch bearer of country‟s progress.
    • UNICEF runs may schemes for uplifement of children.
  • Care : Caring and sharing makes therelations strong.
  • Casual : Attitude harms the success.
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Word Association Test in SSB: Practice Example Set 1 (100 Real Words)

By Deepak Tomar →


Guys i have uploaded 60 WAT words in my previous post for practice, today i am uploading more WAT
Word association test Practice sets
Word Association Test Practice Set
words for practice in today's post i have uploaded more than one positive sentence to each word so that you can easily understand the logic and concept of WAT formation. Read the word and its related sentence formed, more words you will practice the idea for WAT formation will be more cleared.


  • Indian Politician should think collectively as a unit before signing the Indo-US Nuclear Deal.
  • Think before you speak.
  • Indian think tanks of scientist have done a commendable job in launching of the foreign satellites.

  • Indian women are shy by nature.
  • Indian should not feel shy in dealing with china on Brahmaputra issue.
  • Government should not be shy to beat back corruption.

  • The white tiger by Arvind Adiga won the bookers prize award.
  • Indian legendary stories are fascinating.
  • Stories by war heroes are very inspiring.

  • India has the largest rail network in Asia.
  • Best form of commuting.
  • Train takes people to destination.

  • Short holidays lead to relaxation.
  • Short and brisk reactions by players lead to win matches in basket ball.
  • Short spells of rain are fascinating during monsoons.

  • Test to check knowledge.
  • India and Pakistan are in competition to test fire nuclear weapon.
  • Test for validation of people.

  • Respect time; follow a strict time schedule to succeed.
  • US assault by drones is a novel method to penetrate enemy defenses.
  • Time and Tide waits for none.

  • Inflation gives worry to RBI; measures are required to beat back inflation due to drop in rupee value in terms of dollar.
  • IAEA safeguard gave India many agreements from France and Russia.
  • Give and take is an old policy, share knowledge amongst your friends.

  • Lehman brothers cannot beat back recessionary trends in USA.
  • Mortgage of loans by the companies drive the worlds in economic financial crisis.
  • Drive and determination leads to success.

  • Polio-drop camp is often initiated to give polio-vaccine to the children and fight back the disease.
  • Awareness on sexual contact can often prevent AIDS.
  • People often commit common sense mistakes.

  •  Pick and choose the best electronics items from the world market, lot of options are available today.
  • World is picking India for trade partner.
  • US choose Barack Hussain Obama as 44th President.

  • India and Pakistan should genuinely strive for peace in South Asia.
  • India genuinely needs up-liftment in standard of living and fighting out corruption.
  • Depletion of ozone layer is a genuine problem fight back global warming.

  • India should prepare to fight back social issues at the grassroot level.
  • India is in a state of preparedness to fight back illiteracy.
  • India is a definite need to fight back inflation due slump in world market.

  • There is a definite need to fight back corruption at high places in our nation. Find ways and means to punish defaulters.
  • Traces of water have been identified on the surface of the moon.
  • NASA finds water deposits on mars soil is a new revelation.

  • Natural beauty is very alluring, the Himalayan ranges is a true example.
  • Global warming is causing threat to natural environment.
  • It is natural to find people rise to glory, who work hard in life.

  • PM Manmohan Singh is keen to settle Lokpal Bill and hoarding of Black Money.
  • Meeting between foreign ministers and confidence building measures between India and Pakistan is encouraging.
  • SAARC meet will bring dynamic changes in South Asia.

  • India and China has to take each other confidence; else it may lead to a war like situation in the Eastern Sector.
  • Strict action is desired to be taken at International Level to beat back terrorism.
  • Government should take action to beat back poverty in our nation.

  • India always mistook Pakistan to be our will wisher.
  • It is a great mistake to delay punishment to the traitors involved in parliament attack.
  • Learn from your mistakes and perform better after due introspection.

  • Indo-US nuclear deal is a good idea to beat back energy crisis.
  • Good innovative ideas are required to resolve Kashmir issue problem.
  • Great minds always exhibit great ideas, learn from the teachings of Swami Vivekanand.

  • Russia and France are keen to improve trade relation with India.
  • India is keen to cut its carbon emission by 10 per cent and ensure the safe guards as committed in Cancun summit on global warming.
  • South Asian nations should show keenness towards cooperation and mutual respect of territorial disputes.

