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Hello aspirants i am back with a new post about WAT Test in SSB, In this post i will be explaining some tips related to handling negative words in WAT (explained in some books), In WAT test of ssb you will be asked many negative words to check you psychology level and you have to answer them smartly and positively again before starting this post i will say practice more and more words to increase your speed and psychology level.
When your reaction to a negative word is positive, it will be easy for you to make a sentence from the word. The tip is to form a positive idea from a negative word shown in the slide.
For example- Defeat: - Now when we hear defeat, an image of failure comes to our mind. It is natural but a little practice will help you to change the image out of your mind.


(1)   Denial method
TPSN + Denial words (is not, does not, has not, never) + OW + Other words.
For example
(1)   Hate
(1)   A good friend never hates his own friend.
           TPSN          DW           OW        OTW
(2)   A good army officer never hates his own soldiers.
(3)   A good captain does not hates his own players.
(4)   A leader never hates his followers.
(5)   A good father never hates his own children.
(6)   A good scientist never hates good invention of life.
(2)   Reject
(1)   A scientist never rejects new inventions of life.
(2)   A good officer never reject his duties and responsibility.
(3)   A good manager does not reject valuable suggestions from his colleagues.
(4)   A brave never rejects challenges of life.
(3)   Punish
(1)   A good army officer never punishes an innocent soldiers.
(2)   A good teacher never punishes an honest student.
(3)   A true judge never punishes a person for his guiltless offence.
(4)   Selfish
(1)   A good leader is never selfish of promoting his own interest.
(2)   A sincere friend is never selfish with his own friends.
(3)   A good captain is never selfish of personal achievement.
(4)   He is not selfish of his own publicity.

Examples of Negative words in SSB for Practice:

  1. Weak- A brave man defeats his weakness.
  2. Danger- Indian defence is always ready for dangerous 
  3. Weapon- weapon is used for protection.
  4. Hijack- commandos are trained for 
  5. Difficult-difficulties are solved by patience.
  6. Fear- winners bravely face his fear.
  7. Aggressive- A leader patiently deals with his team.
More on Negative Words-
  1. Kill: A good caption wins the match through killers instinct.
  2. Death: a brave is never afraid of death.
  3. suicide: man of courage never thinks of suicide.
  4. knife: Knife is useful instrument for surgeon.
  5. snake: snake poison is useful for medical purposes.
  6. rope: a good leader knows how to weave his rope to success.
  7. Map: a good leader creates his own map to the goal of success.
  8. Time: time management helps in completing the task.
  9. Harmony: Harmony among people reflects unity of strength.
  10. war: peaceful method overcome war.
  11. Dismiss: a good leader never dismisses a good idea.
  12. Enemy: he has no enemies in life.
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By Deepak Tomar →

WAT: Word Association Test for Practice 

(100+ words pdf download)

Guys i am providing more WAT words for your better practice, also there are more than one positive sentence over each word. The best way to score more in Word Association Test in SSB is to Practice more and more WAT words and review the sentence you have made. You can write your assignment in my comment box below and i will check your sentence and suggest you improvements. In my previous posts i have provided introduction to WAT and Formation rules you can read basic introduction and formation rules there.
I have also provided the methods to tackle negative words and other best WAT formation rules, you can refer to these posts for more details and knowledge.

WAT: Word Association Test Practice Set 5 ( words for practice):

Osama Bin Laden was a great traitor in the field of global terrorism.
Ajmal Kasab was a traitor to the nation involved in 26/11 attack in Mumbai operation at Hotel Taj.
Afzal guru was a great traitor to the action involved in planning terrorist activities in our nation.

Value added tax has been imposed in canteens.
Canteen to relax and enjoy with friends.
Canteen to revitalize and rejuvenate after prolonged hours of study and work.

RBI courageously inducted 185000 crore into system to beat back recessionary trends in our nation.
Major Manoj Talwar displayed exemplary courage during Kargil Operation.
Captain Vikram Batra, PVC courageously fought Pakistani rangers during Kargil operations.

Work hard and be sure of your success, always be a fighter not a quitter.
India is sure to beat back energy crisis in the near future.
There is no surety to beat back the ill designs of Maoist action in the affected areas of Jharkhand, etc.

Indian army is known for disciplined soldiers.
Discipline is part of life, implement it and see the difference.
Discipline is the bed rock of success; follow the principles of great people like Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.

Operation Blue Star brought peace in Punjab and fought back bravely the ill designs of the militants.
Operation Vijay proved successful during Kargil operations.
Operation to fight back Naxilism and terrorism is a big issue in front of the government.
Poverty is a curse to the mankind; steps should be taken to be poverty ridden nation.
Corruption is a great curse to economic development. The defaulters should be punished.
AIDS is curse to society.

Sky diving and Para sailing is a good adventure sport.
India is adventurous to promote project through Indo-France agreement to beat back energy crisis.
Conquering of Mount Everest by Tenzing Norkay and his team was an adventurous feat in the International Arena.

Dowry is the biggest crime against women in our nation.
Child labour is the worst crime; measures should be taken to beat back the menace.
Criminals should be given an exemplary punishment involved in terrorist activities.

Difficult situations like corruption can be tackled by peaceful negotiations and settlements within the framework of the constitution.
Indo-US nuclear deal will bring solution to our nation and beat back the difficult problem of energy crisis.
Jammu and Kashmir is a difficult issue, India and Pakistan should resolve amicably else other nations may take advantage of the crucial situation.

Nothing is impossible, nations have to sit tighter to fight back global warming.
Chandrayan-1 will try to develop 3-D atlas and configuration of the moon which is a impossible mission, let us hope to succeed in the mission.
Impossible means, I am possible.

RBI has brought a temporary ease on the impact of financial crisis in India.
Easy money is dangerous for the growth of the people; voluntary disclosure scheme should be introduced to beat back black marketing.
Easy approach does not lead to success.

Major Batra, PVC died a martyr death during the Kargil Operation.
Lt. Arun Kherapal, PVC of 17 Poona Horse laid down his life during 1971 war.
Honor killing is leading to mysterious death of young people, the practice should be arrested.

Pakistan tried to discourage the Indo-US nuclear deal by external intervention by other nation.
India should discourage china against construction of Barrage on Brahmaputra River.
Young minds should focus towards development of our nation and should not be discouraged by minor set backs.

Abhinav Bindra brought gold medal to our nation in 10 m air rifle shooting during Olympics.
Col. Rajvardhan Rathore brought the first silver medal in shooting during Olympics and brought fame to the India army.
Shoot to kill; sustained shooting practice should be taken by Para military forces to beat back Maoist activities in the jungle terrain.

Corruption is killing our nation; we should bring changes to fight back the evil practices of corrupt people.
Shoot to kill, improve your perception and snub your opponents.
Kill bad habits, germs and grow in life.

Barack Hussain Obama’s win as president of USA brought happiness to the black people in the nation.
Every day is a new day, be happy and take challenges in life.
Happiness is state of mind, you can develop it.

Dhananjay Chatterjee was found guilty in raping Heten Pariksh.
Terrorist guilty of 26/11 and militant action in Mumbai during July 2011 should be brought to task.
Person’s found guilty towards transfer of money to Swiss bank should be punished.

India and Pakistan should maintain brotherly relations and bring peace to the continent.
America is acting as a big brother to the African nations.
Love between brothers is a building factor in the family.

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