  • Illiteracy is like a disease to our society, government is talking definite measures to beat back illiteracy.
  • Poverty is a disease to our economic development.
  • H1N1 is a new disease and has to be dealt through invention of new vaccine.

  • India’s progress in space science is admirable by initiating New Chandrayan mission in near future.
  • Moon emits soothing light, which is very romantic on full moon days.
  • It is a sight to view monument Taj Mahal during full moon days.

  • Barack Hussain Obama is the first black American to be elected as president of United State of America.
  • Lt. Arun Kheterpal, PVC is a proud son of India who brought victory to the nation during 1971 operation.
  • Bhagat singh is a true son of our nation to beat back the Britishers Colonial rule.

Frequently Asked Words In Word Association Test: Practice set 2

By Deepak Tomar →


Hello aspirants i am back with a new post about WAT Test in SSB, In this post i will be explaining some tips related to handling negative words in WAT (explained in some books), In WAT test of ssb you will be asked many negative words to check you psychology level and you have to answer them smartly and positively again before starting this post i will say practice more and more words to increase your speed and psychology level.
When your reaction to a negative word is positive, it will be easy for you to make a sentence from the word. The tip is to form a positive idea from a negative word shown in the slide.
For example- Defeat: - Now when we hear defeat, an image of failure comes to our mind. It is natural but a little practice will help you to change the image out of your mind.


(1)   Denial method
TPSN + Denial words (is not, does not, has not, never) + OW + Other words.
For example
(1)   Hate
(1)   A good friend never hates his own friend.
           TPSN          DW           OW        OTW
(2)   A good army officer never hates his own soldiers.
(3)   A good captain does not hates his own players.
(4)   A leader never hates his followers.
(5)   A good father never hates his own children.
(6)   A good scientist never hates good invention of life.
(2)   Reject
(1)   A scientist never rejects new inventions of life.
(2)   A good officer never reject his duties and responsibility.
(3)   A good manager does not reject valuable suggestions from his colleagues.
(4)   A brave never rejects challenges of life.
(3)   Punish
(1)   A good army officer never punishes an innocent soldiers.
(2)   A good teacher never punishes an honest student.
(3)   A true judge never punishes a person for his guiltless offence.
(4)   Selfish
(1)   A good leader is never selfish of promoting his own interest.
(2)   A sincere friend is never selfish with his own friends.
(3)   A good captain is never selfish of personal achievement.
(4)   He is not selfish of his own publicity.

Examples of Negative words in SSB for Practice:

  1. Weak- A brave man defeats his weakness.
  2. Danger- Indian defence is always ready for dangerous 
  3. Weapon- weapon is used for protection.
  4. Hijack- commandos are trained for 
  5. Difficult-difficulties are solved by patience.
  6. Fear- winners bravely face his fear.
  7. Aggressive- A leader patiently deals with his team.
More on Negative Words-
  1. Kill: A good caption wins the match through killers instinct.
  2. Death: a brave is never afraid of death.
  3. suicide: man of courage never thinks of suicide.
  4. knife: Knife is useful instrument for surgeon.
  5. snake: snake poison is useful for medical purposes.
  6. rope: a good leader knows how to weave his rope to success.
  7. Map: a good leader creates his own map to the goal of success.
  8. Time: time management helps in completing the task.
  9. Harmony: Harmony among people reflects unity of strength.
  10. war: peaceful method overcome war.
  11. Dismiss: a good leader never dismisses a good idea.
  12. Enemy: he has no enemies in life.
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By Deepak Tomar →

WAT: Word Association Test for Practice 

(100+ words pdf download)

Guys i am providing more WAT words for your better practice, also there are more than one positive sentence over each word. The best way to score more in Word Association Test in SSB is to Practice more and more WAT words and review the sentence you have made. You can write your assignment in my comment box below and i will check your sentence and suggest you improvements. In my previous posts i have provided introduction to WAT and Formation rules you can read basic introduction and formation rules there.
I have also provided the methods to tackle negative words and other best WAT formation rules, you can refer to these posts for more details and knowledge.

WAT: Word Association Test Practice Set 5 ( words for practice):

Osama Bin Laden was a great traitor in the field of global terrorism.
Ajmal Kasab was a traitor to the nation involved in 26/11 attack in Mumbai operation at Hotel Taj.
Afzal guru was a great traitor to the action involved in planning terrorist activities in our nation.

Value added tax has been imposed in canteens.
Canteen to relax and enjoy with friends.
Canteen to revitalize and rejuvenate after prolonged hours of study and work.

RBI courageously inducted 185000 crore into system to beat back recessionary trends in our nation.
Major Manoj Talwar displayed exemplary courage during Kargil Operation.
Captain Vikram Batra, PVC courageously fought Pakistani rangers during Kargil operations.

Work hard and be sure of your success, always be a fighter not a quitter.
India is sure to beat back energy crisis in the near future.
There is no surety to beat back the ill designs of Maoist action in the affected areas of Jharkhand, etc.

Indian army is known for disciplined soldiers.
Discipline is part of life, implement it and see the difference.
Discipline is the bed rock of success; follow the principles of great people like Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.

Operation Blue Star brought peace in Punjab and fought back bravely the ill designs of the militants.
Operation Vijay proved successful during Kargil operations.
Operation to fight back Naxilism and terrorism is a big issue in front of the government.
Poverty is a curse to the mankind; steps should be taken to be poverty ridden nation.
Corruption is a great curse to economic development. The defaulters should be punished.
AIDS is curse to society.

Sky diving and Para sailing is a good adventure sport.
India is adventurous to promote project through Indo-France agreement to beat back energy crisis.
Conquering of Mount Everest by Tenzing Norkay and his team was an adventurous feat in the International Arena.

Dowry is the biggest crime against women in our nation.
Child labour is the worst crime; measures should be taken to beat back the menace.
Criminals should be given an exemplary punishment involved in terrorist activities.

Difficult situations like corruption can be tackled by peaceful negotiations and settlements within the framework of the constitution.
Indo-US nuclear deal will bring solution to our nation and beat back the difficult problem of energy crisis.
Jammu and Kashmir is a difficult issue, India and Pakistan should resolve amicably else other nations may take advantage of the crucial situation.

Nothing is impossible, nations have to sit tighter to fight back global warming.
Chandrayan-1 will try to develop 3-D atlas and configuration of the moon which is a impossible mission, let us hope to succeed in the mission.
Impossible means, I am possible.

RBI has brought a temporary ease on the impact of financial crisis in India.
Easy money is dangerous for the growth of the people; voluntary disclosure scheme should be introduced to beat back black marketing.
Easy approach does not lead to success.

Major Batra, PVC died a martyr death during the Kargil Operation.
Lt. Arun Kherapal, PVC of 17 Poona Horse laid down his life during 1971 war.
Honor killing is leading to mysterious death of young people, the practice should be arrested.

Pakistan tried to discourage the Indo-US nuclear deal by external intervention by other nation.
India should discourage china against construction of Barrage on Brahmaputra River.
Young minds should focus towards development of our nation and should not be discouraged by minor set backs.

Abhinav Bindra brought gold medal to our nation in 10 m air rifle shooting during Olympics.
Col. Rajvardhan Rathore brought the first silver medal in shooting during Olympics and brought fame to the India army.
Shoot to kill; sustained shooting practice should be taken by Para military forces to beat back Maoist activities in the jungle terrain.

Corruption is killing our nation; we should bring changes to fight back the evil practices of corrupt people.
Shoot to kill, improve your perception and snub your opponents.
Kill bad habits, germs and grow in life.

Barack Hussain Obama’s win as president of USA brought happiness to the black people in the nation.
Every day is a new day, be happy and take challenges in life.
Happiness is state of mind, you can develop it.

Dhananjay Chatterjee was found guilty in raping Heten Pariksh.
Terrorist guilty of 26/11 and militant action in Mumbai during July 2011 should be brought to task.
Person’s found guilty towards transfer of money to Swiss bank should be punished.

India and Pakistan should maintain brotherly relations and bring peace to the continent.
America is acting as a big brother to the African nations.
Love between brothers is a building factor in the family.

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Word Association Test: 100+ real words for Practice with pdf download

By Deepak Tomar →


Word Association Test introduction and Formation Tips

WAT (Word Association Test) is held on second say under Psychological test. In WAT you will be
how to form sentences in WAT( Word Association Test) in SSB
WAT( Word Association Test) in SSB
shown 60 word and you are supposed to make sentences on all words. Each word will be shown to you for 15 second, and you have to think your sentence and write it on paper. The most important thing that you should make a positive sentence over each word as shown in slide. It is generally the test of your imagination what you think on seeing a particular word and just 15 seconds are given to check your imagination power and instant action. 

Points you should remember while attempting WAT(Word Association Test)

  1.  Firstly keep your mind Concentrated and look carefully onto the slide and grasp the word shown to you.
  2. Quickly make a positive sentence that can be fitted with word make sure that it is positive and good.
  3. Write it onto the paper as quick as possible because will will find that another word is flashed on slide and you even are not completed with previous one.
  4. There may be negative words there so you may get confuse how to make positive sentence over there so my recommendation to you practice some negative words for that, i have provided a lots of WAT word for practice.
  5. Do not write too many sentence on same idea. like good teacher and defence forces.
  6. observatory sentences are not allowed there.
  7. Don't write idioms, phrases, quotations, universal truths. They show lack of original thoughts. 
  8. if any sentence is missing or incomplete try to complete next in time and complete previous one.
  9. Try to make real sentence don't make sentence out of your limit or range. Like someone says a good soldier fired 80 enemies.
  10. If you are not getting what to write, its better to write anything than to leave it blank.
  11. Don't write original word at starting, write direct sentence.

How to write negative words in WAT?

There will be negative word no doubt, they will be shown to check your thinking capabilities on seeing negative words and how you goes with them. So i am giving you some tips how you can make them positive.
  • Firstly don't get confused on seeing the word be cool, try to co-relate it with some positive idea. Like if you are shown blood, your mind will immediately go on accident or firing scene like mine was gone so try to relate it with some positive sentence like- O+ is universal donor.
  • See there is no blood in sentence but it is best sentence with blood as it directly related to blood and giving its sense.
  • One more thing practice some words from the sets i have provided in my post and if you cant do that learn 70-80 sentences.
  • Try to write sentence on daily news and policy which you generally read in news paper and i will recommend you to read "The Hindu" for SSB Interview Preparation.

General Errors you Do while attempting WAT:

  • First error you do that you leave the sentence blank. It is seen mostly that because shortage of time, most of the sentences are left blank. The best way to avoid it save time in writing other sentence and leave a space for it write all sentence serially with serial no. so that you can write it later.
  • Most of us leave a space and also write the word shown to you, this is my humble advice not to write the original word in line just make direct sentence and if you have sentence left mark that word on your hand or somewhere else but not on that space.
  • Don't write word in place of sentence.
  • Also i have told you not to write observatory sentences, phrases and all.
  • when you are not getting anything you prefer to write negative sentence, please don't do so it may have bad impression.


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      How to Form Good Positive Sentence in WAT (Word Association Test) in SSB

      By Deepak Tomar →

      Word Test Association PRACTICE SET - 1 

      The best way to score good in WAT is to practice more word if you have tendency to write the sentence after seeing the word Instantly then its good otherwise learn all the words given in
      This set then 80% of your WAT questions will be solved within seconds, believe me friends practice these 60 words, I am Putting 60 Word Association Test (WAT words) here and more words will be uploaded in my next Practice set.


      Samples words For Practice:

      (1) Imagination is a work of creative mind.
       Imagination creates foresight.
      (2) A responsible citizen is truthful to his work.
       A truth is always victorious.
      (3) Admiration reflects appreciation.
       Admiring others motivate them.
      (4) A good officer takes his decision early.
       An early riser is always high rise in life.
      (5) A good captain has strong determination to win a match.
       A strong will power leads to success.
      (6) Curiosity reflects eagerness for knowledge.
       Curiosity builds knowledge.
      (7) Laughing makes a person happier.
       Laughing reflects cheerfulness.
      (8) Brave boys do not cry.
       A brave never cries.
      (9) Good discussion reflects health learning environment.
       An open discussion shows transparency.
      (10)Brave girls do not need anybody’s sympathy.
      Sympathy reflects a kind heart.
      (11)Good citizen never performs crime.
      A criminal never goes unpunished in the eyes of law.
      (12)House is a first community of a child.
      A good house is the umbrella for the family.
      (13)Happiness overcomes sorrow.
      Joys overcomes sorrow.
      (14)Thinking reflects by one’s attitude.
      Positive thinking positive attitude.
      (15)Character is reflected by one’s deed.
      Character is the pillar of personality.
      (16)Cheerfulness overcomes sadness.
      Happiness over sadness.
      (17)Exam is the index of one’s merit.
      Exams are the testing tools of knowledge.
      (18)Brightness overcomes blindness.
      Blind trust is created by god leaders.
      (19)A good army adducer guides her soldiers properly.
      Funding is the art of leadership.
      (20)A good teacher is able to solve the problem of the student
      Ability demonstrates qualities.
      (21)An intelligent student scores will in exam.
      High scores reflects high achievements.
      (22)Women are respected in the Indian society.
      Women deserves equal rights from society.
      (23)A good captain commands over his players properly.
      Command over language is the art of speaking.
      (24)A good officer watches the things keenly.
      Command over language is the art of speaking.
      (25)Custom reflects the cultural entity of the country.
      Close watch is necessary for security reason.
      (26)Success is the mark of achievement.
      Every success leads to another success in life.
      (27)Courage overcomes fearfulness.
      (28)Doctor gives precautions for the will-being of the patient.
      Good patients precaution avoids any problem later.
      (29)Strictness reflects discipline.
      Strict rule create discipline.
      (30)A good captain jumps to grab the opportunity to win the match.
      Jumping to great heights show glories of success.
      (31)Knowledge overcomes anxiety.
      A scholar is always anxious to develop his knowledge.
      (32)A good student struggles to get success in his goal.
      Struggles make a person strong.
      (33)A good officer is never empty minded of ideas.
      A good leader makes empty promises to other.
      (34)College is a place where the students excel I their field.
      College is a gateway to higher learning.
      (35)Proper knowledge removes confusion.
      A good officer never gets confused while taking a decision.
      (36)A good politician runs the system efficiently.
      Systematic working always brings good results.
      (37)A good friend never thinks of harming his own friend.
      Good precautions overcome harmful effect.
      (38)Merit is the evaluation of the individual’s efforts.
      High merit demonstrates high virtues.
      (39)Temper reflects the present state of mind of an individual.
      Cool temper shows balanced personality.
      (40)A good captain plays the match with a good team spirit.
      Team efforts always lead to success.
      (41)A good officer never takes childish decision.
      Maturity overcomes childishness.
      (42)Weapon reflects the military strength of a country.
      Latest weapon win the war.
      (43)Friendship overcomes loneliness.
      (44)A good captain is always hungry for winning a match.
      Hunger for knowledge is the quality of a scholar.
      (45)Calmness overcomes aggressive nature.
      Aggressive policies make a leader strong.
      (46)A good manager work for the excellence of the organization.
      Hard work always produces fruitful results.
      (47)A true officer is never greedy of any reward.
      A good scientist is always greedy to invent new things in life.
      (48)Father is a figure of love and respect.
      A good father is a role model for the family.
      (49)A good captain never fires upon his players.
      Firing target shows the skill of fighting forces.
      (50)A good student is regular towards his studies.
      Regular practice always brings perfection.
      (51)Coeducation reflects healthy learning environment.
      Coeducation builds cooperation between men and women.
      (52)A true judge gives justice to the victim.
      True justice always obedient to authority.
      (53)A good student is obedient to her teachers.
      A good officer is always obedient to authority.
      (54)Criticism is good for the healthy interaction.
      Healthy criticism improves any size.
      (55) Playing is a good exercise.
      Fair play reflects impartiality.
      (56)Bridge overcomes distance.
      Fair play reflects impartially.
      (57)A good leader addresses the crowd efficiently.
      Crowd creates good leaders.
      (58)A good army officer leads her soldiers intelligently.
      An intelligent person always solves problem.
      (59)An obedient daughter never hides anything from her mother.
      A brave never surrenders.
      (60)Energy overcomes fatigue.
      Good stamina overcomes fatigue.

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